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Most Impressive detail in this Star Wars Underworld scene

You can do little better in finding inspiration for a LEGO Star Wars build than Darth Bjorn‘s builds. Capturing that seedy underworld vibe we’ve seen in the recent Obi-Wan and Andor series here is on point and I love the futuristic urban decay that’s evident across this build.

Suiters on Borgo Prime

In his latest, he’s taken one of the Expanded Universe’s lesser-known planets as a basis for creating his own take on this backwater world for the Galaxy-spanning RPG this was built for.
The brick-built Graffiti on the back wall is perfectly crafted, sitting below the neon lights that draw you into this scene. The main draw is what can be found below the giant fan, which is a brilliant circular structure that dominates the building and invites you to look below.
Now, I love customizing figures but I’ve never seen this done with Jabba before and I love that sled contraption!

Suiters on Borgo Prime

The industrial elements that decorate this scene throughout from the gantries and communication equipment down to the floor itself are all brilliant examples of what detail can be made from the smallest elements in the LEGO catalog, and a reason I love what LEGO does in the Advent Calendar’s.

Get your drinks at the Genesis Casino

One of the best things about building with LEGO for a hobby is that you can ignore it. What I mean is, when you don’t have enough time at hand, you can just park your hobby for a little while. Unlike sports, where your condition deteriorates. Or gardening, where the weeds take over. Or horseback riding, which tends to not go so well after not paying attention to your horse for a couple of weeks. Whenever I am crammed at work I tend to not build with LEGO at all. I do however keep my minifigure parts close by because I do enjoy putting together funky LEGO minifigures. In their latest creation, Darth Bjørn proves that they are an expert when it comes to building funky Star Wars minifigures.

Genesis Casino

The gold flooring in this build also deserves a mention. I didn’t know LEGO produced different tones of gold bricks, but apparently, they do. (Yes, and not all of them were intentionally different. – Ed.) Darth Bjørn used the two tones to create the pattern on the floor, which I personally haven’t seen before. I am really curious about the construction underneath the tiles. And last but not least there is a really simple but elegant design for drinking glasses. A transparent round plate is combined with a colored trans round tile and then turned upside down to mimic the rim of a drinking glass.

Genesis Casino

Bounty hunting is a dangerous profession

While Mos Eisley may be the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy, there are plenty of contenders for runner-up when it comes to rough and tumble locations where you would be wise to have someone to watch your back. Darth Bjørn shines a light on one such location on Devaron, the homeworld of the devil-like beings first glimpsed on the famous Mos Eisley cantina. The rock work at the base forms a solid foundation for this shady outpost, which sports a number of non-specific vents, domes, and other mechanical details. The weather-worn walls are built using plates of various colors stacked vertically, which provides an unexpected texture.

Bounty Hunter Bright

Blast through the blockade with the Crimson Raptor!

If you’re a galactic outlaw in need of the ultimate blockade buster, look no further than Darth Bjorn’s Crimson Raptor.

The Crimson Raptor

Racing out of the Outer Rim, this modified YT-1144 Corellian transport is an incredible build. Darth Bjorn nailed the Star Wars cargo ship look while putting heavy amounts of his flair to it. In particular, I admire the communication equipment placed on the hull as a cluster of antennae instead of a single radar dish.

The Crimson Raptor

The interior of the Crimson Raptor is just as impressive. The main corridor connects the cargo bay to the highly-detailed engine room and other locations, all on a scale that is fully playable with LEGO figures. That right there might be my favorite aspect of this creation: it’s not just a shelf model. I could pick this up an swoosh it around the room without fear of it falling apart.