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Blast through the blockade with the Crimson Raptor!

If you’re a galactic outlaw in need of the ultimate blockade buster, look no further than Darth Bjorn’s Crimson Raptor.

The Crimson Raptor

Racing out of the Outer Rim, this modified YT-1144 Corellian transport is an incredible build. Darth Bjorn nailed the Star Wars cargo ship look while putting heavy amounts of his flair to it. In particular, I admire the communication equipment placed on the hull as a cluster of antennae instead of a single radar dish.

The Crimson Raptor

The interior of the Crimson Raptor is just as impressive. The main corridor connects the cargo bay to the highly-detailed engine room and other locations, all on a scale that is fully playable with LEGO figures. That right there might be my favorite aspect of this creation: it’s not just a shelf model. I could pick this up an swoosh it around the room without fear of it falling apart.