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71039 Marvel Series 2 Collectable Minifigures revealed on LEGO.com [News]

The next round of collectable minifigures 71039 LEGO® Minifigures Marvel Series 2 has re-appeared LEGO’s Shop-at-Home website, likely for good. The collection features such mutant icons as Storm, Beast, and Wolverine from the upcoming X-Men ’97 series on Disney+, along with those from other streaming MCU series like Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye. From pictures on the website, the packaging for this series will utilize the blind box instead of the feeler-friendly bags discontinued in Series 16. This roster of 12 super heroes and villains will be available on September 1, and will retail for US $4.99 | CAN $5.99 | UK £3.49.

Check out the new dozen of marvelous Marvels below!

Not your average Star Wars scene...

And now, for a LEGO Star Wars build that’s entirely different from the average from Thomas Jenkins.
Before Star Wars was released to the world in May 1977, a small team of set designers and model makers were tasked with interpreting and realizing George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie’s designs.
Thomas captures that moment here, perfectly.

This little scene has been dressed perfectly with nods to the original trilogy, from vehicles being built and fine detail being added to working from the concept artwork behind them. It is lifted straight from those behind-the-scenes shots of Phil Tippett, Denis Muren, and company from what would become ILM busily crafting the galaxy we’ve come to love. What drew me in, was the intricate little builds scattered throughout; from the Angle-poise to the little tool drawer, such a refreshing Star Wars build. And check out the litter in that bin – a nice touch!

A zippy little speeder

I love a LEGO speeder bike build! When I’m short for time or have builders block, I build a little speeder and am always impressed with how useful those small parts can be. Here, Lucas Shannon puts that versatility to work with a bike of their own. Handcuffs are used to hold onto laser pistols which adds great texture and detail. This also allows a connection point for the interesting windscreen assembly, attached via a clip.

The Maroon Marauder (1)

Taking a look at the back, we can make out the root piece upon which this hover bike is built: a motorbike frame sans the wheels! The way that Lucas has filled the wheel wells and utilized just about every possible connection point on the frame is quite impressive! I’m excited to see what I can take from this into my own designs.

The Maroon Marauder (5)

Whipping up a spell to update a beloved set

We’ve all got that favorite LEGO set from childhood that holds a special place, and Gunnbuilding has reimagined one of his in this revamp of the classic Witch’s Windship. Gunnbuilding has updated both the dragon and basket from the original set to great effect. The brick-built dragon maintains everything that made the classic dragon so popular, including the arched neck, the narrow jaw and red wings. I’m particularly fond of the solution to create the Dragon’s yellow neck and stomach using the spoiler piece. Because this is a digital build, Gunnbuilding was able to color the mixel joints for more seamless styling. If only we got these parts in a wider colour palette…

6037: Witch's Windship (Redux)

The witch’s basket has also had a pleasing revamp – less a cauldron and more ship-like in design. Increasing the size has allowed further decoration. The Fright Knight shield, courtesy of a recent CMF series, is a welcome addition. And a skeleton figurehead adds a perfect touch of horror.

A deep dive in the Star Wars universe

We’ve all watched Star Wars, in the prequels we’re introduced to Kamino. Here, Eyrezer answers the question of just what lies below the rain soaked Kamino’s waves in LEGO form.

Kamino reef

Eyrezer has presented us with a colourful representation of what lies below Tipoca city; a wonderful contrast to the grey nondescript cities that featured in Episode 2. Theres some great subtle detail to be found, the use of sword pieces as seaweed is a great addition to this scene and did anyone else find the Kaminoan?

And sorry Qui-Gon, not a bigger fish in site…

I could Jabba on about this one all day...

There are LEGO pieces that are very much a one-trick pony, those pieces so unique that you’d be hard-pressed to use them any other way. It was then great to come across this fantastic build by Andreas Lenander

Castle Ja’baa

Using the Jabba figure as a base, Andreas has fashioned a magnificent microscale palace set amongst rolling hills and cloudy mountains. The detail in this palatial build is brilliant and is reminiscent of St Basil’s Cathedral with its colourful spires reaching for the sky. Moving away from the palace, the plateau this building sits upon is decorated with well-placed (and balanced!) surrounding vegetation. The figures printing adds additional detail to the grassy terrain it portrays along with the alien head  adding further detail here moving away from this inspired us of Jabba, the Swedish Lego Masters alumni, has used a wealth of parts to add subtle detail that is to be found and enjoyed here.
Now, I’m off to brush off my Galidor pieces to see what I can make from this…

Most Impressive detail in this Star Wars Underworld scene

You can do little better in finding inspiration for a LEGO Star Wars build than Darth Bjorn‘s builds. Capturing that seedy underworld vibe we’ve seen in the recent Obi-Wan and Andor series here is on point and I love the futuristic urban decay that’s evident across this build.

Suiters on Borgo Prime

In his latest, he’s taken one of the Expanded Universe’s lesser-known planets as a basis for creating his own take on this backwater world for the Galaxy-spanning RPG this was built for.
The brick-built Graffiti on the back wall is perfectly crafted, sitting below the neon lights that draw you into this scene. The main draw is what can be found below the giant fan, which is a brilliant circular structure that dominates the building and invites you to look below.
Now, I love customizing figures but I’ve never seen this done with Jabba before and I love that sled contraption!

Suiters on Borgo Prime

The industrial elements that decorate this scene throughout from the gantries and communication equipment down to the floor itself are all brilliant examples of what detail can be made from the smallest elements in the LEGO catalog, and a reason I love what LEGO does in the Advent Calendar’s.

A table strong enough to hold the Earth

I think it’s fair to say a LEGO build by Ralf Langer is always a going to be special. So when this appeared in my feed, I felt it needed to be shared with the readers of TBB. At first glance, it’s an elegant table adorned with a little tree. But there’s always more! Using artistic license, Ralf has created a map of the world in the table design, which compliments the colour of the tree’s leaves perfectly. Using plant stem parts, these leaves capture a naturalistic look, sitting proudly atop the table. A round shape is notoriously difficult to recreate in Lego form but Ralf has executed it to great effect here, using a nice solution to capture a rimmed edge to the table.

Earth Table

It’s Hammertime for this Mech

Moko brings us another offering of his Animal LEGO Mech collection, this time with the Hammerhead Shark kitted out and ready to deliver the Hammer blow! The design of this build certainly emphasises the heavy armour of the Mech and the colour palette accentuates that militaristic vibe. Even within the heavy armour, there are some nice flourishes of design – from the Battle Droid Torso’s found in the ankle mechanism through to the technic construction briefly glimpsed in the arms.

Shark's Exo-suit "Big hands"

But let’s not forget the Mech’s weapon, the Warhammer reveals it’s own bite which is expertly hidden away ready to add a powerful bite to any adversary they encounter. But that Hammerheads grin – toothy!

Shark's Exo-suit "Big hands"

We’ve all been there, those two LEGO plates that need that additional pressure to stick together. Have no fear, this little Sharknado in a Mech suit is here to help!

It was a brick like any other...

Theres something about Film Noir that captures the heart of any cinephile and Casey McCoy brings us a Film Noir inspired scene in his latest LEGO build. I love the composition of this scene, effortlessly capturing the 30’s/40’s era. The attention to detail as you explore the construction is a real treat, from the window and blind build and on to the Art Deco radio, carpet (which is a master build in itself!) and Dado rail, which itself hidden behind set dressing that looks like its always been a part of the Private Eyes office.

Noir: A Grade-A Gray Day - 1

What’s of particular interest in this is that Casey hasn’t snapped his latest creation in black and white but instead taken full advantage of a limited greyscale colour palette to present this tale of a dame, a seedy detective and a brick. Now excuse me whilst I dip my fedora and fold up the collar of my raincoat…

By desert, Biplane

Intrepid reader, I report from deep within the desert quarter where we find Robert4168 has revisited a classic LEGO theme to present Baron Von Barron’s Biplane. The stylistic flourishes that make 1998’s 5928 Bi-Wing Baron a classic set can be found here, recreated using new parts and techniques in this build. Robert has repurposed modern weapons to serve as the biplane’s machine guns, which work incredibly well, as does the textured desert landscape the Barron sails across! But what impresses this Adventurers fan the most is the trailing map and binoculars, just like the original box art!

5928: Bi-Wing Baron

It hasn’t helped the Baron find the Re-Gou Ruby though, I wonder what happened there

You dirty swine, I’ll have you sweating like a pig!

Sometimes you come across a LEGO build and it hits everything you look for in a build; fun, story, and some great part usage. Here, MySnailEatsPizza has put together a fantastic vignette of a lie detector test, except with Pigs as the characters in this amusing scene. Injecting a spot of the absurd into the scene and why not? The characterization and emotion in this scene are told through the fantastic positioning of four half-eye tiles capturing so much through nothing more than perfect placement.

When Pigs Lie

There’s some excellent detail that has been added to this build from the lie detector to the pig’s wonderful construction and the subjects sweat evident around his chair.
I could wax lyrical all day about this build but sometimes you just need to pull up a chair and enjoy the scene (but maybe not these chairs!)