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You dirty swine, I’ll have you sweating like a pig!

Sometimes you come across a LEGO build and it hits everything you look for in a build; fun, story, and some great part usage. Here, MySnailEatsPizza has put together a fantastic vignette of a lie detector test, except with Pigs as the characters in this amusing scene. Injecting a spot of the absurd into the scene and why not? The characterization and emotion in this scene are told through the fantastic positioning of four half-eye tiles capturing so much through nothing more than perfect placement.

When Pigs Lie

There’s some excellent detail that has been added to this build from the lie detector to the pig’s wonderful construction and the subjects sweat evident around his chair.
I could wax lyrical all day about this build but sometimes you just need to pull up a chair and enjoy the scene (but maybe not these chairs!)

This divine LEGO build is an angelic delight

I’ve been a little busy recently, but when I saw this LEGO angel from Gauntlet. Out beyond that, the wings really help lift this design, and I appreciate the parts used in the wing construction here. They add a significant amount of detail, and are a worthy inclusion by Jerac. Ready to face any evil, this angel wields a crystal sword and I love seeing transparent pieces being utilised in varied and different ways. What gripped me in this build is how the hood completely hides the face, adding an otherwise haunting undertone to the build, and creating a little mystery in this impressive sculpture.

Angelic Inquisitor

The Looney suspects

Sufferin’ succotash! Timofey Tkachev has built two of of the Looney Tunes Rogues’ Gallery, in the form of Sylvester and Taz,¬†capturing all the details of the loveable characters in LEGO form! In the building of these two characters, Timofey has used the wealth of brick types available to craft naturally posed likenesses of the two. The dynamically posed Taz captures the wild and constant movement of the character. I love the facial expression with wild eyes and ruffled hair all beautifully realized using well placed tiles and plates to craft the pose.

Sylvester (Cat) and TAZ

This is again replicated in Sylvester. I love how Timofey has crafted both expressions but the fluffy cheeks and wide eyes of the loveable cat are perfect here! Let’s hope I’m following up on this post soon with more of the Looney Tunes characters!

This mech packs a real bite

Here at The Brothers Brick, we come across a lot of LEGO mechs, and I’m always looking for something different. Moko definitely delivers something different with this mech built for the inevitable Crocodile Invasion! The crocodile body has limited connection points itself, and to see it so easily integrated into the body displays a fantastic knowledge of how LEGO works. The mech’s body has a wonderfully sculpted structure, with its bulky, angled construction creating an impressive and foreboding appearance. Moko has been able to pack a lot of detail into this mech, from the dynamic colors to the powerful arm cannon making good use of the updated stud shooters. The asymmetrical nature of this build allows for the arm design to be vastly different, with the left arm ending in a powerful claw. I’m not in any rush to see this Crocodiles death roll any time soon…

Armor of Crocodile

Classical Prussian splendour, realised in Lego

Builder Christian Rau has recreated in LEGO the famous Sanssouci Palace in Germany.
Built to the style of the Architecture line, Christian has captured the opulent villa and its magnificent Gardens.  The terraced walkways are recreated well with a half stud offset allowing a shallower curve to the hedges and pathways. Atop the hill, we find the Sanssouci Palace. To capture the facade of the building at this scale, Christian has employed brackets to allow building in multiple directions which has allowed him to add the narrow yet grand windows.

Sanssouci - Potsdam

Moving to the Gardens at the foot of the build, Christian has captured the marble statues at this scale via two nipple pieces using the flower as a decorative flourish before we reach the pool of water with a trans blue candle flame utilised to add an impressive display without distracting from the magnificence of the Palace above.

I’m enjoying studying this build as the smallest detail is realised in LEGO form here, effortlessly looking the part.

Saturday Night’s Alright For...Building?

To celebrate Elton John’s recent 75th birthday, Rickard Stensby has built a LEGO tribute to the Rocket Man himself. I’ve been a fan of Rickard’s for some time, he’s able to really make his characters stand out and this offering is no exception! Rickard has perfectly captured the face and expression of Elton John in this caricature, from the hair, to the glasses, to the smile – and let’s not forget the earring! The construction of the Piano captures the classic shaping of a grand piano flawlessly, whilst the purple with gold accent color choice really compliments Elton’s white tuxedo. It’s a piano perfect for writing Your Song or even Sad Songs.

Sir Elton John

Sailing across the wild blue yonder

Here, Markus Ronge presents a brilliant LEGO series of microscale Steampunk-inspired flying ships based on minifig scale versions he’d previously made. Each one brings something different, but what brought this to my attention was how each build is nearly two-dimensional in design. That can bring its own challenges, but Markus has afforded each build remarkable detail, and the brick-built clouds against the sky blue background really accentuate these builds.

Micro Skytanic

Above we have the Skytanic on a majestic voyage. The gold highlights on this royal yacht add that extravagance you’d expect to see in a luxury liner, as do the white, red and black colours.
There’s something pleasing about the angled smoke stack, too, as the vessel gently charts its journey across the seven skies…

Click to see more these microscale models

A cup of joe to go – at 10,000ft!

I love the nostalgia that surrounds Route 66, and Crises_crs shoots for the sky with this retrofitted reimagining of a Route 66 diner. The trucks parked as they are adds a depth of everyday realism to the build, and the repurposed vehicles really compliment the futuristic design, with hover conversion technology erupting below the trucks’ original frames. The diner itself has a nice amount of detail, with space allowing for the trucks to moor, and for the drivers to sit and rest. The adverts that homage the Route 66 of long ago is the perfect finishing touch.

Route 66 cafe

A mighty battle to see us into Ragnarok

Simulterious captures some incredible action in his latest LEGO build depicting Ragnarok, the Norse end of days before all is built anew. Speaking of building, there’s fantastic construction on display within this scene! Simulterious has captured some naturalistic movement in the coiled sand green sea serpent, as it rears in readiness to strike the longboat and its remaining inhabitant. The curved tiles add a nice smooth line to the Serpent, with the plate with holder adding subtle detail to the spine and leading to a well executed brick-built head and crest.


The longboat itself is well engineered, and I love the use of a wing piece to shape the front of the vessel. The feathers work effortlessly as layered planks on the ship’s prow, leading up to the brick-built carved head of the vessel. The shields that line the side of the ship add a nice detail too, formed from tiles. The sail, made from shell pieces, looks as if it’s catching a last great gust of wind.

Its a good time to be a Viking longboat fan!

Walking in a garden of peace

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.” That quote from American poet Walt Whitman perfectly describes what we see here in builder vincentkiew‘s creation.

Morning walk....

Walking through this scene must have been just as relaxing as building it. I really admire the roof work on the gazebo and the house, using various pieces to give an illusion of texture. The flower pots by the beautifully-crafted doors could not be built better.

The lily pads with flowers serve as a calm reminder to the walking wise man of the fragility of life. Perhaps this whole build reminds us all of the peace that comes to the soul when taking a solitary stroll.

The most adorable puppies in the world

Having a bad day?¬† Thoughts of a global pandemic got you down? Just stop right there and look at the pure joy that is Aaron Newman‘s LEGO creation.

Indigo & Harmony

OH MY GOODNESS. They’re adorable! The little noses and teeny eyes longingly looking into my soul makes me melt with happiness. How can you say no when one of them begs for a treat?

Ok, time to be serious. Aaron says he made the doggies as a commission project. He tried to build them on a 1:1 scale, but decided he could do better if the scale was 1:2. It took a long time to get the right look for the eyes, ears and collars, but he’s very proud of the final result.

So are we, Aaron! Thank you for sharing this incredibly heart-warming build with us.

2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 25

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hopefully today is one of the best days of 2020 and that you unwrapped several LEGO sets from under the tree.

We wanted to share a few more insights into this year’s LEGO advent calendars before the holiday season ended. These include leftover parts, minifigure collections and scenic displays that you can make with your advent calendar. Let’s jump in, shall we?

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