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Our wrap-up of LEGO at Toy Fair New York 2020 [News]

After a whirlwind of reporting over the last two days, we’ve completed our coverage of LEGO at Toy Fair New York 2020, North America’s largest toy trade show. While LEGO’s public presence was smaller than its been in years past, we got to look at quite a few new sets, and go hands-on with others that we’d only seen in official photos previously. Because the show is a trade show, it’s not open to the public. But we know you’re all itching to learn what the experience was like this year, so here’s a quick recap of our experience covering LEGO news at Toy Fair New York 2020.

Toy Fair New York is held each year at the colossal Javits Center in the heart of Manhattan, where the show lays claim to all 1.8 million square feet the center has to offer. Continue reading

Two-headed Dragon Roars to Life

Builder Patrick Biggs strikes again with another super-technical creation: “The Brothers.” This two-headed, dual-tailed dragon is enough to strike even the bravest of knights full of fear. The way Patrick designed the dragon is equally awe-inspiring.

The Brothers

I find the way the builder united both Bionicle-esque pieces with normal studded parts on the legs and tail of the dragon to be truly innovative. Additionally, the crazy amount of joints across the entire dragon allow for an large amount of potential poses, allowing for stories to take flight. I could easily see one of the heads breathing fire across a village while the other roars, announcing doom across the land.

LEGO Speed Champions 2019 sets revealed; includes Mini Coopers and more [News]

The next wave of LEGO’s Speed Champions theme has been revealed on Amazon France. Though the products aren’t available to order yet, this is our first official look at the new lineup of cars, which spans the breadth of the automotive landscape from compacts and muscle cars to supercars. There’s no word on the precise price points for these sets yet, but they should be officially available January 1. However, we can expect to see them trickle into retailers in the final weeks of December. We’ll also be publishing reviews of these sets even earlier than that, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for our hands-on coverage.

75890 Ferrari F40 Competizione | 198 pieces | January 2019

Click to see the rest of the sets

Mesmerizing LEGO Kinetic Art with Video [Instructions]

Kinetic art is fascinating to me for both the seemingly impossible nature of its function as well its ability to evaporate a similarly impossible amount of time from the lives of those who are awestruck watching it. This video of a LEGO kinetic sculpture by aeh5040 is sure to entrance anyone who dares press play.

If you’d like to make your own copy of this piece of LEGO kinetic art, you’re in luck. Check out instructions and related materials for this build over on Rebrickable.

LEGO Merchandise revealed at Toy Fair New York 2018 [News]

LEGO is introducing a number of new merchandise items, from backpacks and patches to flashlights and display cases, and some of them are pretty awesome. We got a hands-on look at a few of the new items at Toy Fair New York today. Continue reading

A whimsical world with a waterfall

Whether in person or through the tubes and pipes of the internet, looking at a LEGO castle diorama has always been somewhat akin to viewing a renaissance painting in an art gallery for me. Like many great medieval artworks, there’s always so many things happening, and so many visually foreign and intriguing things occuring all at once — so much to take in. Brickwielder‘s latest build is filled to the brim with fun details and nifty building techniques. From the waterfall to the winding staircase, the bridge, or even all the foliage, there’s enough here to get lost.

The Summerset Isles- Brickvention 2018

LEGO Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon available again (likely very briefly) [News]

LEGO has just announced that 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon is available again in “limited quantities” at local LEGO stores. Expect the set to be gone quickly. Unsure whether you want to drop $800 on a LEGO set with 7,500 pieces? Check out our hands-on review of the new UCS Falcon.

[Update] 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon is now available for purchase online. You must be logged into an account with a VIP card in order to purchase it. This is also the last chance to get a special black Star Wars-themed VIP card, which comes free with the purchase of the Falcon. LEGO says the card will have special offers through the coming year, though there’s no word yet on what they will be.

LEGO Melbourne 1972... and a quick message from our sponsors

For the third time (previous ones here and the supremely talented here), Michael Pianta (scruffulous) and I teamed up to present a 1972 era diorama at Brickvention 2014 based on the railroads of the great state of Victoria, Australia.

Brickvention 2014 - Overview

APM mill - Gray siding through leavesThis time we chose our most urban setting yet in the APM Paper Mill in suburban Melbourne alongside some of its neighbouring suburbia. As usual, our goal was to create as realistic a display as possible, under the limitations of our collaboration (I fly my contribution in) with the specific targets of creating: 1) plausible landscaping, flora and fauna, 2) minimal gridding and, 3) realistic roads and rail. I’m happy enough with it to think we hit the targets.

APM mill - Tim's houses with J Class

On a sadder note, I’m using this flagrantly self-promotional post to announce my resignation from TBB as a writer/editor/curator/whatever the latest hip term for it is. After many years sharing my love of LEGO with you all, I need to focus my time and energies on other things. I even hope to start building more models again, although I’m not threatening that too strongly. I happily extend my thanks to Andrew, Josh, my co-bloggers new and old, and especially our readers for the fabulous time I’ve had here.

Simon says.

Hi everyone! I’m Simon and I’m ecstatic to join The Brothers Brick. When I started this whole LEGO hobby thing it was a dream just to get mentioned on TBB, and it was an unfathomable dream to someday contribute to the Blog that opened my eyes to the possibilities of LEGO.

I hail from the great white north that is Canada (eh), and I really do love poutine (just ask Brickcon people). But my true love is building and playing with LEGO – with the obligatory sound effects of course. My second love would probably be going to conventions – so if you ever see me at one, please introduce yourself!

I grew up reading science fiction books and watching sci-fi shows/movies so my builds are very skewed towards that genre, though I do dabble in other themes as well. Arguably my favorite book was Ender’s Game which was recently turned into a big budget movie.
So now you know all about me, now it’s time for me to get to work and know more about all of you and your builds!

I will leave you with these parting words to live by:
Remember: The Enemy Gate is Down

Sweet Ride

Jean-Pascal Rignault has always had a way with hover cars. I love the angles and aggressive look of this new creation. To me, it harkens back to the aesthetic of ’60s muscle cars, in an awesome way. The flame stickers on the side are the perfect complement to the look.

Saab 3000 01