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Seraphine II Mech is ready for action

LEGO Mechs come in all shapes and sizes and a well-designed mech is usually packed full of details and mind-boggling parts usage that can leave you wondering, just how does that fit together? This Seraphine II mech by Devid VII is a great example. Using the mech cockpit part featured in many LEGO Nexo Knights sets at its core, Devid VII has created a slender but battle-ready mech. One of my favorite details is the orange rollerskate part used as part of the mech’s jaw.

Seraphine II - 2.0

Centaur Knight Mech takes it to the Nexo level

It looks like when LEGO 7 finds inspiration and the right LEGO bricks, nothing can stop him from delivering awesome creations one after another. A stunning Nexo King is now accompanied by a gorgeous Centaur Knight Mech. This hero consists of a crazy variety of pieces — slopes, modified plates and bricks, tiles of many shapes and types — which both make its body and legs very flexible and awash with tiniest details. Of course, proper lighting of the model during the photo shoot makes the transparent orange pieces glow as if they are full of nexo energy, and this is simply awesome.

Centaur Knight Mech

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Who said mechs can’t be elegant and graceful and killing at the same time? I bet this wonderfully looking build by Anthony Wilson can teach many other ugly gray machines a lesson of elegance and charm – while hitting its enemies as efficiently as a dozen of barrel guns can do. Make sure to take a closer look at the wings; they might look simple, but their design is a very smart combination of bars and cones in pearl gold. And have you noticed nearly 30 pink minifigure cups used for decorating of the wings?

Butterfly - Plague Mech: Sigma

Hulkbuster mod that does it right!

Before you mistake this for 76105 Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, it’s not! It’s a modified version of it by the famous Singaporean Mecha builder Kelvin Low, who’s better known in the fan-builder circles as Chubbybots. Hardcore Mecha fans like Kelvin will never be satisfied with stock builds which sometimes may have limitations because of the way parts are used. The only right thing to do is fix it! I think with the mods he’s made, it turned out well much better than what LEGO did!

Ucs Hulkbuster Mod 03

Click here to take a bette look at this massive Hulkbuster…

Alternative model for LEGO Ideas Exosuit

I love when a builder takes an existing LEGO set and creates an alternative model. Dvd has gone one step further with his Exo-Recon Walker, using the parts from Peter Reid’s successful LEGO Ideas set #21109 Exo-Suit to recreate another of Peter’s designs, the Recon Walker. Not only that, but Dvd has even been so kind as to include an LDD File so if you have the Ideas set, you can build your own Exo-Recon Walker!

Exo-Recon Walker

2-man mech packs quite a punch

This stylish mech by Marco De Bon is giving off a serious anime vibe, from the massive, multi-angled feet to the rounded shoulders, not to mention the dual mounted guns on the back. The pilot’s rig is surprisingly simple but very well designed. I also love the mech sized pistols.

Lego MSX-03 "Blastar"

Bonus: this mech actually features 2 cockpits, allowing the gunner to ride in the back panel.

Lego MSX-03 "Blastar"

Wise mechbuilder never skips leg day

What is the most important part of a military mech? A massive ion gun? A heavily armored cockpit? MiniGray! always has a different take on the most popular building concepts, and mechs are no exception. This time he puts emphasis on the vehicle’s legs making them look very complex. However, the secret of this winning design isn’t the complexity, but rather a stunning contrast between colors and shapes. Round yellow Technic half bushes, which are almost useless in Technic builds, steal all the show here.


Don’t let this guy dangle a carrot in front of you!

Blogging the best LEGO creations is all about trying to explain the idea behind an awesome build. But sometimes we’re helpless, especially when even the author can’t construe their work. Chris McVeigh, who is a genius when it comes to aesthetics of creations, shares a carrot mech that is so bizarre, even Chris can’t explain its purpose. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do, but to admire its bright and ludicrous design.

The Carrot Mech

Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today

It doesn’t matter how unique and powerful your weapon is, you armour must always shine bright. And there is no colour brighter than gold. Japanese builder Moko continues experimenting with LEGO pieces of chrome colours. Just like the last time, he skilfully decorates his new mech with shiny chrome-gold rings — along with a ton of chrome-gold tiles. What is especially remarkable is brilliant implication of old chrome pieces like Sun Disks and Dragon Heads.

MFS-016 Odin

Not your ordinary Chevrolet Camaro

Though they aren’t easy to build, Transformers have always been a popular subject for LEGO creations. Today, César Soares adds his excellent rendition of Bumblebee to the lineup, which upon close inspection, includes many interesting part usages, including minifigure utensils as the fingers of the robot, and minifigure handcuffs piece on Bumblebee’s face. The build makes use of many small parts to appear very complex, almost overcomplicated, just like the source material.


The only thing missing is an explosion in the background and a few lens flares.

A samurai is always prepared for death — either his own or someone else’s

Nothing says “Japan!” more than mechs and samurai. Japanese builder Moko fuses both concepts into a figure of a dignified warrior. A stunning combination of shiny chrome-gold rings on dark-red armour contributes a lot to the model’s calm but awe-inspiring character. Despite his origin, this samurai is armed not with a long thin katana, but with a heavy sword with a nice-looking chrome hand guard. And there’s definitely some great story behind this weapon…

MFS-014 斬