A mighty modular LEGO mech for marching

This green and white mech by Red Spacecat has more options than you can shoot a rocket at. Giving me some Solid Snake vibes with those multi-jointed legs, this mech can be outfitted with a variety of weapons to suit any deployment needs. Built to the scale of a fairly uncommon figure from the early days of LEGO System sets. One great part used is the long mast piece more commonly found on ships, but my favorite is the double stack of tank-tread parts used for the massive machine gun rounds.


Here’s another photo showing off some of the other weapon options, and with the leg armor removed, you can see even more of the great details used in this model.


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  1. hntrains

    If I had one like this, I could march though the city streets during special parades. Perhaps the builder had a similar reason for trying to make something of this kind from tiny pieces of plastic?!

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