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The perfect coworker when you’re on the job.

Devid VII brings his mastery of mechs to the job site with this impressive construction robot. This black and yellow fellow is exactly who you want by your side when dealing with heavy duty labor. He can lift a thousand times more than you can, he doesn’t need a lunch break, and he can pipe classic rock into your Bluetooth enabled headphones to keep your spirits up while on the clock. What could be better?

Tank and W.Tron

A new fighter for a new age.

Devid VII delivers a devastating desert destroyer with this high-tech hover vehicle. The insectoid shape calls to mind the Dune ornithopters, but the markings suggest this is a future Earth military vehicle, rather than an otherworldly piece of technology. Wherever it originates from, Devid’s done an amazing job with not just the build, but the small vignette that supports it. Thanks to the angle of the ship and the dust cloud it’s kicking up, we can practically hear the hover engines as it speeds past us.

Aku MR-01

This Octan drone is a real gas!

In a world where shows like Robot Wars and Battlebots have already come and gone, the sport of drone racing has got to be in our near future, right? And here’s hoping the robots look as good as this LEGO Octan Drone by Devid VII. I love all the striping on this machine, fitting within the standard Octan color palette. The angles, relying mainly on bar-to-clip shenanigans, give this bot the poise of a mechanical gazelle. And I just can’t get over the excellent use of the square-rimmed BrickHeadz glasses under its fuel tanks.

Octan Drone OD5

Who says entomology is all about creepy-crawlies?

Here’s a theory: animals and sci-fi make for a perfect mix. Don’t believe me? Check out this trio of LEGO vehicles courtesy of Devid VII! They are all named after animals, all feature relatively limited colour palettes, and all look amazing. First up is the Froggy, whose ball-jointed feet remind of the Tachikoma that have inspired so many brilliant LEGO creations:


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Maintenance mech may move minifig materials

It’s a delight to be in a position where we can watch certain builds (and builders) evolve over time and improve on past designs. Today’s example is from Devid VII who has tinkered with his LEGO Ideas Exo Suit-inspired mini mech.

Mini Exo Suit II

This “maintenance mode” rendition follows Mini Exo-Suit 1 which Devid unveiled back in January. You can compare the variants by checking out our previous coverage of Mini Exo Suit 1, but I also want to zoom in on a couple of points specifically to show how the model has been refined and upgraded over the earlier model. Many studs have been covered up generally across the model, but the chest has seen the most refinement. Take a look at versions 1 and 2 here:

You could say it’s splitting hairs, but I appreciate that even a piece or two can make a difference in the final appearance of a model.