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The perfect place to go when your battery’s running low

Everyone needs to recharge every now and again; especially robots. And builder Rubblemaker has just the thing for a drowsy droid. This marvelous robot req. room comes equipped with plenty of charging devices and even a serving of a delicious Blue Alcobot to take the edge off. And you can’t beat that view!

Robot Rec Room

We are Legion, we are many

Whenever I think of creepy alien LEGO creations, I always think of Bart de Dobbelaer. His creations are always out of this world, on a much bigger scale than I personally am used to working on. Bart has the ability to perfectly use seemingly single-purpose parts in a way they were not intended to. The latest creation is called Legion and there we can spot the Belville horse saddle in black in the pillar-like creatures. This makes me wonder why Bart actually managed to get his hands on 16 black Belville saddles.


In the middle of the creation, there is the ‘mother’ of all the black critters. For her eyes, Bart used a combination of coffin bases and rolled-up Dots bracelets. Using mainly black bricks can be tricky, as those creations usually are really hard to photograph, but if you look closely, the little critters aren’t all the same. There are a couple of designs scattered around the base, making it look like each of the creatures has its own specific talent or ability.

Riding the rails into the future.

We recently took a look at Blake Foster’s cyberpunk locomotive engine, but why stop there? Blake has posted some of the cars for this futuristic freight train, and each is just as worthy of our praise.

This flatbed car, and the massive cargo-container that it’s hauling, make terrific work of tiles to create a comfy space for hobos of the future to ride. And those angled ingots give a wonderful industrial detail.

Cyberpunk Flatbed Car

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And the award for Best Supporting MOC goes to...

Andreas Lenander has crafted an impressively expansive sci-fi scene by placing a few small accent pieces around his quadrupedal attack droid. The droid, with its intricately greebled legs, is impressive in and of itself. But the beautifully rendered tree and the antennae tower add just the right amount of character to the scene, and they really let your imagination run wild about where and when this droid might be stationed. Bonus points for the muzzle flash that Andreas added in post-production (we hope…)


A modern brick for modern times

Builder Aido Kessler wants the future of LEGO today with the brick of their dreams, as submitted to New Elementary’s Make a Wishbrick contest. While the idea presented, a headlight brick minus its foot, is something that’s been on my wish list for longer than I can remember, that’s actually not my favorite part of this build. In an effort to zhuzh up the design, Aido added a living quarters inside a technologically advanced brick. The vignette very much feels like a LEGO-themed take on The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster, my favorite bit of science-fiction. I love the clean interior juxtaposed with the technological textures on the exterior, and the subtle hints of trans-light blue really drive home the space-age look. Now will our hero continue to inhabit his little brick-built cube, or will he break free with his new part and let his creativity run wild?


A new fighter for a new age.

Devid VII delivers a devastating desert destroyer with this high-tech hover vehicle. The insectoid shape calls to mind the Dune ornithopters, but the markings suggest this is a future Earth military vehicle, rather than an otherworldly piece of technology. Wherever it originates from, Devid’s done an amazing job with not just the build, but the small vignette that supports it. Thanks to the angle of the ship and the dust cloud it’s kicking up, we can practically hear the hover engines as it speeds past us.

Aku MR-01

Behold where the fate of the galaxy is decided

In the far future, the Galactic Council prepares for another lengthy debate. Bart De Dobbelaer has constructed this fascinating creation, which shows alien council members seated around a strange centrepiece. The spiked orb is encircled by train tracks in medium azure and, according to Bart’s lore about the build, the orb might be an artificial intelligence unit used to assist in the governing of the galaxy. The layout of the model almost looks like a city due to the variety of protruding structures and piping details. Medium azure features again, creating a colourful outline around the build while contrasting against the grey. With an intriguing orange glow emitting from below the orb, it leaves the observer to wonder what mysteries lie in the depths of this structure.

Galactic Artificial Intelligence Council

What will we see in the future?

Featuring an expressive face, Roman has built a superb LEGO bust of a person wearing some futuristic-looking goggles. The character looks as if she’s in awe of something she’s seen. A mixture of rounded slope pieces and straight angles are applied around the face to create realistic shaping. The dreadlocks have an interesting construction, as they use linking segments with red ball joints on the ends, which portrays hair beads. The goggles might actually represent a slimmed-down version of a virtual reality headset — either way, they look fantastic on this model.

Salvaging the Speedorz wheel

Sometimes a build comes along that makes you scratch your head. Some parts are just obscure enough that they’re hard for everyone to recognize. Of course, builders like Daniel Church like to go the extra mile to use an element that might not technically be its own element. Such is the case of these bright blue wheels, salvaged from the housing of some Chima ripcord bases. These Blue Bombshells are the latest Hyperious Choppers. Wonderfully compact and brick-built, these motorcycles are the perfect addition to a futuristic or cyberpunk-style build. Those hubless wheels and greebly engine sections contrast nicely with the smooth, colorful upper bodies.

Hyperious Chopper - Blue Bombshells

TBB Cover Photo for October 2021: Gladiator mechs

Are you not entertained?” Former LEGO Masters contestant Aaron Newman presents his latest creation: gladiator mechs. While similar in style, each mech is unique and distinguishable. The yellow winged “Bugbite” has insect like features and reminds me of the iconic Bumblebee. The dual wielding “Whiplash” stands tall and majestic like some of LEGO’s larger mech sets. “Pinhead” is capable of delivering heavy blows with a second set of arms. These builds may be on the smaller size, they are meant to represent massive battle bots piloted by a “trophyfig.”

Gladiator Mechs

With this scale established, we now have to look up at them, as Aaron’s photography and editing gets us to do. The lighting of the actual build is interesting and allows them to blend in with the custom background of a futuristic stadium that Aaron carefully crafted. This unconventional composition gives the impression of a render, or even a shot from a high budget film. Aaron has really gone above and beyond to present his amazing builds in outstanding ways.

You can see more of Aaron’s build’s here

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An off-the-wall take on a futuristic city

If you stay in the LEGO game long enough, you’re bound to run into the problem shelf space. Specifically, the problem of not enough of it. Andrew Lee is combating that issue with Scumbag City, a multi-storied metropolis that ingeniously hangs on Andrew’s wall.

To achieve this gravity-defying effect, Andrew has built the bottom-most layer around an already existing wooden shelf. The upper layers are secured with screws placed into the wall through Technic brick holes. From there, Andrew has installed a central elevator shaft that allows the citizens to move between levels. Each level was then outfitted with storefronts and restaurants, each equipped with front facades that can be easily removed so you can see the action within.

I particularly like the way this build so clearly tells the story of life in Scumbag City. The top-level, with its large windows and gold fencing, is clearly the home of the city’s elite. The next three levels feature large railings and brightly colored shops and restaurants. The lowest levels have smaller railings, industrial areas, and businesses like a gentleman’s club. No doubt life on the lower levels is a little harder, if for no other reason than it’s probably pretty noisy living right above the engines the keep Scumbag City aloft.

Apache Helicopter go Brrrrrrr

You know, lore isn’t for everyone. The beauty of LEGO is that it allows us to build the world around us as we see it, and that doesn’t always require a backstory. Having said that, collaborating with others to create a fleshed-out world can be extremely satisfying. I recently talked with self-dubbed LEGO Dad, Simon Liu, about the Apache helicopter model he built for the world-building group, World in Darkness. He explained that the group is focused on factions in a world where the Cold War kept going and that each faction has specific color schemes and gear. Apparently, Oceania’s sand-blue vehicles proved to be a bit “fun” for him due to that color’s limited part diversity, I imagine. Nonetheless, the AH-64X is a beautiful beast. Tiles, slopes, and printed pieces decorate the entire body, carving out the curves and angular sections of the Apache design. Ample headspace is provided for the pilot and gunner in the cockpit. Armed for close aerial support on the front line, this helicopter can protect Oceania’s soldiers day and night. The excellent sticker choices elevate the model, emblazoning it with the Oceania logo and striking lines along the body, wings, and tail sections. The detailed rotor is topped off with a radar dome made with two large dishes, and the turboshaft engines cleverly make use of rotation joint sockets as the intakes.


Simon Liu is a legendary builder and godfather to the upcoming SHIPtember tradition. A master with LEGO, familiar with many secrets of the system, this builder clearly loves his community. Groups like World in Darkness, and many others, give plenty of builders the opportunity to explore their concepts and create new worlds with others. Simon will tell you, he’s happy to see groups like these thriving and loves to see the growth, mentorship, and inclusion shared between the older and younger generations. I personally agree and have long said that the LEGO community is one of the most positive and uplifting groups I’ve ever been a part of. Keep up the good work, LEGO fans.