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The Venice of our dreams

We tend to not show LEGO creations that are still a work in progress. However this display by Barthezz Brick has been drawing our attention for quite a while. We’ve been seeing WIP shots for quite some time now, and each of the buildings for his Venice creation looks unique and interesting. We haven’t seen them all together but that is one thing we are surely looking forward to! We hope these early pics get you just as excited as we are to see this model when it is completed.

Does it still count as Microscale when it’s this big?

We’ve been watching Christophe Pujaletplaa’s LEGO Microville grow for a while now. We featured it first in 2019, and then revisited progress about a year later. But Christophe wasn’t done, and it’s time to take a stroll through this tiny metropolis and see what’s happening today.

microville - 2022

Dip into the diminutive downtown below…

A car repair shop that has all the right parts

While this section of downtown by EMazingbrix has definitely seen better days, it certainly can’t have seen better LEGO part usage! I’m absolutely in love with the front door of that apartment building, utilizing a 1×1 bracket for a hinge plate, and a white rubber band to frame the window. The steps leading down from the door are fantastic, as are all the textures on the buildings walls and roof. And the blotches of moss along the sidewalk and structures provide an excellent run-down feel. But my favorite bit of this build has got to be the roof of the repair shop, with its latticed slopes poking out the top. The shop sports a clean finish compared to its neighbor thanks to some superb use of sloped bricks laid on their sides.

Slice of Life: Car Repair Shop and Apartments

A micro modular build for all your space saving needs

Want a LEGO modular set, but don’t have the room for a large set? Jelle ter Veer has you covered with this micro-scaled version of the 10255 Assembly Square set. Same buildings, but in a smaller format that’ll easily fit on a desk. I always enjoy seeing large building sets made at a smaller scale because it’s always a treat to see how the builder realizes the defining details. Here, Jelle gives us the same shapes for the buildings, so right away we can tell where everything is. The signs for the base shops stand out with their hinted at shops: the café, the flower shop, and the bakery. And if the signs weren’t enough, the defining decorations of each shop are clearly present. The canopies and outdoor seating for the café, the flowers in the window for the flower shop, and the large display window of the bakery. And the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s also the fountain, surrounding street lights, and sidewalks in microscale. Using those little trophy figures, you can play and interact with the whole micro assembly much the same as the original.

Micro assembly square

Need anything from the store?

At long last, builder Letranger Absurde has returned after an 18 month break from LEGO. And what better way to jump back onto the scene than with this beautiful Japanese store! Letranger adeptly uses textures here to emulate paneling on the wooden walls and tiled roofs. This helps to break up the mostly two-toned building, providing depth and character. Speaking of character, I love the pair of fences flanking the store. Without looking completely ramshackle, these dividers still add a hand-crafted feel to the setting. Lay on top of that other excellent details like the power pole in the background, the exquisite sign above the storefront, and the darling cart of produce in back, and I suddenly feel like going on a shopping spree.


And if Letranger Absurde is a new name for you, check out all their prior builds featured on TBB.

Floating up to the city in the sky

Far from Norman Greenbaum’s lyrics but still suiting the rhythm, this futuristic flying city by Builder Umbra-Manis certainly looks like a paradise all its own. A microscale aircraft sits on one side of the city’s extended air-docks, leading into a thick, walled courtyard. Trees exposed to the open air line the exterior of the platforms, using brown claws with green flower studs attached to the versatile, hexagonal NEXO Knights plates which make up the structure’s base. Nice parts usage certainly abounds in this model. Minifigure rollerskates with trans-yellow tombstone plates, as I call them, make great little courier vessels which enter the city and circle its interior. The sculpting and coloration of the buildings make me feel like I’m playing a LEGO version of a Ratchet and Clank level which is nothing to complaing about.

The Floating City

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LEGO VIP Rewards: Tin Signs – For the completist who has everything else already [Review]

Back in November, we shared a review of the 1950’s LEGO Logo tin sign VIP reward. Since then, LEGO has introduced four more designs to help fill out your wall space – 5007155 Ninjago, 5007156 – City, 5007157 – Friends and 5007158 – Rebuild the World. Each is available one-per-VIP-account in the Rewards Center (US | CAN | UK). In the US they’re 1,200 points each with a listed retail value of $15. We caved and ordered all four – come along as we take a look at just what we got for our 4,800 points. (Spoiler alert: Not much.)

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Street corner coffee shop

There’s nothing better than a relaxing stroll through the alleys and streets of a quaint LEGO village, this one constructed by Y. Muto. Multiple levels of terraces attach to the different buildings perched above the tight courtyard below. Delightful roofing techniques in different colors give the different rooftops their own individual character. Each building’s window treatments seem to provide a place for window gardens or ivy. I especially love the different color tiles contrasting the white walls of the green-roofed building with the bay windows.

Green Street Corner

Check out what else is brewing in this build!

Kandor is cool but R’lyeh is rockin’

We’ve seen ships in a bottle, and decks of cards in a bottle, but Bart De Dobbelaer is the first builder I know to combine glassware with the elder gods. Rise of Cthulhu features not only the great tentacled meanie, but also the city of R’lyeh doing a wicked impression of a lava lamp. The city was built brick-by-brick inside the bottle thanks to a small hole in the back; a process that is certainly madness-inducing.

Rise of Cthulhu

A hole lot of construction going on

There is so much going on in this LEGO construction scene assembled by Kashim K, and I’m not just talking about the well-posed minifigures. Everywhere I look, there are delightful uses of texture and color blocking to communicate different features in the build. Whether it’s the mechanics on the arm of the excavator, the patches of clay visible in the dirt, or the studs-out texturing on the white building, each surface offers a new tactile or visual experience that keeps the build dynamic. Even the transition from smooth wood slats to rough concrete walls in the pit hits the mark perfectly. But my favorite feature is below the road on the left side of Kashim’s creation. The pipes/tubes (visible in the ground thanks to the cutaway at the edge of the scene) are a strong reminder for those of us in the US to dial 811 before we undertake a project like this.

City-Scenery with a constructionsite

New LEGO City 2022 summer sets explore farming and retail [News]

According to the product images revealed by German toy-retailer JB Speilwaren, this summer LEGO City is revisiting local farms — and it’s all about fresh and healthy produce. Four new sets ranging from a tiny one to a solid city building, re-introduce farming with lots of new animal figures. There is a bunch of highlights, with one being a full-size grocery store.

60344 Chicken Coop | 101 pieces | EUR 9.99

60345 Vegetable Delivery Truck | 310 pieces | EUR 29.99

60346 Farm with Animals | 210 pieces | EUR 49.99

60347 Supermarket | 404 pieces | EUR 59.99

LEGO City Summer 2022 train sets revealed [News]

The recently unveiled LEGO City 60336 Freight Train is joined today by two more train-themed sets that appeared on LEGO.com. As a tradition, the cargo train is accompanied by the new 60337 Passenger Express Train. Additionally, the city is finally getting the new station building in the form of the 60335 Train station set. Although based on the existing train system, the sets bring a lot of new play scenarios, with other City sub-themes introduced here and there. All three sets will go on sale on June 1, with prices to be confirmed shortly.

Click here for more images of the new sets!