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LEGO City 60204 City Hospital [Review]

Despite being one of the most fascinating and amiable places in many LEGO universes, LEGO City is notorious for its poor health services accessibility: Since the start of the modern theme in 2005, only two hospital buildings (in other words, hospital-themed LEGO sets) have been released. As a comparison, LEGO City can boast 9 police stations and 5 fire stations complete with numerous cars, motorcycles and aircraft. A modern medical center was long-awaited by many fans, and finally here is the first step towards healthier population: LEGO City 60204 City Hospital set. The set was revealed back in April and immediately kindled many fans’ interest.

It consists of 861 pieces, includes a little army of 12 minifigures and retails at $99.99 / €79.99. Jump under the cut to see our impressions of one of the main LEGO City sets of 2018!

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LEGO City 60197 and 60198 will introduce the new LEGO Powered Up smart application [News]

The new City train sets have been revealed last week partially confirming the long-rumored updates of the Power Functions system. With only the pictures of the front of the boxes it was pretty hard to say whether the new system will support Bluetooth connection or not, but now, as pictures of the rear side have appeared online, the answer is “yes”; the new trains can be both controlled with a remote controller (included in each set) or with a smart phone.

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Hands on with the LEGO City 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures set at the Fall 2018 Preview in New York [News]

Live from the LEGO Summer 2018 launch event, we’re bringing you the latest product reveal in the LEGO City line, scheduled for release later this year — 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures!

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LEGO City Arctic Expedition sets revealed for Fall 2018, complete with a woolly mammoth and sabretooth tiger [News]

At the  LEGO Fall Preview 2018 event, we’re bringing you all the new product reveals in the LEGO City line, scheduled for release later this year. We got our first look at the line  This year the design team invites us to take part in yet another Arctic expedition. Let’s see what surprises the White Continent will bring this time.

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Hands-on with the new LEGO City Trains in New York [News]

At the LEGO Fall Preview 2018 event we got a chance to take a look at the new LEGO City trains that were revealed yesterday. The designers have chosen to stick with a familiar theme that includes another modern passenger train as well as an industrial type train. We’ve also got a first look at a few new track packs that will be coming earlier in the summer. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

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First pictures of the new LEGO City trains with new Power Functions elements [News]

LEGO City is growing especially rapidly this year, and while citizens enjoy hiking and rafting or busy making a doctor’s appointment, the new trains are arriving – 60197 Passenger Train and 60198 Freight Train. Both look very fresh and include some brand new Power functions elements, which we can’t wait to play with!

60197 Passenger Train | €129.99

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More photos of 60204 LEGO City Hospital revealed [News]

Last month, we got our first look at the long-awaited 60204 LEGO City Hospital, and today more images have surfaced online showing the details inside, including a minifigure arm cast, close ups of the vehicles and more. Price and piece count are still unknown, though the set should be available shortly with LEGO’s summer wave of sets hitting shelves soon.

Click here to see the new Hospital set in detail

Incredible sprawling Victorian-age LEGO city has a railroad, a church, docks, factories and more

Built by the members of SwissLUG as a collaborative build, this amazing Victorian-age city has details everywhere you look. Unlike many LEGO cities, the properly scaled tall ship at the docks doesn’t dwarf the rest of the layout, fitting right in while also serving as a beautiful anchor in the center of the scene.

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Massive LEGO City 60200 Capital set revealed [News]

Pictures of the next massive LEGO City play set — 60200 Capital — have just arrived on Amazon UK. The set includes three buildings, 6 vehicles, a playground and 12 minifigures. So far we have no details on the price of the set and its release date, but it is safe to say that the set will be available this Summer.

Click here to see some pictures of the set!

Closer look at the LEGO mammoth in LEGO City 60195 Arctic Mobile Exploration Base [News]

The summer 2018 LEGO City sets revealed last week feature an exploration team unearthing extinct Pleistocene megafauna like mammoths and saber-toothed cats, preserved in arctic ice. The largest set in the summer wave of City sets, the mobile base has four sections that can be connected, including a trailer for hauling the unfrozen mammoth back to the lab for research.

There’s been a lot of excitement among our readers about this upcoming series of LEGO sets, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the details about them as they emerge. In the meantime, enjoy this closer look at the set and its star proboscidean.

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LEGO City 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures revealed [News]

People packs are meant to complement City sets to add more life and scenes with characters and activities. The first 60134 Fun in the Park – City People Pack released in 2016 was quite a hit with the introduction of a long-awaited baby minifigure, and last year’s version, Fun at the Beach, featured lots of beach activities. This year’s pack, 60202 People Pack – Outdoor Adventures, features a new set of minifigures doing everyday things with an outdoor adventure theme, such as camping, hiking, and rafting. There are a few new interesting elements to watch out for including a baby carrier and a bald eagle. Consisting of 164 parts, we’re expecting it to cost $39.99 USD, as the previous version did.

60202 Outdoor Adventures Box Art

60202 Outdoor Adventures Rafting

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