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One small ‘quack’ for a duck, one giant symbol for the toy industry

The iconic LEGO wooden duck, which was one of the first toys produced by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and his team, has to be one of the most famous ducks in the world. Still, we don’t see modern brick-built versions that often! Based on the original toy and the last year’s 40501 The Wooden Duck, the recent mini-build by Christian Rau is simply adorable. Thanks to the great use of printed eye tiles and its open beak, this duck is as funny as an under-50-piece creation can be.

Wooden Duck

What’s peculiar, it’s not the first mini wooden duck we’ve seen; you might remember another version by Adeel Zubair. It’s amazing how different the builds are even though both are so tiny!

A tiny replica of the vintage LEGO wooden duck

Just last week, LEGO House revealed a special new edition of the vintage LEGO wooden duck, and builder Adeel Zubair didn’t waste any time having a go at it in a microscale form. It’s pretty much on-point as far as I can tell and there’s nothing that I would change. All’s that left is for some of us to ask to have this become an official LEGO keychain or dare I say, a polybag? Oh! Yes! Please! LEGO!

LEGO Wooden Duck

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The iconic Wooden Duck is the next LEGO House exclusive set [News]

As reported by Brickset today, the collection of the LEGO House exclusive sets is about to get one set bigger with the release of the next limited edition product, 40501 The Wooden Duck. The original wooden LEGO duck was designed in the 1930s, and since then has become one of the main symbols of the toy manufacturer.

It is safe to assume that the new set will be available only in the LEGO House brand store once it is open again from June 22. Meanwhile, you can build your own copy of the set using the building guide available online directly from LEGO.

The new Wooden Duck exclusive set is the next in the series of LEGO House exclusive sets, which started with 21037 LEGO House set in 2017 and was continued with 4000026 LEGO House Tree of Creativity and 40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs. However, this is not the first LEGO building set commemorating the bird. Another one was gifted to the company employees back in 2011 as 2011 Duck.