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Worlds collide in this clever theme park mashup [Video]

If there really was a theme park with cloned dinosaurs, who do you think would own and operate it? Considering Walt Disney Parks is the world’s largest theme park company and Disney has a history of purchasing competitors, it’s not a huge stretch to imagine a T-Rex sporting Mickey Mouse ears. Paul Hollingsworth and his team at Digital Wizards Studios explore this hypothetical scenario in their clever brickfilm, Jurassic Disney World.

Paul and team have done a great job integrating official sets such as Cinderella’s Castle and the Jurassic World gyrospheres with custom builds like Jurassic Park jeeps and a bubblegum tank for Minnie Mouse. Every scene is densely packed with clever gags, impressive animation, and easter eggs (such as a brief cameo by a mutant dinosaur from the short-lived Dino Attack theme). Be sure to watch it twice to appreciate the finer details.

Driving with Donald Duck in a fiery red roadster

Disney’s Donald Duck first graced the silver screen back in 1934, and he looks pretty good for being 84 years old! Donald’s claim to fame is his really short temper, but he is also known for cruising down the streets in his small curvy red car. Oliver Becker decided to build this car for his Donald minifigure, and the two look practically made for each other. In particular, Oliver’s model does a great job of capturing the exaggerated curves of the animated car.

He has also packed a lot of detail into such a small space, including flared headlights, interior upholstery, and even the iconic rear rumble seat (also known as a dickey). The white tires feel authentic to the source material, and they were only ever available in a single Spongebob Squarepants set from 2008.

Aweem away, aweem away, aweem away...

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but these two lovable scamps certainly hold a special place in the hearts of many Disney fans. Lennart C‘s brick-built versions of Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King are simply adorable. Working within the confines of a tiny scale, Lennart nicely captured these characters’ body proportions and colors, making them instantly recognizable.

Timon and Pumbaa

LEGO The Incredibles game now available and is packed with supers [News]

The Incredibles 2 is out in theaters this weekend and is having a supersized biggest-opening-ever for a PG-rated film. In addition to the big screen success, the fun continues on the small screen with the release of LEGO The Incredibles game, the newest fare from TT Games, now available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $59.99 USD.

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Ralph’s gone Turbo!

Wreck-It Ralph was one of those movies that did pretty well and I thought was a great story but somehow wasn’t very memorable in the long run, for me at least. Seeing YOS Brick’s build certainly jogged my mind indeed and reignited some of the memories of Ralph going rogue (aka gone Turbo!) and with the new sequel coming up, we get two of the main characters in BrickHeadz form: Vanellope and Ralph. Well, Ralph isn’t strictly a BrickHeadz; he’s more the appropriate extended form, or to coin a new phrase: a Big Brickheadz, perhaps?

Wreck-It Ralph

Have a LEGO adventure with Winnie the Pooh

Builder Patrick B. is taking us back to a fond childhood memory in the Hundred Acre Wood with this quintet of beloved characters from A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh series, consisting of Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh, Rabbit, and Kanga and Roo. Oh joy! The ears are the standout technique on each of the characters, made of various tiles and slopes, but my favorite detail is Rabbit’s whiskers, made with lever handles.

Winnie the Pooh & friends

Bonus fact: Winnie the Pooh was translated into Latin in the 1950s, and Winnie illie Pu proceeded to become the only Latin-language book ever to make it to the New York Times Best Seller list.

First look at the new Disney Little Mermaid BrickHeadz and more [News]

BrickHeadz is going under the sea, as today LEGO has published pictures of this new pair of characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Ariel and Ursula are joining Beauty and the Beast in bringing classic Disney tales to the collectible figure theme. 41623 Ariel & Ursula will have 361 pieces and will be numbered 64 and 65 in the BrickHeadz series, and although there’s no definitive word yet on the pricing, we expect it to be on par with previous two-packs. LEGO’s also given us a better look at the new BrickHeadz from Frozen that we announced last week, now including the box art. Check it all out below.

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Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen are joining a growing LEGO Disney BrickHeadz family [News]

Do you want to build a snowman? — ask no more as cute little Olaf will be one of three new Disney characters to be released in upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz sets. According to the most recent LEGO Facebook announcement, two new Disney sets are to be released very soon, bringing Olaf, Anna, and Elsa figures in the style of BrickHeadz.

The smaller of two sets will contain the figure of Elsa only, while the bigger one will include Anna and Olaf, whose head design is based on a 3x3x3 cube (rather than the traditional BrickHeadz size of 4x4x4 studs). Actually, this is not the first BrickHeadz figure to feature the new dimensions; Hedwig in the forthcoming LEGO Harry Potter 41615 BrickHeadz set is also designed in the similar 3x3x3 format.

Prices, availability and piece count of both sets are yet to be announced.

Brickheadz that dwell under the sea

Builder Swan Dutchman has a knack for making brick things cute. Featured here are the 3 key characters from Disney’s Little Mermaid with Ariel, King Triton, Ursula. What’s more to say that these are almost perfect in the representation of colours and features and build. They’re so friendly to the point where even you’d want to be friends with evil Ursula. You may also want to check these cuddly builds by the Dutchman from the animal kingdom.

BrickHeadz: The Little Mermaid

BrickHeadz: Ursula

BrickHeadz: King Triton

Gigantic LEGO diorama of Disney on Ice is over 16 square feet and has all your favorite characters

The tickets are nearly sold out to this amazing attraction, and all the minifigs want to go. Disney on Ice has come to LEGO City! This incredible diorama by Brick Knight not only contains the show itself, but also the venue and even the surrounding city blocks, all packed with such an astonishing level of detail and realism that I almost dread looking for parking already.

Click to see more, including the interior

When best buddies are no more

Builder John Cheng brings us two lovable characters from a Magical Kingdom not so far away. They’ve been friends and buddies for close to 80 years! However, with all best friends, there are bad days when things just don’t go as well as they should.

Friends #lego #moc #legophotography #disney #donaldduck #legocreation #mickeymouse

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The happiest place on Earth, built with LEGO

Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and particularly Sleeping Beauty’s castle, has been a popular subject for LEGO builders. However, many of the attempts to recreate the magic “in the brick” have been in microscale. It’s not often we see someone take on a major re-creation of the park at minifigure-scale. Etel Enzos does just that, with a wonderful diorama of Orlando’s main attraction, complete with central castle and some of the surrounding themed “lands”.

Magic Kingdom LEGO Diorama

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