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Stitch of the purple dolphins

There are lots of interesting techniques to see in this model! Logan W has built this impressive model of Stitch from the Lilo and Stitch franchise. Two dolphins have been cleverly incorporated into the design, representing the purple insides of Stitch’s ears. There are more aquatic parts used in the model such as a large clamshell for the lower jaw and flippers at the arms. Black knit caps portray the adorable pupils of the character with Admiral Thrawn’s hair used as the nose. The legs are formed of stumpy wings, featured in the Mario penguin costume. It’s a great build that perfectly captures Stitch’s cheeky personality and proportions.


LEGO Disney·Pixar Lightyear 76832 XL-15 Spaceship [Review]

What happens when the director of a highly anticipated film about a Space Ranger also happens to be a fan of LEGO Classic Space? You end up with a gorgeous spaceship with a sleek new yellow canopy that writer, director, and adult fan of LEGO Angus MacLane wanted for his own builds. The LEGO Disney·Pixar Lightyear 76832 XL-15 Spaceship is hands-down the star set of this new movie tie-in line. We got a chance to familiarize ourselves with this 497-piece set a few months before the movie hits theaters. Buzz Lightyear’s XL-15 Spaceship is available now from the LEGO Shop online and retails for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Let’s go to infinity and beyond!

That is one suave bird!

Right out of 1940’s Disney animation comes this LEGO rendition of José Carioca by Koen Zwanenburg. This dapper parrot looks wonderful in brick form and is full of great part uses! The hands use minifigure legs as fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Green cloud plates make up part of the fluffy feathers on his legs. My personal favorites include the stack of shell parts as the lower part of his beak and the white snake part used as wafting smoke! His trusty top hat and umbrella are faithfully recreated here as well!

José Carioca

LEGO reveals Disney Pixar’s Lightyear sets with Buzz Lightyear’s 76832 XL-15 Spaceship and more [News]

LEGO has just taken the wraps off three sets based on the upcoming Pixar movie Lightyear. Slated to release in June, the film is a prequel of sorts to Toy Story and follows the adventures of a young Buzz Lightyear. The three-set wave features two regular sets, with Buzz’s 76832 XL-15 Spaceship (US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99) clearly targeting an older market with a UCS-style info placard on the display stand, plus one 4+ set aimed at younger builders. As is often the case with movie tie-in sets, all three will be available well ahead of the movie’s release, starting April 24.

The movie’s director, Angus MacLane, a well-known LEGO fan and creator of the LEGO Ideas Wall-E set submission, is clearly excited about the film’s LEGO tie-ins, tweeting this earlier today:

Check out more info and pictures of the sets below, and don’t miss these other upcoming LEGO sets for Spring 2022:

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The miraculous and magical Casita Madrigal

Can’t seem to get enough of Disney’s Encanto? Neither can we! The official LEGO Encanto set is lovely but it is just not big enough to satisfy my Encanto cravings. This is where Martin Harris comes in. Martin is no stranger when it comes to building big. A lot of his creations are on quite a large scale. Same goes for the Casita Madrigal. It took Martin 4.5 weeks of building, which considering the size, sounds like quite a lot of work. Martin didn’t spend any of that time counting pieces. Considering that each roof shingle is a bread loaf tile, the piece count has to be quite high.

Encanto movie Casita build

Casita Madrigal is covered in lovely detail. From the lush foliage to the vibrant colours. Martin even designed a different window frame for each of the sub parts of the house. That’s what I call dedication. This build really deserves to be zoomed in on. There are loads of lovely details that you would miss otherwise. There is a flock of toucans nesting on a balcony. An amazing brick built door complete with door knocker. Waving shutters and cracks in the walls. Martin even managed to incorporate a light-up brick to make sure the miracle candle in the window is burning at all times.

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Someone wished upon a star for a more accurate LEGO Mickey Mouse figure

The standard LEGO minifigure design has worked as the foundation for countless characters since its introduction in 1978. But, every so often, LEGO needs a little help from builders like Japanese genius Moko to truly capture a character. Moko has crafted a brick-built body that brings the iconic Mickey Mouse design to life, using a head available in the LEGO Ideas 21317 Steamboat Willie set. From the double-buttoned red shorts to the giant white gloves, this is the Mickey that’s been charming audiences for decades. And, hey, the LEGO minifigures shouldn’t feel completely left out. Mickey’s shoes are made from a pair of minifig legs!

Mickey Mouse//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Lightyear’s cool new toy

Pixar and Disney may have put the toys down to tell us the story of the real Buzz Lightyear, but when builders like Peter Zieske see a ship in a teaser trailer, it becomes a call to arms. We may not know much about the film yet, but it has certainly created a…buzz amongst fans. While we wait to see how it fits into the Pixar Theory, we can have our fun. Peter based the Star Command XL-15 on the few images of the sleek starship seen in the Lightyear trailers. Toy or person, Buzz always gets the coolest ships.

Star Command XL-15

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LEGO reveals first sets from Disney’s Encanto movie [News]

With no fanfare, LEGO revealed a pair of sets from the upcoming Disney animated movie Encanto on their website today. The two sets are in the style of the other Disney sets, with the larger of the pair featuring minidolls, and the smaller as part of the book playsets lineup with microdolls. Encanto is slated for release Nov. 24, while the LEGO sets will follow on Dec. 1. There are a few new pieces that are sure to interest builders, too, such as new 3×3 macaroni tiles and a 1×1 round tile with a new clock print.

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I like Pinocchio and I can not lie

Actually, I lied a little but I don’t feel my nose growing just yet so I think I’m in the clear. If I were to rank the things I like I would have to concur with Sir Mix-a-Lot and place my affinity for big butts in a tier higher than that of Pinocchio. But, BUTT still this LEGO Pinocchio bust (not butt) by Rokan Cheung is (you other brothers can’t deny) pretty legit. His little pal Jimminy Cricket has got it going on, too. I like it enough to at least check out what else Rokan has done and I’m pretty impressed, I must say. Here’s a few other busts we featured earlier including a Toy Story pair by this same builder.

Pinocchio in LEGO Helmet style!!

LEGO 40478: Mini Disney Castle is a magical miniature [Review]

When LEGO releases big sets, it is not long before someone comes up with a miniature model to satisfy builders with a more modest budget. Sometimes LEGO even releases microscale versions of their own sets, like the microscale modulars. Well, if you have been craving the huge Disney castle set, but have not talked yourself into spending big money to pick it up, your dreams are about to come true with the upcoming set from LEGO, 40478 Mini Disney castle, which will include 567 pieces and will be available starting October 1st for US $34.99 | CAN $44.99 | UK £30.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of these sets for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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There’s a snake in my boot (and an alien in my mouth)

Toy Story Mania! is an interactive ride based on Pixar’s classic film franchise that you can experience at three of Disney’s parks around the world. But you can only enter the attraction through the gaping maw of a giant Woody head at DisneySea in Tokyo; an experience that has been replicated in LEGO form by builder nobu_tary.

This build does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the location. The white, tan, and azure color scheme is a spot-on match for the park’s American Waterfront land. Park details like the lamps and roof spires are properly represented. The ride’s logo is effectively built into Woody’s hat. And Woody’s head is pleasantly detailed, from the cattle horns used as his eyebrows, to the row of teeth set just behind his upper lip. I am surprised to see that Buzz has to wait in line, though. You’d think he’d have some sort of VIP Fast Pass.

Did you know Geri changed the game?

Modeling characters with realistic textures and movements was a difficult task for the animators at Pixar back in the nineties. While making their first short film in 8 years, Geri’s Game, the company utilized a method to make more lifelike skin and even developed a dynamic cloth simulator to emulate clothing better. Not only did it push Pixar technologically, but it also started a tradition of shorts before feature films that continues today. Builder Deo embraced a more blocky form and used their LEGO to create his own Geri, a version with a life all its own. This wonderful idea includes the chairs, table, chess set, and (not pictured) the prized dentures.

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