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LEGO Technic 42173 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Grey Hypercar [Review]

LEGO loves fast cars! The Speed Champions and Technic lines are both pounding them out at record speeds. And with the summer wave of Technic sets, we add a few more to the growing list. Join us as we take a closer look at the latest in the series, LEGO Technic 42173 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut Grey Hypercar. This 801-piece model will be available August 1st and retail for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £46.99.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick a copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Technic 42172 McLaren P1: Does this hypercar live up to the hype? [Review]

LEGO has been on a bit of a roll with model cars this year. A new wave of Speed Champions sets, an iconic car from the 1980s, Technic models of Formula 1 and Formula E cars, and now, the latest entry into the 1:8 scale line of Technic supercars. Except… This one isn’t just a supercar. 42172 LEGO Technic McLaren P1 depicts one of the first hybrid hypercars from 3,893 pieces, and will release this August 1st for US $449.99 | CAN $589.99 | UK £389.99. The Technic Ultimate line has a reputation for pulling out all the stops, with a price tag to match. Will the McLaren live up to this high standard? Read on to find out!

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Chronicling the history of the Octan Racing Team [Feature]

The Octan energy company holds a special place in the hearts of many in the LEGO community. On the face of it that might seem rather strange – it’s only an energy company, after all, and a fictional one at that. (Well, mostly fictional – as discussed previously on TBB.) But it has been an ever-present in LEGO’s Town and City lines, and more besides, since its introduction in 1992. Its famous red and green roundel has adorned everything from petrol stations to football jerseys in the brick-built universe.

However, there’s one Octan activity that has always held a special fascination for me personally: motorsport! Their association with racing goes back almost as far as the company itself. But how did this enormous energy mega-corp get involved with motorsport in the first place? Did their monopoly on fuel extend to a winning streak on the circuit? Inspired by a livery spotted in a video game, I thought I would take a stab at answering these questions. So join the starting grid with me, dear reader, and let’s find out about Octan’s racing heritage!

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Sailing the seven highways with Top Gear

For a show that was ostensibly about cars, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how much fooling around featured on British TV show Top Gear. Some of their challenges stick in the mind more than others, though, and LEGO builder Nard Verbong has re-visited possibly one of the most iconic in brick form. In 2006, Clarkson, Hammond and May were tasked with turning everyday cars into sea-worthy vessels. Predictably, the results were equal parts wacky, funny, ambitious and, frankly, pretty rubbish. But the designs were all very different, and the most successful (or least unsuccessful) was James May’s Triump Herald. The car model on its own here is superb, but the sailing accessories really make it.

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LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee – Does this Beetle-bot beat all bots? [Review]

LEGO has once again dipped its toe into the world of Transformers action figures. And while Optimus Prime and Megatron are likely the two most well-known of the Hasbro toy line, the Autobot Bumblebee has definitely got the number three slot locked down. First released in Japan in 1983 as Microchange Wagen, this scout-bot wins the hearts and minds of children everywhere with his “never say die” attitude that always looms much larger than his stature. While recent theatrical appearances have popularized a Chevy Camaro-version of this Transformer, LEGO has opted to return to the roots of the robot with the original Volkswagen Beetle design in LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee. The set clocks in at 950 pieces and hits store shelves on July 4th (July 1st for LEGO Insiders), retailing for US $89.99 | CAN $119.99 | UK £79.99. But after the success of LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime back in 2022, will B-127 measure up to his leader? Read on to find out!

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Lamborghini Countach, a dream car for a dream garage

In 2022 LEGO released their first official Lamborghini Countach, the LEGO Speed Champions 76908 Lamborghini Countach. Builder George Panteleon (who also goes by “ZetoVince”) brings us a larger-scale version of the same Lamborghini model. Taking inspiration from the official LEGO set’s headlight design and using some newly released elements, he was able to bring a build from the top of his wanted list to life.

Lamborghini Countach Stanced

Along with the overall iconic appeal of this car, he also brings to life the scissor doors, opening engine bay, and front trunk or “frunk”.

Lamborghini Countach Stanced

Incredible cars can be small as well.

Let’s be cheesy for a moment and call this LEGO build “Incredible.” The cheesy factor is amplified if you know your Disney facts and recognize this car as the one driven by Mr. Incredible, also known simply as “The Incredibile.” Builder SFH_Bricks designed and built this superhero vehicle for the 20th anniversary of the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles. Built from only 362 pieces, it fits two minifigures and features some of the iconic details seen in the animated film. This model is a joy to behold and a fun trip down memory lane for those of us who were kids, or at least kids at heart, when this film was released.

The Incredibile

If only this were an official LEGO set — which it is not — this would make a great addition to the collection of any Disney Pixar fan, who could previously only acquire a similar build officially from LEGO Juniors set 10760.

This rear view shows off the car’s powerful turbine, which turns to a spare tire when in stealth mode.

The Incredibile

A scale model in plastic kit form (no, not that sort)

Joao Nunes is sharing some pictures of his latest plastic kit. The painting is done, he’s got the brick separator and scalpel ready, and all that’s left to do is… Hang on. We’re confusing our LEGO bricks with our Airfix here! This is a very convincing facsimile of a Tamiya-style model, where instead of simply clicking bricks together, you need to painstakingly cut and paint each piece before gluing it all together. (With Kragle, presumably.) To the purist, that might sound like a nightmare – but fear not, no LEGO pieces were harmed in making this tableau. Even the box and sticker sheet are as good as new!

Speed Champions VS Tamiya

LEGO Technic 42171 Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance – A winning replica? [Review]

Almost exactly two years ago to the day, I wrote a review of the orange and blue LEGO Technic 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car. Recently, I looked back to find that I had been fairly critical of the model, considering it overpriced and underwhelming at the time. However, I had little recollection of that, feeling maybe I was too harsh, and it made me all the more intrigued as to how I’d feel about the new LEGO Technic 42171 Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance. At 1642 pieces and retailing for US $219.99 | CAN $289.99 | UK £189.99, the price per piece is even higher than the McLaren. But how about the rest of it? Does it hit the mark that the McLaren missed? Come along as we take a deep dive into Technic’s latest 1:8 scale supercar, which will be available March 1st.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Speed Champions 76921 Audi S1 e-tron Quattro: Are we mad for this mad off-roader? [Review]

What do you get if you cross a Group B rally car with one of the craziest car stunt series on the internet, and throw in some LEGO bricks for good measure? Why, the new Speed Champions set 76921 Audi S1 e-tron Quattro, of course! Featuring 274 pieces for US $26.99 | CAN $34.99 | UK £20.99, this mean machine will hit shelves from March 1st. Are you brave enough to get behind the wheel? Hop in and read our review – let’s find out!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Prototype by name, prototype by nature

If you know your motor racing, the 1999 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans will probably have you picturing a Mercedes-Benz CLR somersaulting the Mulsanne straight. Spare a thought for BMW, though – they won the race, and almost no one remembers their car! The aptly-named LEGO builder PROTOTYP sure does, though. This model painstakingly recreates the BMW V12 LMR in the brick, with the help of a few custom decals and wheels.


Make no mistake, though – the bricks are doing the heavy lifting here! The detail is evident underneath the bodywork and on top, and this is where my motorsport nerd heart starts fluttering. The engine is there, of course: all 12 cylinders of it. But so are the radiators, the wiring, the cooling hoses, the driveshafts, and – my personal favourite – the shock absorbers, with red 1×1 round studs standing in for springs. This is attention to detail truly worthy of a winner!


Bringing modern WRC to life in LEGO bricks

As much as we’d love to spend all day writing about LEGO, we at TBB Towers do have day jobs to attend to. Without giving too much away, mine involves working very closely with rally cars like the one Instagram user dak_yuki has built. For those not familiar, this is the – deep breath – Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid. Not the most catchy name, perhaps, but it has just ended a dominant season in the World Rally Championship with a victory in dak_yuki’s native Japan. So what better time to enjoy this fantastic scale model?

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