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For those impressively-large LEGO hauls across Europe

While production of the Scania 3-series may have ended in 1998, brick-built truck aficionado Dennis Bosman crafted his own from LEGO featuring all the markings of the UK-based H.C. Wilson transportation company. The shaping here is spot-on, with proportions and front grill indicative of the Scania R143. But the real triumph here has nothing to do with the bricks themselves. This has got to be some of the best stickering I’ve ever seen on a model! The custom H.C. Wilson decals are professional-level, and give the truck an added boost of character to match that sporty red paint job. I know who I’m calling when I need to move some brick!

Scania R143 - H.C. Wilson

This LEGO DUPLO car hides a spectacular secret.

If you don’t already know, LEGO System and DUPLO parts are compatible, and can be combined in several ways. But I think this model by Jonathan Elliott has combined them in a way that is pretty interesting. Taking the outer shell of this cute and compact car, Jonathan has built an interior from LEGO system parts, using some clever techniques, like attaching the front and back windscreens sideways. Everything fits together perfectly, from the side mirrors to the angled grills along the bumper.

Pimp My Ride, Duplo Edition

In order to really appreciate the work that wen into building the car, check out these interior details.

What do you think about when you hear K-Car?

To some, the phrase “K-Car” evokes images of 1981 Chrysler mid-sized cars. Others, however, might be reminded of the 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria driven by Agent K in the first Men In Black film. I think I can guess which camp Peter Zieske falls into. This large-scale vehicle transforms from unassuming to jet-powered without any reassembly – just add some parts as you go. It’s an interesting take on a classic movie vehicle, with a level of transformation that would make even Optimus Prime happy.

Agent K's transforming jet car from Men In Black

Check out this animation to see it happen!

The build quality here is pretty excellent, too. Check out the rearview – it looks pretty screen-accurate to me!

Agent K's transforming jet car from Men In Black

Peter’s design is currently on LEGO Ideas, but if you’re wanting to get your hands on a cinematic automobile right now, though, check out our review of the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 or Back to the Future Time Machine!

A fifties Ford in fitting LEGO form

Builder Tony Bovkoon takes us back to the mid-fifties with this modified Ford F-100. This vehicle is quite the collection of sand green curved slopes! It’s the signature contours we saw in the early days of the F-series, accurately recreated in this beautiful truck. Tiny details like the katanas for windshield wipers and the tan bed liner really make this construction pop. And I love the modern wheels and lowered chassis on this resto-mod design.

Ford F-100 1956 restomod

The hood even lifts open, revealing a detailed engine design. The radiator design at the front of the cavity is such a simple, yet easily recognizable classic truck feature, even for a fair-weather auto fan such as myself. It’s beautifully executed, and my favorite part of the build.

Ford F-100 1956 restomod

Not too windy for you back there, is it?

Way back in the day, automobiles offered some additional capacity by adding a folding seat into the rear of the car. These were called “Rumble seats”…or, perhaps more descriptively, “Mother-in-law Seats”. K P showcases the downsides of outdoor seating with a brick-built wonder straight from the 1930’s. There are great building touches like the sleek hard top roof and ample headlights, but it’s their use of a minifigure “action stand” to show the effects of too much wind in the hair that really makes this one stand out to me. Good thing that umbrella is still closed, or we’d be in for a real Mary Poppins moment.

Mother-in-law seat 4

If this moment from the past appeals to you, check out our archives for more antique roadster goodness.

Wicked Wizard Anglia

Why a Wizard needed a car, let alone one that could fly and go invisible, is beyond me. Molly Weasley was surely perplexed when her husband revealed the blue Ford Anglia to her. Though this LEGO model by Builder Greg K doesn’t disappear at the push of a button, it does have plenty of room for two second-year rascals and their luggage in its floating chassis. Built at the scale of the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen bus, this model features smooth detailing and brick-built ornaments. Since the car floats above the stand thanks to some clear brick supports, there’s room for some scale-accurate trunks and two cages for a rat and an owl.

HP Ford Anglia

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A LEGO 1964 Chevy Impala that offers a very low ride

Every once in a while, I’ve come across a LEGO build that’s well outside my normal genre of building, but is so impressive that I have to sit up and take notice. And this 1964 Chevy Impala Lowrider by Tony Bovkoon is exactly that type of build. The lines on this auto are so clean and crisp. All the angles on the ornate grille are perfect. And the zebra-print interior feels like the perfect added detail. I can only imagine the hours that were poured into the overall design. I especially like the use of the dragon symbol parts behind the backseat.

Chevy impala 1964 lowroder

More of this impressive Impala below