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For those impressively-large LEGO hauls across Europe

While production of the Scania 3-series may have ended in 1998, brick-built truck aficionado Dennis Bosman crafted his own from LEGO featuring all the markings of the UK-based H.C. Wilson transportation company. The shaping here is spot-on, with proportions and front grill indicative of the Scania R143. But the real triumph here has nothing to do with the bricks themselves. This has got to be some of the best stickering I’ve ever seen on a model! The custom H.C. Wilson decals are professional-level, and give the truck an added boost of character to match that sporty red paint job. I know who I’m calling when I need to move some brick!

Scania R143 - H.C. Wilson

Gardening on the go

As spring full sets in with showers and sunshine, carpets of grass and beds of budding flowers thrive. This clever garden and cargo tricycle by Mel Finelli celebrate the spirit of the season perfectly with a ton of green. Using a ton of repeated elements and minifigure headpieces, Mel not only made some lovely garden beds but also tools, a watering can, and a whole tricycle with its own bed of thriving plant babies.

Out in the Garden

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A cargo SHIP that really delivers.

SHIPtember is coming to a close and we’re beginning to see the results of everyone’s hard work. My Flickr feed has been full of really amazing WIP shots for the last several weeks, but the Bay of Biscay by Pascal is the first of the final builds that I’ve seen. And it’s an incredibly impressive way to start.

Bay of Biscay

The ship has a unique profile, thanks to the use of crane supports to build its outer frame. Nestled within that frame are up to 60 shipping containers, carrying essential supplies for the interplanetary colonies. These containers are delivered down to the surface thanks to a fleet of tug drones, which can dock on the main ship for the long journey between colonies. It’s always great to see the functionality of a build like this thought through to that degree. I’d call it a massive achievement in microscale construction.

Bustling cargo port on a massive scale

Living in Seattle, or in any major port town, for that matter, this scene by ExeSandbox is a familiar sight. What is much more unexpected about this model is the massive scale. Notice the “small” rolling cranes in the foreground are this crane base, which is 16 studs high! Even though this model is a digital render, this in no way diminishes the amount of effort involved in putting this together.

Tour at the Container Terminal (Front)

The builder includes a nice surprise detail in the cargo ship’s name, Leg Godt, the Danish phrase “Play Well”, from which LEGO derives its name.

Tour at the Container Terminal (Side)

AI been working on the railroad

LEGO builder Zachmoe took inspiration from a classic mech model by Adrian Florea from over a decade ago, putting together his own spin on a railroad shunter mechanoid, but using some contemporary pieces and adopting a smaller scale. The result is a great piece of clanking robotics. You don’t doubt this rail-riding mech is strong enough to heft a shipping container on one shoulder, but it also has an undeniable character — it would surely give you a wave as it whizzed past. Those minifigure rollerskates certainly make for excellent eyes, but what caught my attention was the trailing clouds of dust sent up in the robot’s wake — a nice touch which creates a real impression of speed. I distinctly remember Adrian’s original model back-in-the-day, and it’s great to see his idea get such a cool modern makeover.

Model 17 Shunter Mech

Fancier than a plate of es-cargo, and twice as tasty

While this sleek LEGO cargo ship by Guy Smiley would look perfectly at home in a scene of interstellar combat, this pair of vessels are here to get the shipping job done. The cargo ship is sporting some powerful engines, and the support craft has a manipulator arm to load and unload the containers. But my favorite part use is the door panels from a Minifig cupboard, used throughout the models, with those two tiny holes.

Cargo Frigate

But every great spaceship needs a worthy stand to support it, and if you look closely at this scene, you will discover that this stand is a creation all its own, depicting an entire microscale city over which these ships are flying on their way to the port.

Big things really do come in small packages

This charming little cargo hauler by Inthert has so many great parts I’m not sure where to start. Actually, I know exactly where to start. Take a look at the pilot, sitting in the perfect cradle made from two of these shoulder pieces from LEGO 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt from the Overwatch theme put together. Genius! There are also a few of these Technic hinge parts, used on either side of the thruster intakes. Now, moving to the back, the black cargo rig makes perfect use of the little holes at the center of the red turntable bases to secure your deliveries.

6-H Cargo Hopper