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For those impressively-large LEGO hauls across Europe

While production of the Scania 3-series may have ended in 1998, brick-built truck aficionado Dennis Bosman crafted his own from LEGO featuring all the markings of the UK-based H.C. Wilson transportation company. The shaping here is spot-on, with proportions and front grill indicative of the Scania R143. But the real triumph here has nothing to do with the bricks themselves. This has got to be some of the best stickering I’ve ever seen on a model! The custom H.C. Wilson decals are professional-level, and give the truck an added boost of character to match that sporty red paint job. I know who I’m calling when I need to move some brick!

Scania R143 - H.C. Wilson

Not your ordinary Amazon truck

Experts know that delivery isn’t just about time. It’s also about style. And by looking at the colossal MAN TGX41.540 8×4/4 by Dennis Bosman, it’s easy to see: this truck is made for premium delivery experience. Let me save you some time and say that there are 14 wheel axles with 54 wheels on, and most of them are capable of steering.

E-house on transport

And although the truck is the true star here, I can’t help but enjoying the enormous trailer. I love its clean look possible thanks to the scale, but there is quite a number of great building solutions for this utility look. And, of course, it looks awesome with any cargo on it.

MAN TGX "Van der Vlist"

Oh, truck yeah!

Some LEGO builds look like they are made from tiny studded pieces of plastic. That’s appropriate, because that is what they are. However, some builds are done so sleekly that nary a stud is showing, save for representation of a specific detail. These builds cause the viewer to do a double take, and this author has been known to utter a muffled “holy bleep, that’s LEGO” from time to time when seeing them. This truck by Dennis Bosman is one such build. It’s a refrigerated Volvo F12 truck, branded for the Stie’s Termo Transport company from Norway. It is way too big for minifigs (it’s 1:13 scale, as opposed to roughly 1:25-1:42 for minifigs, depending on the relevant dimensions), and scaling it that way allowed Bosman to include mind-boggling details. The cab lifts open to reveal a fully equipped engine, the cab is plushly furnished, the trailers are studded both inside and out, and even the refrigeration units on the trailers have motors inside them.

Volvo F12 "Sties"

Click to see this truck in greater detail

Swedish truck hitting Brazilian roads

It turns out building too much with LEGO has its cons. Look at Dennis Bosman, who cut his teeth on building some of the most jaw-dropping copies of heavy rigs and trucks! With his enormous experience, building yet another popular European truck might become repetitive. This is also when finding inspiration for the next build might prove challenging, but Dennis is full of surprises. How about an orange Swedish Scania LK141 roaming the roads of Latin America? Dennis wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t manage to deliver another brick-built masterpiece.

Scania LK141

Removing the cab reveals a fully-finished chassis, and it’s so easy to fall in love with all the tiny mechanical details. Individually, each of them (gas tanks, tubes, mudguards, etc.) look rather clean and simple. When blended together, the results look outstanding.

Scania LK141