Swedish truck hitting Brazilian roads

It turns out building too much with LEGO has its cons. Look at Dennis Bosman, who cut his teeth on building some of the most jaw-dropping copies of heavy rigs and trucks! With his enormous experience, building yet another popular European truck might become repetitive. This is also when finding inspiration for the next build might prove challenging, but Dennis is full of surprises. How about an orange Swedish Scania LK141 roaming the roads of Latin America? Dennis wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t manage to deliver another brick-built masterpiece.

Scania LK141

Removing the cab reveals a fully-finished chassis, and it’s so easy to fall in love with all the tiny mechanical details. Individually, each of them (gas tanks, tubes, mudguards, etc.) look rather clean and simple. When blended together, the results look outstanding.

Scania LK141

4 comments on “Swedish truck hitting Brazilian roads

  1. Purple Dave

    Is the real truck designed to be able to lift the rear axle off the ground when bobtailing just to save unnecessary wear and tear on the tires? I’ve seen stuff like ore-hauler trailers that are basically just lined with wheels for use during transport, that retract just enough to clear the ground when driving empty, but I’ve never heard of a cab that had that option.

  2. Dennis Bosman

    In Europe it is quite coming to have retract axles on tri axle units. There are 6x4s as well but usually these are in heavy duty service. Retracted axle save tyres when not needed and you also have more traction in case of unpaved roads.

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