New LEGO gear and merchandise revealed at the 2019 New York Toy Fair [News]

In addition to all the new LEGO sets revealed at the 2019 New York Toy Fair, the upcoming line-up of LEGO-themed gear and merchandise was also unveiled. Both LEGO and their official merchandising partner Santoki had a spread of new items from books to backpacks, with a significant concentration on LEGO Star Wars-themed products that will be released later this year.

First up, we have notebooks that are bundled with tiny builds including a TIE Fighter, a Naboo Starfighter and a Pod Racer all ranging around 40-60 elements. Santoki is the only partner that is allowed to package real LEGO polybags in their products, though the small sets will be available elsewhere eventually.

This non-Star Wars themed white notebook was also revealed with an included polybag featuring a tiny duck set with 10 bricks and multiple builds on the cover.

Back to Star Wars, we saw these new bag and luggage tags that feature various LEGO Star Wars characters in some great poses. Some of them even sport a Christmas theme and could be hung as ornaments.

The new Star Wars stationary sets we saw came in a variety of packaging, some with writing utensils and some without. Each comes with a striking design on the cover. These notebooks are styled and shaped very similar to Moleskine products and the paper is even produced from the same factory. For the curious, the R2-D2 sketchbook below comes with non-ruled paper while the Yoda, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and Boba Fett notebooks below include ruled paper.

One of the more unique items to catch our attention were these Statickers which are adhesive free sliding decals. They stick to most smooth surfaces via static without using any adhesive which means you can remove and reapply them as much as you wish. From the quick demonstration we saw at the booth, we witnessed that they do cling remarkably well.

The Statickers come in a variety of popular LEGO themes including Star Wars,  The LEGO Movie 2, Ninjago and Batman. We had some fun with the Statickers featuring mix-and-match minifigure parts leading to some hilarious combinations (see the ecstatic Uni-Batman below).

In addition to a few other desk supplies, we also spotted a fun gel pen in the shape of a LEGO lightsaber that will likely end up being a fan-favorite.

Our Managing Editor Chris Malloy who was reporting from the New York Toy Fair had the brilliant idea of checking if the pen was compatible with any other LEGO. He asked the booth attendants if he could test it out, and lo an behold, it fit perfectly in the hands of the larger LED light-up Ninjago minifigure. (We look forward to seeing this is some interestingly scaled MOCs in the near future!)

We also spotted this new stud wall hanger set which comes with three over-sized studs that can attach to a wall. It was also impossible to miss this brilliant gold colored backpack that will surely stand out and grab attention from any galaxy (Systar or another far, far away).

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