LEGO Hidden Side sets in-person at the 2019 New York Toy Fair [News]

Live from the show floor at 2019 New York Toy Fair, we have new close-up images and video of the brand new LEGO Hidden Side series we revealed yesterday. These sets will be available starting in August.

LEGO Hidden Side is a new series designed with augmented reality to help bridge physical and digital play. The sets will be “haunted” via an app and kids will have to uncover mysteries and turn the sets back to normal by finding and releasing ghosts. TBB got the inside scoop from LEGO Senior Product Lead, Murray Andrews:

70425 High School

1,474 pieces | $129.99 US | €119.99 EUR

This high school transforms from a simple school into a possessed monstrous form, complete with teacher, classrooms, and more than meets the eye. The new hat and hoodie elements for our brave blogging heroes are a nice addition.

70425 High School box

70425 High School complete set

70425 High School complete “posessed” set

70425 High School interior

70425 High School minifigures

70424 Train

698 pieces | $89.99 US | €79.99 EUR

This haunted train fits on LEGO’s standard rail system and comes with some pretty spooky characters (and the new lantern element in what we are hoping is glow-in-the dark).

70424 Train box

70424 Train complete set

70424 Train minifigures

70423 Bus

689 pieces | $59.99 US | €59.99 EUR

A fitting addition to the high school, this haunted bus comes with a mad scientist, a small construction crew and a monstrous porta-potty.

70423 Bus box

70423 Bus complete set

70423 Bus minifigures

70422 Diner

598 pieces | $49.99 US | €49.99 EUR

The Newbury local Diner looks like it has seen better days, coming at you with a possessed double-torso chef and some questionable seafood. Though that brick-built shrimp signage is inspired!

70422 Diner box

70422 Diner complete set

70422 Diner minifigures

70421 Truck

428 pieces | $39.99 US | €39.99 EUR

This big red monster truck is… well… a monster! The set also comes with a spooky daredevil on a motorcycle ready to perform some death-defying (or deadly!) stunts.

70421 Truck box

70421 Truck complete set

70420 Graveyard

335 pieces | $29.99 US | €29.99 EUR

Any haunted LEGO series wouldn’t be complete without a graveyard, and this one comes with a monstrous transforming tree, a possessed caretaker with great hair, as well as hidden skeleton.

70420 Graveyard box

70420 Graveyard complete set

70420 Graveyard minifigures

70419 Boat

310 pieces | $29.99 US | €29.99 EUR

This haunted boat comes with an albino alligator (we hope it glows in the dark!), a fisherman in a brand new yellow raincoat and hat, as well as a kayak. Steer clear of the possessed island!

70419 Boat box

70419 Boat complete set

70419 Boat minifigures

70418 Lab

174 pieces | $19.99 US | €19.99 EUR

Last but not least is the mad scientist’s laboratory with ominous Tesla coils and dubious experiments. It also comes with a cute puppy (that we hope isn’t subjected to any weird science)!

70418 Lab box

70418 Lab complete set

70418 Lab minifigures

What do you think about the new spooky LEGO Hidden Side series? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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6 comments on “LEGO Hidden Side sets in-person at the 2019 New York Toy Fair [News]

  1. Håkan

    Pretty cool look to these sets, app-augmented or not. I also like the look of the high school heroes recurring through the different sets.

  2. Kel Coe

    I’m not a fan of the AR concept for Lego toys but thanks to Brothers Bricks’ extensive coverage I’m way more positive about this theme for these reasons: 1) It looks like it could be from Ghostbusters 3, from what we know about GB3, minus the Ghostbusting, 2) These are ghosts, not monsters so they are actually a way better fit for the existing Ghostbusters sets and could, theoretically, blend well with the Scooby Doo sets. Not so much for Monster Fighters or Studios Monsters themes though. 3) It reflects this new age of youth and millennials, as well as I think reaches them better than previous monster sets that were for niche monster movie fans.

    I am in love the most with the diner for some reason, since it definitely is seen way too many times in horror films, and to me the high school looks like a revamped Arkham Asylum from the 2012 era. I can’t help but to feel a comical, cartoony vibe of Nightmare on Elm Street albeit the villains being ghosts and not a resurrected maniac. The lab scientist reminds me of cyberpunk so I’m guessing these kids are a mix of counter-cultures but I can’t help to wonder why the banana boat is called that, since the term is considered racists (yes I know it’s a banana in the shape of a boat). The bus has too much going on and the idea of a monstrous train is wicked. I also feel because of the comic and cartoonish feel these would also blend with Beetlejuice from Dimensions but only if you treat that Beetlejuice as the cartoon version where it seems so many buildings or vehicles became monsters at any given time.

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