LEGO Star Wars sets from Resistance and more in-person at the 2019 New York Toy Fair [News]

Live from the show floor at the 2019 New York Toy Fair, we have new close-up images of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets revealed this morning. These sets are scheduled for release starting in April.

The entire upcoming LEGO Star Wars line up from Resistance, the new “Action Battle” sets, and the 20th Anniversary sets (close-ups here) are shown mounted on the wall, along with 75234 AT-AP Walker that launched in January (currently 20% off on Amazon).

LEGO Star Wars new sets New York Toy Fair 2019

75240 Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter – 496 pcs
US: $69.99 | Canada: 89.99 CAD | UK: £64.99

The first set based on Star Wars Resistance, this red and black First Order TIE Fighter is equipped with a hyperdrive and comes with Major Vonreg, General Leia, Kaz Xiono, and Bucket the Droid (R1-J5).

LEGO Star Wars 75240

Major Baron Elrik Vonreg looks pretty smart in his crimson and black pilot gear.

LEGO Star Wars 75240 Major Vonreg

Whilst General Leia is accompanied by Kaz Xiono (with his snappy-looking dual-moulded hair) and Bucket the Droid.

LEGO Star Wars 75240 Minifigures

75242 Black Ace TIE Interceptor – 396 pcs
US: $49.99 | Canada: 69.99 CAD | UK: £44.99

This modified TIE Interceptor from the Ace Squadron is the second set based on Star Wars Resistance. It comes with pilot Griff Halloran, Poe Dameron, and BB-8.

LEGO Star Wars 75242

The Interceptor has some seriously snazzy markings and custom styling going on.

LEGO Star Wars 75242


75241 Action Battle Echo Base Defense – 504 pcs
US: $59.99 | Canada: 79.99 CAD | UK: £54.99

This Echo Base is LEGO’s first Star Wars “Action Battle” set which includes projectiles and specific targets incorporated into the set. The set also comes with a small scale AT-AT Walker, two Snowtroopers, three Rebel Troopers, and an Imperial Probe Droid.

LEGO Star Wars 75241

The targets look like they’ll spring action mechanisms when struck by the projectiles, adding some great play value to these battle sets. Minifigures will go tumbling, equipment will pop apart, and, unfortunately for the Rebellion, the Imperials will probably overrun Echo Base and chase the Rebels off Hoth.

LEGO Star Wars 75421 Hoth Echo Base

LEGO Star Wars 75421 Hoth AT-AT

75239 Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack – 235 pcs
US: $29.99 | Canada: 39.99 CAD | UK: £24.99

The second Star Wars “Action Battle” set is an extension of the first Echo Base set that comes with a shield generator and a laser cannon, both with projectiles and targets, and a Rebel Trooper and Snowtrooper.

LEGO Star Wars 75239

Whoever set up the Toy Fair display has maybe got a little confused over which faction goes where when it comes to the defense of Hoth. I’m pretty sure the Rebel Trooper should be guarding the Shield Generator, and the Imperial Snowtrooper should be manning the Laser Cannon. But hey, maybe this set could mark the start of whole new alternate timeline in LEGO Star Wars?

LEGO Star Wars 75239 Laser Cannon

LEGO Star Wars 75239 Shield Generator

75238 Action Battle Endor Assault – 193 pcs
US: $29.99 | Canada: 39.99 CAD | UK: £24.99

The third Star Wars “Action Battle” set is based on Endor and comes with Wicket and a miniature Ewok Village treehouse, as well as a Scout Trooper and a small-scale 74-Z speeder bike.

LEGO Star Wars 75238

LEGO Star Wars 75238 Speeder Bike

LEGO Star Wars 75238 Ewok Treehouse

75236 Duel on Starkiller Base – 191 pcs
US: $19.99 | Canada: 24.99 CAD | UK: £17.99

This set features Rey and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber battle on the snowy Starkiller Base from The Force Awakens. The set pivots open to simulate the breaking and separating ground from the iconic scene.

LEGO Star Wars 75236

Kylo has his signature cross-blade lightsaber, whilst Rey wields both Luke’s old lightsaber and a stud-shooter blaster. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any sign of any special edition “Unconscious Finn” minifigure lying in the snow.

LEGO Star Wars 75236

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    Dang, from the thumbnailI thought we were getting a decent TIE Interceptor. Been a while since we got one and both that and the Bomber are obvious holes in my collection.

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    Neat idea with the Action sets. Prices definitely went up, likely in response to some financial issues. I’ll likely wait for a sale, and if they don’t go on sale, pass.

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