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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

When you love Classic Space and have a lot of it to haul around

We all love LEGO Classic Space, right? Sure we do, it hits us right in the nostalgic feels. But what happens when you love it so much that you have a lot of it to haul around? It turns out, The Brick Artisan has answered all our prayers and my weird premise with this Classic Space Compact Transport Rover. It can haul your barrels of toxic waste, whatever comes in those blue canisters (probably also toxic), and whatever that greebly doohickey is of questionable toxicity. Let’s just err on the side of safety and assume it’s all toxic. Thankfully these rovers were fitted with sensitive gyroscopic technologies and extremely responsive suspension so we’ve not shaking up things we don’t have to. This isn’t the first time we were totally delighted by this builder’s Classic Space stuff. Check out what I mean in our archives.

Classic Space Compact Transport Rover by The Brick Artisan

LEGO Creator Expert 10290 Pickup Truck: A ride that’s very “Farm Fresh” [Review]

For years, fans have been demanding a LEGO Back to the Future vehicle – and LEGO has listened. Their latest Creator Expert vehicle is indeed a way to go back in time to the 1950’s – well, in a nostalgic way, at least. The Creator Expert 10290 Pickup Truck is a classic interpretation of vintage farm trucks from that era. Available for pre-order now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $129.99 | CAN $169.99 | UK £119.99 this 1677 piece set will will be generally available October 1st. But does this surprising choice of vehicle merit your time-travel dollar? Come along as we take a close look at this set!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with a copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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If you want to make a statement with your car, paint it purple

With his latest LEGO vehicle, Russian fan-builder Mikhail Kulakov makes quite a bold statement. Not only is it iconic Dodge Challenger 2008 SRT, but it is also fully RC. And, oh boy, it’s so purple. Before we peek under the hood, take a moment to appreciate crazy combinations of System and Technic pieces in purple all over the car. Smaller Technic panels surrounded by numerous slopes and tiles create a fantastic design.

Since LEGO models do not run on gas, there is only one Technic motor worth the Challenger — the good old 9V buggy motor. Coupled with a PF-servo motor for steering, this Dodge has a competent chassis, complete with independent suspension. A neat and clean look is a treat for the eyes, for sure.

Do you want to see your outstanding LEGO creations featured on Brothers Brick? Like Mikhail, mark your builds shared on Instagram with #TBBme. We are closely watching the tag looking for the next great models to be shared on our site!

Teal we meet again

LEGO builder Dan Rubin tells us that he had wanted to build something with teal (aka Dark Turquoise) for a long time. Along comes this Basilisk craft which was his first appempt at anything teal. I’d say his first attempt knocked it out of the park especially with the elegant shaping and greebly accents. All that teal looks great against the marigold (or bright yellow-orange), it gives it sort of a rockabilly/surf rock feel.


Great job, Dan! This is your well-earned chance to…basilisk in the sun. This is probably an inopportune time to point out that puns are the lowest form of humor and a sign of brain damage. I should probably look into that then. Whatever! Just check out this craft from all the good angles.

Journey to the bottom of the baseplate bin

Maybe it’s just the bourbon talking, but baseplates can be hit or miss with us LEGO builders. I have boxes full of them, but they reside in the most inaccessible corners of my LEGO room because (again, this might be the bourbon) I perceive them as “greasy kid stuff.” However Walter Whiteside Jr. just might have me digging out my old plates and rethinking my greasy kid strategy. Everything about this particular shot, from the bright yellow submersible to the way he uses the pattern on the baseplates, is phenomenal. The round bits come from this Fabuland set from 1985. In fact, most of these parts take us to about the mid-eighties to the early nineties.

Deep sea submersible

We may have other things to look forward to from this builder. While this shot is remarkable enough to warrant its own write-up, the bit of monorail track clues us in that this may be part of a larger layout. In fact, here’s another denizen of Walter’s amazing underwater world!

Sea people- deep diver

The MK II Cylon Raider makes a swooshable comeback

2004 was quite the time. It was the year we fathomed the possibility that some of our friends and neighbors just might be Cylons thanks to Battlestar Galactica. Hot on the tail of that pivotal TV series, Rubblemaker has built a minifig scale LEGO MKII Cylon Raider. He’s captured the bat-like shaping and complex curves nicely. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cylon Raiders here on The Brothers Brick so it’s neat, in a sense, when someone builds something long after its relevance has peaked. There are a lot of great new parts that weren’t available to us back when seeing a slew of these at LEGO conventions was as ubiquitous as used Toyotas. The builder tells us this model is 32.5cm long and 20cm wide and is made of 656 pieces, including the stand. It is also highly swooshable, which is important stuff when building LEGO spaceships.

MK II Cylon Raider - Minifig scale - Instructions available

Now, what is that song I hear? It’s like a weird version of All Along the Watchtower. Do you hear it? Maybe it’s just the bourbon. Or is it? While you’re mulling that over check out more Battlestar Galactica stuff in our archives.

Lando’s Treadable from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at LEGO UCS scale

While Star Wars may be known best for epic spacecraft like the Star Destroyer and the Millenium Falcon, there have been more than a few vehicles of a more humble design, like the Sandcrawler. The new sequel trilogy had perhaps more new ships than previous movies, but Jürgen Wittner, has set his sights on one of the most interesting new vehicles, the Treadable, the tank of a mobile home owned by Lando Calrissian.

Check out more photos of this most unusual vehicle

Lamborghini Countach: an 80s icon

The Lamborghini Countach is what I imagine when I think of Lamborghini. The trendsetter of the “Italian wedge” cars that are still the golden standard to this day, and the original 80s supercar before the 1980s. Builder Barneius Industries painstakingly recreated the Countach LP-5000, which was a popular variant produced in 1985, making it a true 80s supercar. This small, yet detailed build is in current LEGO Speed Champions scale, which is also minifigure compatible. Barneius carefully selected 325 pieces to best represent all the angles and fine details of this supercar.

Lamborghini Countach LEGO MOC

A minifigure can fit in the driver seat, as configured by the windscreen piece from the Ferrari F8 Tributo set. Barneius also uses custom stickers for some of the details of the Countach, such as the iconic wheel rims. This isn’t different from official Speed Champions sets using stickers for headlights, racing decals, and everything in between. Seeing an 80s icon built from LEGO pieces makes me appreciate its more angular nature. As many curved pieces, LEGO has introduced, they can’t exactly nail some of the more recent supercars.

Lamborghini Countach LEGO MOC

In other news, Lamborghini just announced a brand new iteration of the Countach to celebrate its 50th anniversary. I wonder if Barneius timed his build to coincide with the reveal…

Check out a few more builds of the Countach we have featured! If you want other Lamborghinis, we have plenty more!

Skidding along the snowy landscape in a beast of a snowmobile

If you have to be out on the frozen wasteland in the deep of winter, I can think of no better place to be than sitting in the cab of this monster LEGO snowmobile by David Roberts. Not only does it sport some hefty treads, and plenty of light for when the sun goes down, but it has a powerful jet engine strapped on the back. The angled suspension will get you safely over any rough terrain hiding under the ice, and those front skids look pretty strong.


It’s van life for me

Vans may be trending mostly out of style these days as far as new vehicles go, but no one can deny the inherent cool factor of a sweet custom van, like this awesome LEGO Ford Econoline by Tim Henderson. Despite it’s nearly perfect minifigure scale, it’s got a great brick-built paint scheme with white and lime green swooshes on the side that offset the blue. Plus those headlights, made from the bottoms of 1×1 tooth plates, are just fantastic.

Custom Ford Econoline

Daft for Dutch DAF trucks

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun building minifigure scale trucks, instead of, say, aircraft or larger-scale vehicles. These are three of my latest: Dutch DAF trucks. The first represents an XF105 Super Space Cab, with a trailer carrying a 40ft Maersk refrigerated container. It is similar to thousands that roam European motorways.

DAF XF105 with container trailer

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Where’s Herbie these days?

It’s been a long time since everyone’s favorite love-bug hit the big screen. From 1968 to 2005, millions of hearts were warmed by the sentient VW Beetle’s escapades. But somehow, with as awesome as he is, he still winds up broken down and abandoned from time to time. (Lame humans!) But who knows where he is these days? According to Hachiroku92, he’s in a barnyard someplace, needing a little love. This sad but adorable LEGO version of Herbie makes great use of the small quarter-round curved slopes for that iconic body shape, and adds frying pans for headlights. That windmill is excellent too!

Stick around and you’ll find more Volkswagen builds and news in our archives! How do you feel about the new LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van? Tell us what you think in the comments?