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LEGO planes, trains, and automobiles! Well, maybe not trains, since they don’t like to play with the other LEGO themes, but here you’ll find all our favorite cars, buses, boats, ships, helicopters, and anything else with an engine (and some without).

One tram-endous model

Public transportation has never looked as cool as this tram by Vince Toulouse, who has put a ton of design consideration into this multi-story vehicle. There are some very cool details built using a number of distinct LEGO System, DUPLO, and Fabuland components in yellow.

Suburban Tram

See more details of this sci-fi tram below

A Jurassic Park Jeep you’ll want to keep [Instructions]

There must be something about Jurassic Park that LEGO fans are fond of, because there seems to be a never-ending stream of cool Jurassic Park builds. We’ve certainly covered quite a few of those neat Jurassic Park LEGO builds on The Brothers Brick in the past. This time around, it’s a super-sleek Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic Park built by hachiroku24. The scale of this build closely mirrors that of the vehicles that appear in various LEGO sets, however this Jeep is much more intricate than most sets.

Lego Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic Park

Perhaps you want to build your own version of this Jeep? Fortunately, the builder has been kind enough to create a wonderful instructions video and post it on YouTube for us all to enjoy. And build.

Incredible RC LEGO Jeep is motorized, loaded with details and ready for the perfect weekend getaway

There’s nothing as great as turning your wheels off the asphalt, finding a high trail that’s little more than a path, and then driving all the way to the peak for a breathtaking view. This incredible LEGO Jeep Rubicon by Scott is so perfect it leaves me yearning for some true offroading and alpine adventure. One of the most complex models I’ve seen in a long time, this RC offroader features insane details like functioning door locks and a working glove box, plus it’s loaded to the gills with trail gear.

Skid Plate, Exhaust Headers, Grille Guard

Check out a video of this Jeep in action below, along with more pictures. Continue reading

Build a tiny minifigure scooter for your LEGO city scene [Instructions]

One of my favourite parts that were introduced back in 2014 was the red scooter that resembled a classic Vespa. This tiny brick scooter by Nieun reminds me so very much of it. This 23-element build looks like something you could whip up with ease from a decent sized brick collection to add to your city scene. It’s really well-designed for such a small scale yet has a great number of details put into it.

exposure correction vespa

Click to see the build steps

A gem of a garbage truck [Instructions]

This isn’t the first time that Flickr user de-marco has built a really nifty LEGO garbage truck. Hopefully, this time won’t be the last time either. In the builder’s latest exploration of the genre, there’s a push towards a more avant-garde garbage truck. From the curved sides to the grab rail on the back, this type of vehicle is certainly familiar to any city dweller.

What’s that you said? You want instructions for this build so you can make your own? Look no further…

Vic Viper or Thicc Viper?

It is the start of December and that means my favourite month project is over. That does not mean, however, that we have stopped featuring recently built Vic Vipers, as you can see here. It seems NnoVVember is attuned to lazy builders, and that means most entries, including mine came in the last week (and apparently there is a wide-spread belief that November has 31 days…). A very unique part of this group is Jussi Koskinen‘s Baryon Vic Viper.

Baryon Vic Viper

Continue reading

A totally traditional and completely unconventional car

There are fast cars, classic cars, utility cars and many other kind of vehicles depending on their purpose. But hot rods are all about making an impression. This is exactly what this beauty by red 2 does; it makes an impression. This 1931 Ford Rat Rod has it all; it’s loud, low, chopped, with giant rear tires, open pipes. What is especially impressive about it is its sand green body; to be honest, it took me a couple of minutes to recall each of these pieces in sand green in official LEGO sets.

1931 Ford Rat Rod

Blue and lime with two front prongs

I have been participating in the annual NnoVVember project for the past few years and it has always been a blast. This year is no different, although I admit I could be more imaginative than milking the retro train tracks used in all of the portruding elements of the spaceship. I have gone a different direction than previous years, when I avoided the characteristic Vic Viper tail fin – this time I have embraced the theme and decided to make an especially prominent tail.

VV-Tesak main

The build started out with the wings and tail, then continued on with a body to connect all the wings together. The body is based on the lime tail pieces with blue hull built over it, a Bionicle Kanohi mask as the “wind”screen and grey technical details on the bottom. In reality it is quite a simple build, save for the integration of curved elements. Most of all, with contests, displays and projects flying from all directions, it was nice to build a creation just for fun, without stress.

Patient researchers advance at a crawl

LEGO introduced the Model Team theme back in 1986 — it featured vehicle models at a larger scale, with more details and often some interesting functions. Shawn Davis has build a Model Team-inspired Research Crawler and photographed it beautifully. There’s a sense of exploring the unknown as the vehicle enters the dark, uneven terrain, encountering apparently giant autumnal leaves! Aside from the cool photography, the vehicle itself is a great build — plenty of windows, clever use of drawers for kit, and a manipulator arm at the front to obtain specimens for closer inspection.

Model Team Research Crawler

The researcher looks ready for dangerous encounters with her PPE attire, but the poor motorcycling lookout only gets binoculars and a fast bike for protection!

Do androids dream of spinning bricks?

Blade Runner 2049 received a mixed reception, performing poorly at the box office, but getting plaudits from the critics. Regardless, it will surely pick up the same cult status as the original, particularly with its breathtaking visuals. The updated Spinner vehicle is a great new take on a classic sci-fi design. This LEGO version by Carter Baldwin is excellent — it even comes with the drone and functional gull wing doors! Whilst I can only dream that one day LEGO will create a Blade Runner theme, for now we’ll just have to make to do with excellent fan inspired models.

2049 Spinner

Click to see more of the spinner’s details

From old Hotel Mirabeau down to Portier

According to any fan of motor racing series, there are exactly 18 sights in a tiny city-state of Monaco. Of course, these are 18 iconic turns of the Monaco Gran Prix circuit, each is unique and has its own character. Building the whole track with LEGO bricks would be quite an ambitious task, but Simon Pickard absolutely nails, probably, the most beautiful of them — the famous Grand Hotel Hairpin.

Monaco Hairpin

Actually, the Grand Hotel Hairpin is the slowest turn in the whole Formula 1 calendar, which is taken by modern cars at approximately 40 mph/65 kph. The way Simon recreated the road surface with hundreds and hundreds of tiles keeping the road markings and the curbs is especially noteworthy, not to mention a pretty couple of racing cars from different motor sport epochs.

Whenever there is fun, there’s always LEGO

Coca-Cola first went on sale at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia 1886. The world’s favourite soft drink was invented by Dr John Pemberton, but it was Dr Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, who came up with the now world-famous red-and-white logo. Pixel Junkie’s latest LEGO creation is a vintage delivery truck bringing cases of Coca-Cola to the local hardware store to be sold for a nickel each.

Classic Coke Delivery Truck

The background has some nice retro details. I love the gumball machine with advertising, the Coca-Cola vending machine, and the little crate sitting on the hand cart ready to go in the fridge. All-in-all, a great nostalgic scene built in LEGO.

Vintage Hardware Store