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Milk and cookies? No, engine oil and gasoline, please

There is a race track (or more specifically, a drag strip) in the UK called Santa Pod. I wonder if that’s where Sergio Batista‘s festive hot-rod is headed, to spread some festive cheer worthy if its name! It certainly wouldn’t be out of place. The custom chrome pieces, while not completely purist, really complete the look, particularly with that red-and-gold combination. It’s probably not the most subtle way of delivering presents – you’d definitely hear Santa Claus coming, looking at the size of the exhaust. I imagine it’s still fairly rapid though. What’s the conversion from horsepower to reindeer-power again?

Too Soon? (Santa SB Rod)

Ashes to ashes, rust to rust

In 2013, Sérgio Batista built a model of a Portugese steam train for the annual Octrainber contest. Now he’s back with a warning of what can happen if you leave your LEGO locos out for too long! The same model of engine has been consigned to a siding, and nature has done its thing. The rusty metal is accomplished to great effect with a smattering of browns, greys and dark oranges. The plants, on the other hand, bring a nice touch of colour to offset the earthy tones. There’s something quite wistful about an abandoned steam engine, isn’t there?

Nature Will Find The Way

If you prefer your trains a bit more brand-spanking-new, take a ride to our train archives!

What the world needs is a shiny, green COE

You may look at that title and think; well that’s just stupid. And believe you me, this wouldn’t be the first time I drop a rock stupid article on y’all. But then when you check out this sick slammed LEGO 1948 COE (Cab Over Engine) Car Hauler built by Sérgio Batista you’re like; OK, that’s pretty dope! Right? At least that’s how it all goes down in my mind, anyway. But seriously, with copious chrome, dropped stance, mean green color, and sexy curves, this COE has probably earned a dope status from you the readers. And that rat rod you see it hauling? It turns out we featured it before as that one was penned by yours truly. I guess I’m just into rat rods and COE haulers. Check it out and another creation by this same builder in our dope archives.

1948 COE Car Hauler truck

I smell a dirty rat

To see a rat rod in real life is quite a unique experience not soon forgotten. People can be left confused, upset, bewildered, awestruck, and amazed in one fell swoop. It is clear that LEGO builder Sérgio Batista understands the rat rod asthetic perfectly. This sick roadster is rusty, chopped, slammed, gutted, and you’ll probably need a tetanus shot just to look at it. I’m smitten, but then again I like ’em a little dirty. Rat rods, that is. I was talking about rat rods. Anyway, check out two other rat rod articles, both penned by me. (Hmmmm, no one else here is into rat rods?) While you’re at it, have a gander at more vehicles constructed by others.

Rat Rod SB35

Introducing the 2049 Chevy Corvette

The original Blade Runner movie (which was set in 2019) introduced us to flying cars known as Spinners. Obviously, here in 2022, our cars are still grounded, but Sérgio Batista gives us a glimpse of what could be if modern automobiles had such technology. Using the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R from set 76903 as a starting point, Sérgio has created a perfect blend of modern automotive styling and futuristic hover technology. Sure would be nice if we could take this bad boy for a spin. But, who knows, maybe by the Blade Runner sequel date of 2049…

Corvette V8.R Spinner 2049