I smell a dirty rat

To see a rat rod in real life is quite a unique experience not soon forgotten. People can be left confused, upset, bewildered, awestruck, and amazed in one fell swoop. It is clear that LEGO builder Sérgio Batista understands the rat rod asthetic perfectly. This sick roadster is rusty, chopped, slammed, gutted, and you’ll probably need a tetanus shot just to look at it. I’m smitten, but then again I like ’em a little dirty. Rat rods, that is. I was talking about rat rods. Anyway, check out two other rat rod articles, both penned by me. (Hmmmm, no one else here is into rat rods?) While you’re at it, have a gander at more vehicles constructed by others.

Rat Rod SB35

1 comment on “I smell a dirty rat

  1. hntrains

    I know Sérgio Batista from Facebook. He is a cool builder, indeed. He is resourceful and imaginative and also knows how to present his work.
    A minifig in this rat rod – shining engine parts in an old, provocative body – would be the talk of the town.

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