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A streetcar named Peter Witt

Some people call them streetcars. Some people call them trams, and other people call them trolleys. Whatever you know them as, Nouvilas’ version of a Peter Witt is so nice it’s “off the tracks.” A Peter Witt is a type of tram car, named after the man who designed the first one back in 1914. Nouvilas built his streetcar for a collaborative diorama representing Harlem, New York, in the 1930s. I really like the way the cheese slopes flare out to create the curve of the “bumper,” and the chocolate brown and tan color scheme feels authentic for the period….almost makes me hungry for a Nestle bar!

Peter Witt Streetcar

Click to see the full Harlem layout

One tram-endous model

Public transportation has never looked as cool as this tram by Vince Toulouse, who has put a ton of design consideration into this multi-story vehicle. There are some very cool details built using a number of distinct LEGO System, DUPLO, and Fabuland components in yellow.

Suburban Tram

See more details of this sci-fi tram below

A blast from the past with with an Amsterdam tram

Amsterdam trams have been in service for over a century – from the days of horse and buggies, now transitioned to the era of electric powered vehicles. This LEGO model by KMbricklab features a model that was in service from the late 20s to the late 60s, with a distinctive, iconic, and classic look. This build is full of details, and I especially like the detailing of the pantograph and makes me wonder if a truly electric powered LEGO tram car would be possible to be built. It would certainly fit in very nicely into a LEGO City throwback scene!

Amsterdam old tram_002

“Out of my brain on the five fifteen”

At the sound of the whistle its Train Time again, constant reader and fortunately for all of us Sérgio Batista (SujiroLegoTrains) can feed our mutual craving for the rails. First up is the “CP1900” Portuguese Railways diesel locomotive all decked out in a Halloween color scheme.


And since Saturday nights are made for double-shots, let’s also enjoy the charming “Sintra´s Tram” whose title I initially misread as “Sinatra’s Train“. I like to think the Chairman of the Board would have liked this tram, it has style.

Sintra´s Tram