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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

Good old-fashioned policing

“Lummy! It’s the rozzers! We’ve been rumbled.” Or at least that’s the 60s-era British vernacular that springs to mind when you take a look at Calin‘s retro police car. This is a fabulous little model, perfectly-styled for the British Copper collectable minifig — the front grille, those rear-view mirrors, that blue light perched on the top: all spot-on. I can just imagine this vehicle screeching around the corner in a seedy part of London’s Soho, its old-school siren wailing.

Keep Calm and Apply The Law

Dashing through the snow in a old rusty tram

The month of February has already brought to Moscow, Russia about 10 inches of snow — and it doesn’t seem to stop snowing! Talented Moscow-based toy photographer brickexplorer captures the mood of the frosty night just perfectly; the whole scene in the picture looks extremely cozy in the warm light of the old tram’s headlights. According to the description of the photo the snow piles are made of baking soda, which is a perfect tip for any LEGO toy photographer.

Cyberpunk’s not dead!

MemeLUG member LegoFin has spent the past six months exclusively building cyberpunk creations, all culminating in a large diorama. The builder has been posting teasers for the project for a while now and has finally revealed the first of three layers.

CyberPunk 2046: Sector LL927

One might call the picture too dark, but I see it as atmospheric.

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Stylish jungle living

Tropical living has never looked more appealing than in Sarah Beyer‘s stylish LEGO creation — Cocoa Jungle Cottage. This house manages to look completely at home amongst the surrounding foliage with a colour scheme of natural tones — simple enough to let the striking striped wall stand out as a signature design feature.

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC (I)

Don’t miss the smart-looking rooftop terrace with its awning made from tan garage-door sections. Looks like I good spot to wile away the hours with a Mai-Tai or two…

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC roof terrace close-up

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Blown away by this LEGO blower

January in the Northern Hemisphere — the fun of Christmas has passed and the weather is miserable. About the only thing that makes it bearable is if there’s decent snow. And what better way to have fun in the snow than with a cool LEGO snowblower? This model by Andreas Lenander is great — a nicely-built snowblowing machine with clever parts-usage. That’s an upside-down red motorcycle piece in there! Complement the central model with a simple-yet-smart base, white ice-cream scoop parts as loose snow, and you’ve got an excellent scene. I would have expected that minifigure to have wrapped-up warmer though. No hood? Careful little guy, you’ll catch a cold.

January...clearing the snow...

A new beauty born of decay

When I first looked at this picture, I thought to myself that someone really needs to clean up the weeds on their mansion, but then with some quick research it turned out there is nobody to do the cleaning. Château Nottebohm is an abandoned castle in Belgium, which has been uninhabited for over half a century. While the landscape looks more like a savannah than a temperate forested plain, Marion has definetely done justice to the mansion itself.

Château Nottebohm 05

On the outside the building seems to contain no large bricks whatsoever, achieving intense chaotic textures characteristic of decaying buildings. Textures like these feel more at home in larger creations, but Marion has managed to make them look good even at this small scale. There are complex shapes achieved with more or less legal techniques, for some of which I am not even sure they can be done without cutting bricks, so purists beware! For a better understanding of some of these techniques, I suggest anyone interested to look at the work in progress photos, like this example here.

The temple of paperwork

In an office as fancy as this one by Sven Franic, paperwork is no longer a chore, but a joy. Warm earth tones, elegant ornaments, and a comfortable chair make for a great atmosphere. Anyone spending most of their day writing would be envious of such an office.

Writing desk

The centerpiece of the build is literally a piece – the light gray minifig microphone piece, used in ingenius ways throughout the build. Do not think that is all, as there are unique uses for exotic parts everywhere. The radio and typewriter obviously stand out, but I strongly suggest looking at all segments of the scene more closely, because even such background features as the wooden window frame turn out to be tiny little masterpieces of their own.

Murder in Dead End alley

If you have never heard of Barthezz Brick before, I will not blame you. But after this recent creation of his, “A Cold Day in Hell,” there will be no excuse for that! We rarely feature custom minifigures, which seem to be Barthezz’s strongest point, so there is no surprise he has stayed under the radar for most LEGO fans, but now he has made a definite breakthrough into more widely popular themes.

A Cold Day In Hell 1 by Barthezz Brick

Not a single stud of space is wasted on this diorama, with a busy crime scene at the ground level and details on every single building, on every level — including the roof.

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A gem of a garbage truck [Instructions]

This isn’t the first time that Flickr user de-marco has built a really nifty LEGO garbage truck. Hopefully, this time won’t be the last time either. In the builder’s latest exploration of the genre, there’s a push towards a more avant-garde garbage truck. From the curved sides to the grab rail on the back, this type of vehicle is certainly familiar to any city dweller.

What’s that you said? You want instructions for this build so you can make your own? Look no further…

College is the best years of your life

Paul Vermeesch created a microscale layout of his college campus at Wheaton College. Two years in the making, this amazing display consists of about 15,000 pieces and captures the details of all the landmark buildings on campus. There are lots of cool details to discover such as the lines in the football field, the miniature columns in the Greek façade, and the tennis courts.

Wheaton College 1

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The girl on the balcony

Everybody has a spot either at home or outside where they can take a minute for themselves and meditate. Balconies are often that place and so it seems to be with this young lady in Timofey Tkachev‘s latest scene. She has everything she could wish for, from flowers to fruit and even a cat for company.

(2) balcony

Obviously the figure is great and a center point to the scene, but there is much more to the build than that. The white doors are beautiful, with a slightly visible bluish pattern right above it and the inside door behind it. The greenery looks very organic and is in my opinion the defining factor that makes the balcony realistic.

Hauling bricks across the ocean

This impressive 3-foot long container ship by Jussi Koskinen can transport over 700 2×4 brick-sized containers from across your living room to wherever you need them. The use of the curved slopes helps create the gently curved contour of the hull, which is reinforced with a sturdy Technic frame that allows one to pick up the ship from either end. Smooth sailing ahead!

Container Ship (commissioned model)