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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

Bigfoot Monster truck with monster suspension

This little monster truck by Ianying616 is ready to crush cars! Perfectly detailed with some choice chrome parts, And a working suspension using classic technic shock absorbers. And considering how difficult it can be to photograph black models, the details are well captured as well.


One of the most impressive things about this build is how it captures the sense of car crushing power on a proportional scale.


Scaling the heights of capitalism

It’s always interesting when a LEGO builder who is well-known for a particular style decides to dabble in something different. We’ve previously featured the work of Sarah Beyer — her minifigure-scale architectural homes are beautiful (even if regularly devoid of any actual minifigures!). Here, she shifts to microscale, and tackles an altogether different structure — a corporate skyscraper that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Suits.

Bank Tower MOC in the sky

The photography here is excellent, the low angle creating an impressive sense of height and heft. Whilst the bricks and building techniques employed are simple, the texture gives the whole thing a realistic feel — the key to an effective microscale creation. The model’s base is as stripped-back and attractive as its upper storeys — don’t miss the use of the golden ring as the base of the fountain in front of the bank’s lobby.

Bank Tower MOC entrance

A brilliant Claas Xerion is here just in time for the start of the new growing season [Instructions]

Cole Blaq hasn’t treated us with his new wonderful designs since the middle of the last year. Finally, he is back starting the new building season with an awesome Town-themed model of Claas Xerion. The tractor has a lot in common with the new LEGO City 60181 Forest Tractor set, but unlike the official model it has a rotating cabin. Make sure to check out the instructions for this cool creation; it won’t take you many pieces to build one for your own LEGO farm!

Claas Xerion

Click here to have a look at the building guide…

A terrific tower of Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, the A’DAM Tower is more than just a simple office block. Sitting atop of the office block is the A’DAM LOOKOUT, an observation deck featuring a restaurant and an “over the edge swing” among other attractions. Originally opened in 1971 as the headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell, the tower’s observation deck and other new features opened in 2016.

According to the builder, Flickr user Erwin te Kortschot, this LEGO model was constructed as the result of a commission by Dutch company Kawneer Netherlands. As in real life, this LEGO model places the central mass of the structure at an angle when compared to both the base and the observation deck. As any LEGO builder knows, building at angles with rectangular bricks can be a challenge. This model serves as an example of what is possible though.

ADAM tower (Polyclose 2)

When was the last time your minifigures have seen their doctor?

During my childhood years, I saw dozens of broken LEGO pieces; some were damaged by harsh play conditions, others were tortured by my cat. But the worst was to find a favourite minifigure with a broken leg or arm. Jean Macou presents a building I wish my little city had — a magnificent city hospital which seems to have just about any equipment to treat a minifigure no matter how bad the injuries are. The authentic exterior of this massive building can easily make one believe this creation has a real-life prototype, while its wide windows let us peek into the hospital and try to guess what is going on inside…

The hospital is fully modular, which means any floor can be removed providing access for a better view and more convenient play. Although the building isn’t very spacious, it has literally anything you can find in a real hospital.

Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital

My favourite part is the right wing of the hospital featuring the surgery room. Bonus points for a couple of surgeons right from Series 6 of the Collectible Minifigures.

Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital

Showdown on Biker Street

Austrian LEGO builder Sanel Lukovic has been building a large-scale diorama depicting hot rod culture. The scene has a lovely vintage vibe, and Sanel displayed it recently at LEGO exhibitions in Slovenia and Croatia.

Biker Street Final Picture

The diorama includes a fully brick-built street surrounded by a diner, hot rod garage, biker bar, and gasoline station. Let’s take a closer look!

See more of this detailed LEGO diorama after the jump

A brick-built home is always in fashion

When it comes to LEGO houses, Sarah Beyer builds some of the best. We’ve taken a look at her jungle holiday home previously, and whilst this house might be less exotic in its setting, it’s no less accomplished in its construction and fit-out. The tan walls with their black detailing offer a sharp contrast to the feature wall, letting its striping really stand out. The landscaping and planting around the house create a sense of a cared-for property situated in a pleasant urban neighbourhood.

Vanilla House MOC kitchen corner

As ever, Sarah has included a detailed interior, including this stylish upstairs bedroom with its floor-to-ceiling windows. However, all that natural light comes at a cost — I notice there are no curtains, so the privacy may be somewhat lacking.

Vanilla House MOC bedroom windows

Click here to see more photos of this lovely model

Living the beautiful life at Villa Arcus

Occasionally, I’ll day-dream about winning the lottery. Usually there’s some fiscal responsibility, but then there’s always a house purchase. That house is typically on the water somewhere, and I certainly wouldn’t mind one with the inspired architecture of Villa Arcus by Jussi Koskinen.

There is a lot to love about this build: The roof line, the windows, the curved walls. My eye is drawn to the gorgeous brickwork on the upper right of the home. This creation features a full interior, too. The techniques go far beyond the outer walls, with fantastic attention to detail in each room.

Villa Arcus_1

Check out more pictures, both inside and out, after the jump.
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Sweet modular Dentist office

This wonderfully detailed corner modular by o0ger features a dentist’s office as well as a sweet shop, so you can get your ice cream and get your teeth cleaned all in one stop. There are so many great design choices to call out here. Each building has a well-integrated color scheme, from the lime green plus yellow-green stripes on the sweet shop to the brown and rust-red of the dentist’s office.

Cavity Corner - Front

Both buildings also feature some excellent architectural details, especially around the windows and doors. The details of the dentist office roof window are particularly interesting.

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Cubes, ribbons and a tree

I sure would live in a house like this one built with LEGO by Tom Remy, but I would not pay for it – it looks needlessly expensive and fancy, without much practical benefits. You know, like most modern architecture. Joking aside, there is a lot of imagination in this build and even though it is mostly simple geometric shapes, the longer you look at this house the more there is to see.

Contemporary House # 2 - 1

The central theme of this architectural candy is a white ribbon going around the house, performing the task of the floor, the roof and walls all in one piece (but obviously not the same segment). The ribbon dives into the pool that partially envelops the house and the house too encircles a tree in the middle of the yard – which the builder admits looks cool, but would probably be the cause of a lot of problems in real life. Thus recurring theme of different parts encircling each other, as well as bright basic colours and overall smooth design give the build an extraordinary level of consistency.

Good old-fashioned policing

“Lummy! It’s the rozzers! We’ve been rumbled.” Or at least that’s the 60s-era British vernacular that springs to mind when you take a look at Calin‘s retro police car. This is a fabulous little model, perfectly-styled for the British Copper collectable minifig — the front grille, those rear-view mirrors, that blue light perched on the top: all spot-on. I can just imagine this vehicle screeching around the corner in a seedy part of London’s Soho, its old-school siren wailing.

Keep Calm and Apply The Law