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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

Mamma mia! Che bella città!

If your haven’t travelled to Italy this Summer, Luca Di Lazzaro is bringing a piece of Italy to you. This stunning diorama is full of Mediterranean sun thanks to a brilliant choice of colours — tan, dark orange, reddish brown, and some touches of dark green and sand green. However, the unique irregular shaping of this tiny street is what makes the build look totally Italian. No wonder why that tourist minifigure looks so lost and delighted!

Finally here my little angle of Paradise..

A quiet corner of chaotic Hong Kong

An extremely neat piece of Hong Kong by Vincent Lai is actually much more sophisticated than it may seem at the first glance. Three different architectural styles — the “legged” version that stands on the pavement; cantilevered one at the corner; and the typical set-back type with smaller windows — represent the evolution of the city throughout the second half of the last century. Moreover, the diorama tells several stories of ordinary citizens. For instance, an old lady picks up unwanted paper boxes and cartons in exchange of little money, while one of thousands of light trucks, buzzing around the city, is parking outside for loading. And, of course, bonus points are for the retro road sign piece, which is out of production for 20 years already.

Hong Kong Old-Styled Buildings (Tang Lou)

Cycling the Paris-Roubaix

The Paris-Roubaix is one of the oldest bicycle races in the world, having begun in 1896. Its famously rough cobblestone route is memorialized here by Luca Di Lazzaro as a large vignette, with carefully spaced tiles arranged to create the uneven pathway. The grim faces of the riders harken to the race’s nickname as The Hell of the North. The trees are a simple design, yet quite effective for adding a bit of greenery to the grueling route.

Paris - Roubaix (sur le pave', la legende)

Keep your friends close and your snacks closer!

No doubt a finger-licking good dinner shared with your soul mate is the best way to celebrate your friendship. And there’s no better place for a celebration than one that serves some juicy burgers, even if it’s just a burger stand on a street corner. Kale Frost designs one using round corner bricks 6x6x2 in tan as the top bun with an appetizing mix of green, white, red and yellow parts underneath it. And if you’re not into burgers make sure to check one of Kale’s previous builds, a fantastic fries stand.

Burger Bar Draft

London’s Portobello Road in LEGO

London’s Portobello Road is home to the world’s largest antiques market. Weekends see visitors and bargain hunters descend upon the area in their droves to browse the collectables (and junk) on display. Ben Spector has created an impressive LEGO diorama of the neighbourhood…

Antiquing on Mushroom Row - Overview

The attention to detail is fantastic, I particularly liked the mural on the side of the Nautical Shop, and the Victorian-era painted wall advertisement in the background…

Antiquing on Mushroom Row - Nautical Shop

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Remember the Alamo!

The Battle of the Alamo in 1836 marked a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. This LEGO version of the Alamo by Jason Hlavenka looks just like the iconic Texas landmark as it is seen today.

Alamo - Front 1

The detailed facade is worth taking a closer look for its clever building techniques, such as the barred windows.

Alamo - Hidden grille

You can see more photos on Flickr.

TBB cover photo: August 2017

Summer (if you live in the Northern hemisphere) is movie blockbuster season, and it’s already turning out to be a good one! What better choice for our August cover photo than this beautifully decked out retro movie theater façade by RVA LUG, which comes complete with LEGO-themed posters and is illuminated using 260 lights.

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Obsolescence is the price of progress

Finding beauty in decay may be difficult and an acquired taste, but this scene by Revan New is so realistic, I believe everyone can appreciate the LEGO building skills on display. The photography and editing help a lot in achieving the effect, but the build itself is nothing to scoff at.

The abandoned factory.

The uneven angles, hanging chains, and cluttered floor show obvious disuse, and the metal supports everywhere give it a strong industrial look. The composition is excellent, with moody lighting revealing a few splashes of yellow, around which the whole scene seems to be built.

Chunky fire truck to the rescue

It doesn’t matter what age you are — everybody loves a LEGO fire truck. This impressive beast from S Asbury doesn’t disappoint with its beefy proportions and use of custom chromed elements.


The truck is built “seven-wide” — a relatively unusual standard in the LEGO world, but one that pays off here, giving the vehicle a real sense of heft and scale. Such a design decision makes for a more complex building experience though — LEGO tends to be better-suited for even-width building. You can see how the builder has had to use a combination of plates on the underside…

Tanker 1

And what rescue vehicle would be complete without an extension selection of on-board gear. This model fully delivers, with a number of well-stocked compartments…


All-in-all, this is a cracking model — an air of the “official” LEGO City style letting it fit into any brick-built scene, but at a scale that creates some sense of realism. Big enough to tackle any rescue, small enough to still look kinda cute. Lovely.


Step inside a typical Malaysian heritage house

Heritage houses are wonderful older styled buildings with a typical façade that can be found dotted around many locations in Malaysia. Vincent Kiew has created a beautiful LEGO heritage house complete with detailed interior. I love the façade with its wooden louvre shutters and architectural decorations above the arched windows. The use of a mix of white and older yellowed white bricks really adds to the ‘antiquated’ appearance. The same slightly worn down appearance is provided by the mix of colours in the main left hand side of the house with light grey, white and the odd sand green brick as an aesthetic colour scheme.


Vincent has created a detailed interior for the house, complete with kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, toilet and more. The build is an accurate representation of a typical house and is structurally sound despite being made of LEGO.


It’s worthwhile taking a closer look at all the fantastic interior details that have been added. Most of the interior decorations and furniture are made of wood or stone with some lovely artistic details.


If you liked Vincent’s heritage house, you may also enjoy his LEGO recreation of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown that we featured last month.

Dad’s little helper

This vignette of dad’s busy garage by Mike M. is packed with the tools for all his fixin’ needs. The Technic figure scales nicely with some of the tools that are otherwise too big for minifigs to use. From buckets of paint to spare tires and cabinets full of gadgets and gizmos, dad is ready for a busy morning. Looks like junior came just in time to help!

"Saturday Mornings"

All aboard the workhorse of every port and harbor

Master LEGO shipwright Arjan Oude Kotte continues to impress with his latest watercraft, a highly detailed American harbor tug that would look at home on Elliot Bay here in Seattle or on the Hudson River in New York. A sliding door opens into the detailed wheelhouse, with an engine under the stack.

Tugger 1

Arjan’s tugboat looks beautiful as a model displayed on a stand, but the lower hull is removable for inclusion in a display like this lovely harbor scene full of maritime charm.

Brickton harbor is taking shape

Check out Arjan’s photoset on Flickr for more interior and breakdown shots.