The White Bridge of Randland in LEGO

A few episodes into The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime and fans of the original series by Robert Jordan have already sounded off about what’s disappointed them. Being outside that group but familiar with the disappointment a book-to-film/series adaptation can bring, I can understand a few of their points. Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve seen so far. Pacing and casting choices aside, the series has inspired fans of the series and LEGO to create their versions of its iconic moments and places. Builder Douglas Hughes brings us the second in a series of scenes he’s contributed to a Randland-inspired collaboration. Here he’s created his own version of Whitebridge in Andor. Or should I say the White Bridge? Both, I guess, so take a moment to appreciate all those detailed and ornate buildings rising up to match the height of the bridge.


The legendary, namesake bridge spanning the river Arinelle provides the only crossing south of Maradon resulting in a robust trade economy in the surrounding town. Douglas does a wonderful job building up a busy market full of tall shops to illustrate the height and majesty of the brilliant, white bridge. The stone streets and various buildings utilize a ton of techniques to give the scene character. The scale of this build really comes to light as we focus on the busy courtyard. I love the nimble, baby trees around the courtyard and the teal detailing on the middle building. The barn and hay doors are also well done. Just watch out for Thom as he fights off that Fade.

Arching above the river, higher than some buildings, the bridge is wide enough for horses and carts to cross. Douglas used brick bending on a large scale to get the right height and angle for the bridge. Flex tubes and ornate fencing line the edge of the bridge, presumably attached to the vertical…er…sideways built structure of the arch. Said to be made of an unbreakable, glass-like substance, the White Bridge rises high enough to allow ships to pass below. The docks and sailboats below, with fishermen and traders unloading their hull, make for a beautiful and lively waterway scene.

This is a massive build with a delightful story told throughout it if you pay close enough attention. Builder Douglas Hughes does a great job bringing the world of Robert Jordan’s series to life. The sheer size of the bridge in comparison to the already tall buildings is mind-blowing to behold and I have to commend his efforts. I can’t wait to see the next model in this series, let alone whatever else Douglas has in store.

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  1. Douglas J Hughes

    Thanks so much for featuring my build! I love how you’ve provided some more context too from the story for those who are watching the show and wouldn’t otherwise know what this build is! By the way I am also loving the show :)

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