Holy guacamole, look at this crime scene!

I’ve said before that the biggest political disagreement between my wife and me is that I see salsa as an excuse to devour tortilla chips. In contrast, she sees tortilla chips as merely a salsa delivery system. Today I am finally vindicated. Builder Loke has opened our eyes to the sadistic nature of tortilla chips. Look at the way they mock Mr. Avocado, smearing the remains of his friend across their bodies. It’s disgusting. They have to be stopped. I’m going to go eat as many tortilla chips as I can. I urge you to join me. Mr. Avocado, we’re doing it for you.

1 comment on “Holy guacamole, look at this crime scene!

  1. Bearpig

    Seeing how the avocado is cut in half, I’d say the diabolical chips are eating his better half and making him watch.

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