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Fish market is open for business

This charming street market by de-marco looks like it might be inspired by a real location, with so many clever details, like the angled roof made from alternating cones for a nice tile look. The sideways windows above the shop are a great alternative to upright placements, and the cones repeated along the front rooftop work well to echo the awning below.

Seafood shop

The builder has a good eye for distinct details that really help set their scenes apart, like in this model of a police station, where a sideways fence piece, possibly a small holding cell window, and stacked air-conditioning units provide points of visual interest. but my favorite detail is the dark-orange star on the top.
Police Station

Build your own plucky little forklift [Instructions]

The next time you are building a warehouse scene, home improvement store, or automobile repair shop, and you want a neat looking forklift, consider taking inspiration from de-marco, who has shared video instructions for this three-wheeled lifter of heavy things. The black protective cage and a transparent orange cone provide great details.

Forklift Loader