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The houses of blues

This is a street that makes me feel the opposite of the blues! Kristel Whitaker built a collection of identical townhouses inspired by the colours of the world’s oceans – and also LEGO’s many blue colours. Titled “Ocean Drive”, this build is not only the modular houses but an immersive scene of its residents. The children – currently on summer holiday – are playing outside with the cats while their grandma sits on the front steps. The others come and go, both for work and leisure, and the resident flamingo watches the neighbourhood amongst the flowers. Life is good in the big city.

Ocean Drive

I love how this is reminiscent of London’s famous Portobello Road, which features similar Victorian-terrace houses. Each of LEGO’s common blue colour looks good – especially teal! This scene radiates a certain warmth, both because of the inclusion of light aqua and medium azure, and also the flowers in each garden. I also like the architectural detail of white flowers in the crest that separates the first and second floors. It’s definitely a street that I would love to live in!

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Every dinosaur is awesome!

Ever since the new Everyone is Awesome LEGO set celebrating Pride was revealed, there have been a number of LEGO creations hitting the internet inspired by this very colorful set. As a fan of BrickHeadz and the Jurassic World set featuring the aptly named “blue”, I had to jump on this rainbow of velociraptors by Kristel, a wonderful line-up that celebrates dinosaurs everywhere in all their colors.

Everydino IS awesome!

Tigger’s treehouse

I love it when an official LEGO set or theme inspires fans to build their own creation within the theme. But sometimes the inspiration is not a theme or a set but just a single minifigure. According to Kristel, it was the Tigger minifigure from 21326 Winnie the Pooh that inspired her to build this creation. She set her mind to making the minifigure bounce, just like the character does in the movies. In order to make this happen, she built Tigger’s treehouse to hide the jumping mechanism.

Tigger's Treehouse

This build is awesome for a couple of reasons. Although I love Winnie the Pooh, it has been quite some time since I watched a Pooh movie, so my memories about the show have faded a bit. I had to look Tigger’s treehouse up, and I have to say this is an almost exact match for the source material. Secondly, it blends in perfectly with the official LEGO set because Kristel used the same technique on the roof and a similar technique on the foliage. And last but not least, this creation actually allows Tigger to move and jump.

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Stacked terraced garden habitats

Are you aware of the phenomenon called Minifig Habitats? It’s essentially an 8x8x8 diagonal vignette that can be stacked and interlocked to form a pyramid display. However, there is a more popular habitat style that isn’t diagonal and has less open space. These habitats first appeared on Flickr in 2016 and were popularised by LEGO fan sites in the last few years. Since then, they became a nice way for people to show off LEGO Collectible Minifigures in a small dynamic display. Kristel Whitaker takes it to the next level by reimagining minifig habitats into a diorama of a pergola, a balcony, and a potting shed.

Spring Habitat Stack

The white structures provide a bright canvas for plants to grow on and make the diorama clean and minimalist. In addition, the nougat flooring brings a lovely warm contrast to the blue backdrop of Kristel’s photo. There’s plenty of other colours as well, from the yellows and pinks of the flowers to the blues and reds of the potting shed in the lower right habitat. All of these come together in a concise diorama that are clearly different parts of the same house.

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A guardian angel to help you through rough times

Things can look pretty bleak, sometimes. So with that in mind, here is a LEGO guardian angel built by Kristel Whitaker to help you through some tough times. I like the golden staff, flowing wings and her serene expression has such a calming effect. Whatever it is you’re going through right now, allow this angel to see you through it to better times. Remember, this too shall pass.

Guardian and Warrior Angels