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New year, new LEGO blocks

So, how’s everyone feeling about 2024 so far? We’re still writing threes instead of fours by mistake – not helped by all the 2023 recapping we’re doing. But while we’re deciding our Creations of the Year or looking back at our most popular articles, Kristel Whitaker has seen in the new year in a big way! She’s built some big LEGO blocks out of, er, smaller LEGO blocks. We could use some of these in TBB Towers to remind us what year it actually is. Although it won’t help us work out how much longer before we stop saying “Happy New Year” to everyone. New year, same problems!

Happy New Year!

I can’t see the trees for the forestman.

There have been a couple of official sets that turn the iconic LEGO minifigure into giant, brick-built models. This has, of course, inspired builders to craft their own jumbo versions of their favorite minifigs. And Casey McCoy has hit a bullseye with this take on the classic Forestman Archer. The original figure’s printing has been recreated in amazing detail, from the neck frill to the belt buckle. And the bow and arrow combo and feathered cap take me right back to the LEGO Castle adventures of my youth. The only downside is, this particular forestman won’t have much luck hiding in the woods from the Black Knights. Then again, he might cause the Black Knights to go looking for a hiding spot themselves…

Jumbo Forestman - 1

Honey, I supersized the minifigs

I really like the “maxi-fig” concept that has been doing the rounds lately. It can be as simple as LEGO’s own 40649 Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure set, or you can use it as a template to let your creativity run wild. Kristel Whitaker has done just that with this dandy pair of Day-of-the-Dead themed figs. They’re named Catrina and Skellie, and don’t they just look brilliant! I love the repeated use of yellow flowers and dark pink leaves on Catrina’s dress especially. It looks just like the intricate embroidery typical of this style of outfit. Skellie’s, er, skeleton is also nicely done with a mixture of SNOT (studs not on top) and tiled building.

Catrina and Skellie

Hopefully this format will blow up in a big way! Speaking of big – why not see what else the talented LEGO community has up-scaled?

LEGO 40649 Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure – Magnifying an icon [Review]

More than the 2×4 brick, since their introduction, LEGO minifigures have always been the embodiment of the company. And in recent history, LEGO has realized there is a major fascination with, and demand for, giant replicas of the little characters that have made them famous. Come along as we meet the latest of these maxi-figs, the 654-piece LEGO Iconic 40649 Up-Scaled LEGO Minifigure. This set is available starting today, June 1st, and retails for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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A gonk-themed fever dream

There is a lot going on in this super-sized GNK droid build by B&W Bricks. Clearly fed up of being the butt of jokes in the Star Wars universe, this unloved droid has decided to take matters into its own hands, by giving itself some. As well as this upgrade, it seems to have taken to organised crime. In this maniacal pose it actually reminds me of the grumpy robot in Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Day Out. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the GNK is an upscaled imitation of the minifigure-scale one that comes in LEGO sets, matched by an upscaled blaster and letter tile. There’s also a stormtrooper alarm clock, some deck chairs, a case of money, and… A stormtrooper wielding Minecraft weapons? I suppose it’s one of the droid’s minions. Either way, they seem to be terrorising poor Jedi Bob. To be fair if I was pursued by a vengeful walking battery and a stormtrooper with a diamond sword, I’d be terrified as well.

LEGO Ultimate Gonk Droid MOC [sw0073a] Minifigure Upscale x6 ( LEGO Star Wars GNK Power Droid )

An elegant weapon from a more civilised age (namely, 1999)

There are plenty of life-size LEGO lightsabers out there (including LEGO’s own promos), both from the Star Wars films and builders creating their own. Dicken Liu has taken inspiration from an altogether different source for their 1:1-scale brick-built laser sword hilt, however. This LEGO lightsaber is a model of, well, a LEGO lightsaber! I suppose that technically makes it 12:1 scale. This minifigure accessory has been virtually unchanged since the Star Wars line made its debut 23 years ago. Here its form is very faithfully recreated, making good use of the myriad round and curved slopes in the LEGO parts catalogue. Interestingly I think virtually all of the external parts you see here didn’t exist back in 1999, when we got the first Star Wars sets!


The external shape is not the only interesting thing here, though…

Monkey see, monkey do bigger

I’ve seen giant LEGO pieces, and even upscaled fish and chickens, but I’ve never before seen a giant LEGO monkey, and this one from mybrickbuild has me tickled pink. The classic LEGO monkey was one of my favorite pieces in the original Pirates theme, this giant one makes me want to see a whole LEGO Pirates set built at this scale. It’s a digital render but it looks like it’s mostly buildable with real bricks, except for the 2×2 round bricks with Technic holes, which aren’t currently available in brown. The arms and curling tail are courtesy of the new curved 2×2 round piece that forms the trunk on the Bonsai Tree.

If you like seeing things made bigger with bricks, check out our upscaled LEGO archives!

Honey, I shrunk the LEGO fan!

This must be LEGOception. These LEGO pieces are made of LEGO pieces. LEGO is not the only one producing LEGO pieces on a much bigger scale. Chungpo Cheng is no stranger to this concept himself. He has made quite a few creations based on a single LEGO piece. In this image the key, fish and chicken get the upscale treatment. In his photo stream you can find more of his upscale creations.

LEGO Upscale Minifigure Accessories-Fish, Chicken, and Key

Just a pile of parts? These giant LEGO pieces are the perfect illusion

Did you do a double take? Same here! If you’re still confused, zoom in. This is the most exceptional upscale of LEGO pieces I have ever seen. Prolific builder Inthert has pulled off a bit of genius with this latest creation. While every element is expertly crafted, a few stand out as top notch. Minifigure parts, for example, are one of the hardest things to build, but including one was a must. Yet among many piles of unsorted brick are not one but two torsos, and one’s even holding a lightsaber. These torsos are identifiable from both distance and up close, and Luke’s even incorporates string to finish the illusion. Moving on, there’s a cheeky tribute to the “brittle reddish-brown” epidemic, which couldn’t be more spot-on. (Rest in pieces, 1×3 plate!) But my most favorite detail has to be the black airtanks with the flexible hose “neck bracket” wrapped around a brick stud.

Scale It Up!

Something else to marvel: there is not a single exposed real top stud among the brick-built copycats. Now, if you’ve been bitten by the upscale bug, you can see more enlarged LEGO elements in our archives. You can also check out more builds from Inthert.

LEGO reveals giant wooden minifigure as part of new collectible Originals product line [News]

LEGO is celebrating its past in a big way this year. When founder Ole Kirk Christiansen began making toys in 1932, he made them out of wood before shifting to plastic. LEGO manufactured wooden toys until 1960, always with the highest commitment to quality. The LEGO brick may have taken over eventually, but the company’s origin is rooted in wooden toys. Today, LEGO announced they are returning to those roots in a big way — by launching a new product line selling an upscale wooden minifigure: LEGO Originals 853967 Wooden Minifigure.

The giant wooden minifigure will sell for US $119.99 | CAN 154.99 | UK £109.99. in select LEGO stores and online beginning November 3rd for LEGO VIPS with general availability beginning November 8th.

(EDIT: The wooden figure is also available from LEGO in bundles including a discount of up to $30 US when combined with various other LEGO products, including one 1,500-piece Classic set.)

Click to read more about LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure 853967

Planting LEGO bricks leads to flowers that will forever bloom

We have featured plenty of beautifully built LEGO floral arrangements, but this unique interpretation by Jarekwally may be the most literal interpretation of LEGO flowers so far. Each of the flowers are upscaled versions of the 1×1 modified brick with stud on 1 side. The inclusion of the actual brick as a smaller bud is pure genius.

Red Brick Flowers

A LEGO brick that quite literally oozes with art

I am a big fan of LEGO art, and nothing makes me happier than being able to share it with the world here on the Brothers Brick. Today’s work of art is an abstract creation by jarekwally. It represents a black 1×1 brick leaking colors, but the meaning is left for us to interpret. The builder shares nothing in the description except that the idea was in his head for months.

Brick Art

There are three major components to the build, with each having being well done. First, there is the instantly recognizable upscaled black 1×1 brick. Next, we have colors bursting from its open top, using curved parts to emulate a bubbling effect. The third part is the splash, which conveys a dynamic sense of action. Why is it a 1×1 brick? What is the significance of the colors? What makes them bubble out of the brick? I will let you, the reader, decide.