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The Force is strong with this dragon Jedi warrior

While the Empire tends to shun non-human species, the Jedi embrace all beings with a connection to the Force. Although taking children from their families at a young age and indoctrinating them sounds like something the First Order would do. At any rate, this female dragon Jedi by B&W Bricks is a fantastic LEGO model, with dynamic limbs and a graceful pose, this warrior looks like she could give a Trandoshan slaver a sound beat-down.

LEGO Female Dragon Jedi Moc  [female build body MOC Examples]

A gonk-themed fever dream

There is a lot going on in this super-sized GNK droid build by B&W Bricks. Clearly fed up of being the butt of jokes in the Star Wars universe, this unloved droid has decided to take matters into its own hands, by giving itself some. As well as this upgrade, it seems to have taken to organised crime. In this maniacal pose it actually reminds me of the grumpy robot in Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Day Out. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the GNK is an upscaled imitation of the minifigure-scale one that comes in LEGO sets, matched by an upscaled blaster and letter tile. There’s also a stormtrooper alarm clock, some deck chairs, a case of money, and… A stormtrooper wielding Minecraft weapons? I suppose it’s one of the droid’s minions. Either way, they seem to be terrorising poor Jedi Bob. To be fair if I was pursued by a vengeful walking battery and a stormtrooper with a diamond sword, I’d be terrified as well.

LEGO Ultimate Gonk Droid MOC [sw0073a] Minifigure Upscale x6 ( LEGO Star Wars GNK Power Droid )