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Benevolent or malevolent, this crystal being deserves your respect

The line of Star Wars themed constraction figures has introduced a number of great parts for builders who dabble in Bionicle inspired creations. This imposing figure by Loysnuva makes use of the large lightsaber blade found in both 75109 Obi-Wan Kenobi, and 75112 General Grevious in its elaborate head adornment. Along with some excellent reverse jointed legs, the model also makes good of some of the most common elements found in sets today, the car tire. Small tires add some bulk to the limbs and tail, while several inverted tires form the torso.

Falwar , Meca-Lord of the crystal valley

It’s all about the tasty things in life

Who needs riches when the best part of your day is food? This plump little guy is all about his next meal rather than gold. Sassafras the “Happy-Go-Lucky” dragon is the work of Mitch Henry, who designed him for a dragon building contest hosted by Jayfa, an excellent builder we’ve featured numerous times. This adorable creation caught our eye for its unique character and parts usage. Do you have an idea for a cool dragon? Give the contest a shot!

Sassafras, the Happy-go-Lucky Dragon

The eyes have it

I am mesmerized by Djokson’s latest build, Mask of the Spirit Caller. The bold colors and intricate design of the Orient Expedition shields make the eyes really pop. After recovering from the trance induced by staring deep into those eyes, I noticed the rest of the build is quite wonderful as well.

Mask of the Spirit Caller

In addition to some clever parts usage, particularly the Hero Factory armor plates that ring the neck, this model also has great color blocking. The dynamic pose chosen for this photograph also brings the character to life. Rather than simply showing us a greqt build, Djorkson shows us a moment of a story and invites us to imagine the rest.

This prehistoric Polacanthus is dino-mite!

Dinosaurs are the name of the game today at TBB, so let’s take a trip to Western Europe and turn our clocks back to the Cretaceous period, because we’re going on a prehistoric safari to find Polacanthus! Polacanthus is Greek for “many thorns.” Vlad Lisin’s version of the herbivorous dinosaur lives up to its name because it looks quite sharp indeed. A mix of LEGO system and constraction elements are used to achieve a wonderfully organic looking dino. Polancanthus’ head is particularly stunning, thanks in part to a realistic-looking mouth achieved through the use of a battle droid torso and Ninjago snake skull helmet. This behemoth looks prepared to graze through some serious vegetation.

As you explore prehistoric past, don’t miss the fearsome Carnotaurus by Nathan Haseth.

Of fish tales and fish tails. This old fisherman has probably seen it all!

I’m always amazed by fan-built constraction (construction + action)  figures like this old fisherman by Dylan Mievis. Dylan’s fisherman brings together Bionicle, Technic and System parts to pull off an almost believable looking human figure. Cloth elements are also put to good use, providing the fisherman with a proper net and second layer of clothing. When it comes to the boots, I like how the different parts form their shape, including the upside down barrel halves. His long, gray, grizzled beard and imposing harpoon make me thing this guy has a whale tale or two. With the modification of one of the legs, this would make a great Ahab.

The Old Fisherman

Beware the brunt of a grunt

I seriously don’t know what this is, but it definitely looks like a grunt that you’d want to stay away from. Builder Leonid An must have had an inspiring day to be able to dream up of this one – someone must have made him quite cross indeed. I did notice Grunt has a great choice of clothing! I wonder where he does his shopping or did Mrs. Grunt go for sewing lessons?

Vimur habilis

Click to see Grunt show off a few more poses

LEGO Star Wars Han Solo, Range Trooper, & Darth Maul buildable figures: Official box art unveiled [News]

The LEGO booth at Toy Fair this year only showcased one buildable or “constraction” figure, a new Darth Maul figure. Several other buildable figures from the spring 2018 wave have been revealed today, including Han Solo and the Range Trooper from the upcoming Han Solo movie.

See the full gallery ofphotos of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars buildable figures

Shoretrooper ready for action on Scarif

When the first Star Wars movie not part of the epic series, Rogue One, was released, people had a mixed reaction. Personally, I loved it, and a lot of great characters were introduced. LEGO creator Nobu_tary has been building some amazing creations of a few of them using key parts from the official buildable figure sets, but making a number of delightfully unique design choices to give them personality. Take this shoretrooper, for example.


More LEGO Star Wars characters from Nobu_tary