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Sigurd’s Demise

This LEGO creation by VelociJACKtor reminds me of the Nexo Knights LEGO theme. The theme itself was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of theme. If I recall correctly a lot of fans were hoping for a castle theme revival. But they ended up getting not quite what they were hoping for. The theme did however come with a lot of cute knight robots. The little knight in VelociJACKtor’s creation reminds me of these. The dragon neck and head by itself is a lovely build composed of a handful of parts that can be found in numerous LEGO buildable figure sets.

Sigurd’s Demise

Hello there, General Grievous

TBB newcomer VelociJACKtor has built the dastardly leader of the Separatist’s droid army from Star Wars. I dig the textured dark grey legs and ribs juxtaposed against the smooth tan armor plates. The arms also split as appropriate for the General’s main gimmick. As expected for a model depicting one of the most nefarious — if incompetent — villains in the Star Wars films, General Grievous has several fine lightsabers in his collection from hunting Jedi after being trained by Count Dooku. Maybe the next LEGO Grievous will have a new one.

General Grievous

Not getting enough Grievous in your life? Here’s a model from Marcin Otreba from last summer, or check out the official sets from 2008 and 2015.