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This LEGO Titan will bring down the house

The hit anime series Attack on Titan, based on the manga of the same name, has inspired many LEGO builders to pay tribute, and while many builders choose to depict a Minifig scale scene so they can focus on giant toot-filled titan heads peeking over the rooftops, Marcin Otreba went a different route, with a slice of the wall, casting a shadow over a section of town at microscale while the colossal titan stands nearby looking very impressive at this “smaller” size. The tiny sloped roofs and the narrow streets perfectly capture the look of the town seen in the very first episode when disaster strikes.

The wall ????????

The model has more excellent details on the outside of the gate, with more 3-tooth parts in dark green to give the perfect sense of scale as evergreen trees scattered among shorter buildings. And the 2 part cannons at the top of the wall are genius!

The wall ????????

The Jaw Titan is all about unsavory business. Probably

You may remember our Attack Titan featured yesterday. Well, I get the feeling it might be the first of many Titans in your immediate future. A group of friends, including a LEGO builder who goes by the name of VelociJACKtor has built a slew of gruesome Titans from the Attack on Titan anime/manga and now we’re all thrilled and maybe a little perplexed. This Jaw Titan is so strong that even its biceps have pecks and abs. It also has a cool…um…face. That’s all I know. I’ll admit, just like my colleague who penned the previous article, I have not watched or read the source material in which these characters come from but I still love these builds we’ve been seeing anyway. According to some commenters, not knowing the source material that we write about should be grounds for firing. But the joke is on you as we were never hired in the first place! We just sort of loiter around here like that one guy in front of 7-11.

Jaw Titan

The Attack Titan is a smash hit!

Right on cue, Sandro Quattrini has come out with yet another outstanding LEGO build, this one from the Japanese manga/anime Attack on Titan. While I’ll fully admit that I’ve never watched or read any of the source material (I know, but we all have our flaws), I don’t have to be familiar with the show or books to see how impressive this build is! The Titan is caught mid-smash as it bursts through a wall, adding so much movement to a stationary build. All over the arms and chest, you can see the clever use of rods and other long, thin parts. This conveys all the raw power pouring out of this beast, tense muscles heaving forward with so much effort. Couple that bodily strain with an expertly-crafted face and the Titan’s rage seems to radiate out of the screen! Sandro has a reputation for expressive LEGO characters, but the Attack Titan’s excessively-toothed visage is some of their best work to date, in my opinion. And I can’t help but want to start on episode one of AoT thanks to this.

Attack Titan

Armored Titan keeps moving forwards

“I’m the Armoured Titan and this is the Colossal Titan…” Truer words have never been spoken (unfortunately). After a year since his last Titan build, builder Funnystuffs finally built another one just in time for the final season of hit anime series Attack on Titan. His Armoured Titan is very accurate to its animated counterpart and instantly recognisable for those familiar with the character. Angular pieces represent bonelike armour plating and dark red underneath shows off sinewy muscle. We expect builds of these titans to be more massive, but the scale here is accurate. This titan stands at 15 meters tall and Funnystuffs did a good job translating that to LEGO bricks.

Disclaimer: The pieces here are tan, the lighting makes it look like light nougat.

Better call the Survey Corps, there’s a Titan on the loose!

Imagine seeing this monstrosity peeking over your fence. Expect your fence is a 164-foot wall and the creature is a goliath, looking for snacks. That’s the basic plot of Attack on Titan. Khang Huynh has faithful recreated the Colossal Titan from the franchise. The fleshy, muscular form is accurately portrayed through the inventive application of pieces. Take a look at those nostrils. At first, they appear to be made up of an engine part, but upon closer inspection, it is actually made up of two backpack pieces. Another great use of parts is at the lower lip which is represented by baguettes. Mudguard pieces create rounded forms at the shoulders and chin providing the model with realistic, humanoid shaping.

[AOT] -  Epic scence

The head sculpt of the Titan can also be placed on a segment of the defensive wall, which is used to keep those pesky monsters out. The wall has some great details such as the suggestion of age, conveyed through the variation of colours nestled amongst the brickwork.

[AOT] - Colossal Titan (Bertholdt Hoover) with podium

Just hide your minifigures, I’ve heard this build gets hungry. You can check out more of our articles on Attack on Titan creations, here.

Wall Maria is breached! The Titans have come!

“Are we the prey? No, we are the hunters!” Attack on Titan, or its original title Shingeki no Kyojin, is a tragic tale which starts out as humanity’s struggle against monsters, but evolves into an exploration of the evils of human nature, war, politics, more. Originally a Manga series that has been adapted into a high quality anime show, it has reached mainstream popularity and will now air its final season. Builder Pieter Dennison commemorates the very first episode with the town of Shiganshina being attacked by Titans.

The Fall of Shinigana from Attack on Titan

This scene is just draws you in with the detailed buildings and uneven streets, forcing you to take a closer look at the way Pieter manipulates LEGO pieces to give this build a rough, aged feel. There is plenty of subtle use of texture and discolouration that doesn’t distract from the action that takes place. Minifigs representing townspeople flee from the Titan, which devours an unlucky soul. The soldiers of the Survey Corps swoop in from above with Spider-Man-esque manoeuvring gear to take down the grotesque monster. But can they save humanity from this mysterious threat?

Mr Titan

This action-packed scene already got one of the opening songs stuck in my head…
“Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind die Jäger!”

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans...

Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan) is regarded as one of the best and most popular manga and anime series. But for some reason, there seems to be a serious lack of LEGO builds of it. Luckily, Funnystuffs built the Attack Titan in great detail, accompanied by custom minifigures of some of the main characters. On the surface, Attack on Titan may appear to be just another kaiju series about cool kids fighting giant monsters, as the original premise has led us to believe. It gradually progressed into “the Game of Thrones of anime,” a dark and heartwrenching series about human nature, war, politics, and so much more. Now that its popularity is at its peak, there is hope for more Attack on Titan creations down the line.

Lego Attack Titan (from Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin)

Primarily a mech builder, Funnystuffs did a great job with the organic look of the Attack Titan. Covered with tan LEGO elements to represent its skin tone, it is completely accurate and to scale with the minifigures. The only gray bits peeking through are the necessary joints to give the titan full poseability. Funnystuffs gave special attention to the head – its iconic green eyes, grinning jaw, and long hair.

See more pictures of the Attack Titan in this gallery here. (Includes spoilers for those who may care.)