This LEGO Titan will bring down the house

The hit anime series Attack on Titan, based on the manga of the same name, has inspired many LEGO builders to pay tribute, and while many builders choose to depict a Minifig scale scene so they can focus on giant toot-filled titan heads peeking over the rooftops, Marcin Otreba went a different route, with a slice of the wall, casting a shadow over a section of town at microscale while the colossal titan stands nearby looking very impressive at this “smaller” size. The tiny sloped roofs and the narrow streets perfectly capture the look of the town seen in the very first episode when disaster strikes.

The wall ????????

The model has more excellent details on the outside of the gate, with more 3-tooth parts in dark green to give the perfect sense of scale as evergreen trees scattered among shorter buildings. And the 2 part cannons at the top of the wall are genius!

The wall ????????

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