Sink your teeth into this confectionery castle

Builder Sleepless Night has given a holiday classic a royal makeover with this Gingerbread Castle. At 49 cm tall, this delicious looking structure is sure to sate even the most ravenous sweet tooth. The construction used here would be impressive as just a castle in traditional gray. Take note of the cross shaped window built into the wall, and the entirely brick-built lanterns. But the holiday makeover allows some creative use of color to really make the build pop, like in the curved stripes of colored icing and the peppermint spires. It’s enough to have us craving a whole theme of gingerbread fantasy adventures.

Gingerbread Castle

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  1. Shalimar

    Are these photos of a rendering or an actual built moc? Is there a way to tell the difference? I’m intrigued by this build

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