Better call the Survey Corps, there’s a Titan on the loose!

Imagine seeing this monstrosity peeking over your fence. Expect your fence is a 164-foot wall and the creature is a goliath, looking for snacks. That’s the basic plot of Attack on Titan. Khang Huynh has faithful recreated the Colossal Titan from the franchise. The fleshy, muscular form is accurately portrayed through the inventive application of pieces. Take a look at those nostrils. At first, they appear to be made up of an engine part, but upon closer inspection, it is actually made up of two backpack pieces. Another great use of parts is at the lower lip which is represented by baguettes. Mudguard pieces create rounded forms at the shoulders and chin providing the model with realistic, humanoid shaping.

[AOT] -  Epic scence

The head sculpt of the Titan can also be placed on a segment of the defensive wall, which is used to keep those pesky monsters out. The wall has some great details such as the suggestion of age, conveyed through the variation of colours nestled amongst the brickwork.

[AOT] - Colossal Titan (Bertholdt Hoover) with podium

Just hide your minifigures, I’ve heard this build gets hungry. You can check out more of our articles on Attack on Titan creations, here.