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Creepy crawly or fuzzy & fluffly (yes, that’s possible in LEGO), we love our LEGO animals. Check them out here, and fall in love yourself.

A face as pretty as a song

At first glance this build by Dan Ko is interesting enough. The LEGO Space Police Logo draws you in, and maybe if you’re a child of the 80’s you’ll recognize that red beast as a Mantisaur from the He-Man universe. Or maybe you’ll just dig the Mantiasur’s cool part usage like hotdogs for eye ridges, feet, and claws. Or the 1×1 round plate “teeth” that remind me of another creepy build from Dan.  But then you look closer at the rider and you can’t help but think….”Hold on. That dude has a guitar for a head.”

Woop-woop! That's the sound of da police!

How do you feel about this character? Do you want to be his friend or do you want to pull a Hendrix and remove this being from our reality entirely? I admit to being slightly torn, myself. Anyway. If you want to return to the noble past (future?) of the Space Police, I suggest you view some of our previously featured builds!

I brought you a present. You like frogs under glass, right?

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like Tainstvennyy glaz, a creature build by Kevin H. I mean, I think it’s saying “Happy Holidays”, but man, that’s one thick accent. Described by Kevin as  the “Master of machinations, connoisseur of exotic tat, and a virtuoso of the virtual realm!”, T-Glaz is super glamourous with expertly arranged Bionicle masks, creepy black tentacles, and angelic wings. And then there’s the golden lollypop and frog under glass accessories. Bon Appetit!

Tainstvennyy glaz

This build was inspired by the creations of Ivan Martynov, and served as a very unique Secret Santa gift to Ivan from Kevin. Doesn’t that just get you into the gift-giving mood? I mean, maybe it’s a little late for that this year, but there’s plenty of time to get building for next time. And if you need inspiration, just check out our Bionicle tag for more stellar creations!

Will you find this magnificent insectoid creeping around in your garden?

LEGO builder Djokson has constructed this model of a striking white insectoid. The creature has a spindly frame, with thin arms and legs, however there is a sense of a threatening aura in those gleaming red eyes. The magnificent crown of horns on its head implies that this creature is the leader of a hive and even looks as though it could have potential for being a type of Pokémon, I’d want one on my team! One of the most interesting techniques used is the application of handcuffs to create the chest as they are stacked up and placed on horn pieces.

Dissector Dam'nakk

This winter fox is one very cool character

With the approach of winter in the Pacific Northwest, I could easily imagine something like this winter fox emerging from the trees, but then I do have a pretty active imagination. When Woomy World was looking for the perfect part to use for the vixen’s ears, I could not imagine a better, more unusual part to use than the bottom jaw of a dinosaur or dragon. But that’s not the only tasty part usage. Check out the eyebrows, made from white croissants.

Boreal Vixen

Nature can be beautiful but also scary

Based on shelled animals such as mollusks, Martin Vala has created this complex build. The model has a carefully structured shell that twists around, forming swirling patterns. Ball joints and sockets have been used to portray this formation with smooth angled pieces representing the rounded parts of the shell.

Child of the Sea

The top-down view lets you really appreciate the shaping of the model. The shadowy tentacles at the front make it all the more terrifying as they splay out in various directions with a small, haunting mouth at the centre. Hopefully, this creature’s personality doesn’t match its appearance.

Child of the Sea

Check out this movie-accurate version of a classic Bionicle villain

Back in 2004, LEGO released the second Bionicle movie, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. The character designs in the film were quite different to the LEGO sets, so it is great to see that ibukkey00 has created this movie-accurate interpretation of the villainous character, Krekka. In the official LEGO set, Krekka had spindly arms with a thick torso, however in this build the proportions of the character are more evenly distributed. The design is reminiscent of a powerful gorilla, conveyed by the broad wrists and wide shoulders. An armour piece perfectly portrays Krekka’s long, pointed face. This is a great model that bridges the gap between the LEGO set and movie version of the character.

MPU: mammoth parts usage...

We like builds with NPU. They showcase the limitless creativity of people when it comes to utilising a weird LEGO element in a unique way. Character builder Eero Okkonen is no stranger to odd but innovative parts in his wonderful builds. And he is no stranger to Bionicle either, from which his myriad of character builds originate. This time he takes this opportunity to include a part many had difficulty integrating into their creations: the Rahkshi back. And it works so well that I will now think of that part as “Mammoth forehead.” Thanks Eero!

Woolly Mammoth

And also thank you for planting the idea of Bionicle x Ice Age crossover in my head.
It was Scrat who awakened the Bohrok swarms…

Play that funky music, squid-frog

Sometimes y’all are a bit messed up. It’s unsettling and maybe someone ought to check in on your well-being. But as I’m jibing to the same dissonant tune, I’m right there with you and could probably also use a wellness check from time to time. Take this high-flutin’ LEGO creature built by Alex_mocs, for example. You can only imagine what hellish deities that this thing might summon. He calls this piece, The Call of Uūl but maybe you ought to send Uūl back to whatever unfathomable realm from which it came. Just say you butt-dialed it. Wrong number. However, since it’s here I like all the dinosaur parts used and the creative way those dark red tree leaves are stacked in such a way to denote alien coral or maybe some of that non-Euclidian geometry we’ve heard so much about.

The Call of Uūl

While Alex doesn’t cite his inspiration per se I believe it may come from this and if that is the case then I’m totally jibing to your crazy tune and you seem to be just the kind of person I’d love to have a beer with. But let me pick the soundtrack though, OK?

This frosty friend just wants to play, hopefully

Djokson has constructed this cheerful-looking wyrm in a chilly colour scheme, ready for winter. The head is mostly made up of ice-styled pieces, including Strakk’s mask from Bionicle which represents the nose of the creature. At first, the eye might appear to be a normal stud but it is actually a heart piece from the Clickits theme. A dots strap is placed across a balloon segment forming the creature’s stomach, portraying a round, organic look. The wings, in white and transparent blue, have only been featured in one set which was a large buildable Chima figure from 2014. By using a selection of unusual parts, Djokson has succeeded in creating a unique build with a cute and charming appearance.

Boreal Wyrm

The Rock Raiders theme gets an upgrade

Rock monsters beware! Deus Otiosus has constructed this fantastic tribute to the classic LEGO theme, Rock Raiders. The models mimic the colour scheme featured in the original sets which makes these creations feel all the more authentic. Snowshoes form the upper part of the dragon’s head with spear guns representing horns. The brown piping across the chest is similar to the style of the windscreen piece that was frequently used in the original sets. The wings have an unusual construction, with large fans at the upper areas and stacked clip pieces at the lower sections. There is also a fun speeder build which uses a Bionicle mask to form its front section. It seems the Rock Raiders have a powerful new ally, ready to pierce through layers of stone in order to find precious energy crystals.

Diorite Drill Dragon

Rock Raiders was one of those fantastic LEGO themes with rich lore and intriguing storylines. Check out more articles on custom LEGO Rock Raiders models, inspired by the boulder-breaking heroes.

Watch out for the giant squid of the deep!

Be careful of how far you venture into the ocean or you might meet a terrifying creature such as this. Aiden Rexroad has built this frightening squid with a long shadowy form and piercing lime-coloured eyes. The organic style of the model is created through the use of a variation of inversed tires, placed along the squid’s outstretched tentacles. It appears there is a continuous ball joint system under the rubbery limbs, allowing the creature to pose, providing the model with the ability to drag unsuspecting victims down to the depths. Bohrok helmet pieces represent part of the monster’s body, which contributes to the odd rounded proportions of the squid.

If you didn’t think this build was scary enough, take a look at the huge array of teeth encircling the mouth. This creation demonstrates a vast knowledge of pieces and a unique understanding of the different ways in which LEGO pieces can be utilised.

Giant Squid

You can check out more articles on unusual LEGO creature builds, here.

Better call the Survey Corps, there’s a Titan on the loose!

Imagine seeing this monstrosity peeking over your fence. Expect your fence is a 164-foot wall and the creature is a goliath, looking for snacks. That’s the basic plot of Attack on Titan. Khang Huynh has faithful recreated the Colossal Titan from the franchise. The fleshy, muscular form is accurately portrayed through the inventive application of pieces. Take a look at those nostrils. At first, they appear to be made up of an engine part, but upon closer inspection, it is actually made up of two backpack pieces. Another great use of parts is at the lower lip which is represented by baguettes. Mudguard pieces create rounded forms at the shoulders and chin providing the model with realistic, humanoid shaping.

[AOT] -  Epic scence

The head sculpt of the Titan can also be placed on a segment of the defensive wall, which is used to keep those pesky monsters out. The wall has some great details such as the suggestion of age, conveyed through the variation of colours nestled amongst the brickwork.

[AOT] - Colossal Titan (Bertholdt Hoover) with podium

Just hide your minifigures, I’ve heard this build gets hungry. You can check out more of our articles on Attack on Titan creations, here.