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In space no one can hear you burp

Yet another planet meets its fate by this great cosmic devourer! Margit presents us with an incredible, and terrifying, kaiju for the Bio-cup challenge. Nothing escapes the nine eyes of the creature as it brings the latest prey to its gaping maw. Three sets of pincers ensure a firm grip on celestial objects, perhaps splitting them open to feast on the cores. Row upon row of razor-sharp teeth stands ready to mash solid planets to bits. This monster is something else to behold! There’s a brilliant use of LEGO rubber tires for the outer layer of the creature’s body. The tires are turned inside out, allowing the treads to hold onto the build’s internal structure. This gives the creature a smooth, organic appearance, perfect for an eldritch terror from the deepest and most primordial reaches of the universe. The next time you look through a telescope, hope you don’t see this horror lurking in the silent expanse of space.

Black Hellmouth, Devourer of Planets and Suns