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What happens when a Kaiju joins the human side?

The answer to the question posed in the title is demonstrated in this fascinating creation, built by Ryan Z. The model has an elongated form and is adapted for human use by having a carrier section on its back. The face has an interesting design with two large angled slopes placed together sideways with a green snowboard representing the tongue of the creature. The carrier section features a control tower overlooking a short runway where fighters can launch from. It could be quite the bumpy ride for those in the tower section, especially if this beast moves in a lizard like motion.

HMAS Lacerta Navis

A kaiju that really makes a splash in the world

Xamura might look monstrous, but never fear. This kaiju creation by Cody Avery is actually a pretty swell fella. Descending down from his home in the stars, he uses his powers to defend cities and provide them water. (We could use his help in California right now.) Xamura’s primarily black color scheme really helps his pieces blend together to create an effective organic look, with just enough visible texture and pops of color to keep it interesting. And we can practically hear the waves as the wall of water from his tail curves around the delightful microscale city at his feet.

Xamura, Star Guardian

Even leviathans feel a little crabby sometimes

Something slumbers in the depths beneath Shipwreck Reef, and Magmafrost13 gives it definition in LEGO form. The kaiju wakes when a massive ship of humanity’s hubris sinks and falls onto the reef. The leviathan reclaims the ship, adding its hull to its own reef encrusted exterior. Now the Crab of Shipwreck Reef comes for humanity. How cool is this build?! This cranky little kaiju features a Bionicle infrastructure with wonderful incorporation of some cool LEGO parts. Of course, what LEGO parts aren’t cool, eh? I especially like the use of the Pteranodon wings on the carapace by the face. The coloring and texture of the wings add some awesome definition. Another great usage I’m fond of is the use of the Bionicle heads for stone/part of the reef structure. There are even tiny little crabs in the reef, coming along for the ride to witness the leviathan’s retribution.

Reclaimed by the Elements

In space no one can hear you burp

Yet another planet meets its fate by this great cosmic devourer! Margit presents us with an incredible, and terrifying, kaiju for the Bio-cup challenge. Nothing escapes the nine eyes of the creature as it brings the latest prey to its gaping maw. Three sets of pincers ensure a firm grip on celestial objects, perhaps splitting them open to feast on the cores. Row upon row of razor-sharp teeth stands ready to mash solid planets to bits. This monster is something else to behold! There’s a brilliant use of LEGO rubber tires for the outer layer of the creature’s body. The tires are turned inside out, allowing the treads to hold onto the build’s internal structure. This gives the creature a smooth, organic appearance, perfect for an eldritch terror from the deepest and most primordial reaches of the universe. The next time you look through a telescope, hope you don’t see this horror lurking in the silent expanse of space.

Black Hellmouth, Devourer of Planets and Suns

The LEGO boar of Erymanthos

Don’t let the weapons sticking out of the creature’s side, Hercules really is trying to take him in alive. This June seems ripe with Kaiju-inspired creations and Builder MySnailEatsPizza has added their own to the mix. Based on the fourth of Hercules’ twelve labors, this massive boar terrorizes the villages and forests surrounding Mount Erymanthos. A brick-built snout and face blends in with Technic and Bionicle pieces in the body. A smattering of bones of those that have fallen before it compliment its numerous, massive tusks.

The Erymanthian Boar

Pig out on some more pictures below!

A monstrous mole makes mischief

Joss Woodyard puts a mammalian twist on kaiju with Molethra. No mere garden pest, this giant beast has risen up from the subterranean depths to wreck untold havoc. Joss has done an amazing job of layering the stylized wing pieces to create a furry texture. And the damaged microscale city street does a perfect job of conveying the monster’s massive size.


Elemental forces converge in this kaiju of nature

The forces of Nature bloom forth from this epic LEGO kaiju by T. Jenson. I can imagine the scene of its emergence, the mountain it slumbers beneath crumbling away to reveal this beauty. First off, the color palette is bright and coordinates well together. Nothing distracts from the other elements, each leading the eye to the next. T. Jenson makes wonderful decisions with the Bionicle pieces for this Bio-Cup, kaiju category build. They coax some phenomenal curves from the parts, lending themselves well to the foliage. The luxurious mane gives way to the flowering spine and tail. The use of a tan gear for teeth is a lovely touch to an already great head design. Like any kaiju, I prefer to enjoy its beauty and majesty from a safe distance.

Nimbura, The Verdant

Is that shadow from an aircraft or a giant bird monster?

Coming from the laboratory of builder Kevin H. this LEGO parakeet kaiju will have you running for the hills! The first thing I notice about this figure is the awesome neon green pieces. Makes me wonder if it’s radioactive… I particularly like the band on it’s belly, a panel popular in the Blacktron LEGO toy line back in the early 90’s. And since we’re looking at the details, pieces from the Bionicle toy line, like those claw hooks for talons, abound! They give the mechanical monstrosity a machine-like texturing that would make Mechagodzilla jealous. This build is as beautiful as it is scary, but I prefer it as LEGO than a real mech terrorizing cities. Though I’d watch that movie!


I’m drawn to Mothra like a moth to a flame

The last time we heard from Todd Kubo The Force awakened in the Age of Ultron and we learned that gray comes in fifty shades. So, in other words, it’s been a while. But what he lacks in prolific LEGO building he makes up for in total awesomeness. The elusive builder makes a colossal comeback with this version of Mothra of kaiju B-Movie fame. I’m loving the little moth stand!

Full Wing.

The wings are printed with a tiled effect printed on paper to give the illusion of a large seamless LEGO build. An interesting technique used indeed.

Full wing

While Todd is not the most active builder we know, we sure hope to see more from him soon and certainly before someone decides to reboot Fifty Shades of Gray or something.

I’m a Kaiju girl, in a Kaiju world!

In a not so distant future, everything is blocky and grey. To brighten up the world, MadLEGOman, a scientist at Abnormal Genetics Laboratories has added too many DOTS to dinosaur DNA. The result is a unique Kaiju that no imagination could ever fathom… The dreaded AbbyNormaJeane, which bears resemblance to Grimlock from Transformers with the colour scheme of General Mayhem from The LEGO Movie 2.


Medium azure 1×1 round tiles provide the AbbyNormaJeane her primary colour, her underbelly and feet include some pinks and magentas. Whereas these are scales or armour, her base body is a white canvas that the DOTS cover. In addition, a combination of flex tubes and plates with clips sculpts the creature’s organic shapes. It all results in a funky blend of organic forms and mechanical details in a fun monster build.

That rumbling just might be Godzilla: King of Monsters

What’s that rumbling you hear? It could be that three-bean burrito repeating on you or it could be something even more monstrous. LEGO Saturn V co-designer Valerie Roche teams up with her Space-X co-designer Matthew Nolan to build Godzilla: King of Monsters. The end result is 2034 pieces of pagoda-toppling mass-destruction! Godzilla’s features include a posable head, with snapping jaws, articulated arms, elbows, hands, and fingers.
Also articulated legs, knee joints, ankles, and feet as well as a rotatable tail and his signature dorsal plates, which “ripple with internal energy”. I’m going to assume that means light bricks. That is some good Godzilla action right there! We’re pretty fascinated by this mutant monster. Check out our Godzilla archives.


Nightmare predator will devour you and your whole town

It is entirely possible to be fascinated by a LEGO creation and terrified at the same time. Take this monstrous creature by Ballom Nom Nom, for example. Without a minifig for scale, it is easy to imagine this fellow (named a Grenchler by its creator) stomping through your city, skewering a train or bus on its horn, or squishing a group of terrified tourists underfoot. Speaking of horns, the upward curving protrusion reminds me of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Also, there is something unnatural about the three eyes along the edge of the mouth that I can’t explain. I love it, and it will probably stalk my dreams.