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Meet the most menacing mutants in the making

This LEGO duo of Bebop and Rocksteady, maybe the most iconic henchmen pair in the history of villainy, are ready to trounce some turtles, courtesy of builders Maxx Davidson and Áron Gerencsér. Maxx’s Bebop perfectly captures the horrible hog’s sense of style. The unmistakable mohawk and glasses cap off a perfectly shaped boar’s head that makes fun use of a minifig pretzel as the nose. And Áron’s Rocksteady brings the reprehensible rhino to life with dismembered minifigure arms to help shape his brow, repurposed Koopa shells as Rocksteady’s turtle trophies, and some cleverly connected vehicle mudguards to form the upper legs. The complete effect is a pair of brutes I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark New York alleyway, even if I did have ninja training.


Do you dare read from the Tome of Forbidden Knowledge?

Some books, like The Eye of Argon, Mein Kampf and the entire Twilight series should be read by no one. But this LEGO tome built by Áron Gerencsér has the opposite effect on me. As in I want to crack it open and drink in whatever forbidden knowledge lies within. The lock and key and ethereal chains really sell the notion of forbidden lore that is not for the faint of heart. I mean, it probably doesn’t have any high school drama and sparkly vampires so that’s a good thing. With all the attempts to keep this book from being read by the masses, I’m guessing it’s a particularly truthful coming-of-age Judy Blume novel. Juicy!

Forbidden Knowledge

Like a Mothra to flame

Now I know I said before that Godzilla is undeniably cool. And he is. But I have to confess I’ve always held Mothra in higher esteem. So when Áron Gerencsér, AKA Pohaturon, unveiled this LEGO version of her, I was drawn to it like a moth to… Well, you know. As well as representing the coolest kaiju (I won’t be taking questions at this time), it’s a beautiful model in and of itself. The wings come from an Avatar: the Way of Water set, with their colours offset nicely by the white body. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a regular moth, and not a gigantic monster!