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Like a Mothra to flame

Now I know I said before that Godzilla is undeniably cool. And he is. But I have to confess I’ve always held Mothra in higher esteem. So when Áron Gerencsér, AKA Pohaturon, unveiled this LEGO version of her, I was drawn to it like a moth to… Well, you know. As well as representing the coolest kaiju (I won’t be taking questions at this time), it’s a beautiful model in and of itself. The wings come from an Avatar: the Way of Water set, with their colours offset nicely by the white body. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a regular moth, and not a gigantic monster!


A lighthouse that warns of more than rocks

I think it would be best to admire this beautiful LEGO BioCup 2022 build by Eero Okkonen from afar. After all, kaiju can be very dangerous up-close. The moth monster is absolutely the star of the show here, with so much intricate feathering on its legs, abdomen, and antennae. But the lighthouse is no slouch either, with brilliant details like the little gray staircase leading up to its door. I also especially like the use of the Constraction torso pieces in white as rocks at the base of the structure.

A Bright Light over the Dark Sea Attracts More Than Ships Looking for a Safe Passage

I’m drawn to Mothra like a moth to a flame

The last time we heard from Todd Kubo The Force awakened in the Age of Ultron and we learned that gray comes in fifty shades. So, in other words, it’s been a while. But what he lacks in prolific LEGO building he makes up for in total awesomeness. The elusive builder makes a colossal comeback with this version of Mothra of kaiju B-Movie fame. I’m loving the little moth stand!

Full Wing.

The wings are printed with a tiled effect printed on paper to give the illusion of a large seamless LEGO build. An interesting technique used indeed.

Full wing

While Todd is not the most active builder we know, we sure hope to see more from him soon and certainly before someone decides to reboot Fifty Shades of Gray or something.