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Which one of you goes “Kowabunga”?

Ever struggled to remember which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was which? If so, Dan Ko has provided a handy guide in LEGO form, with some beautifully-made sculptures. I never was that into the show, so I always had a hard time remembering the names (although I do recognise this first one as Donatello). Normally I just wondered how they ended up settling on these particular adjectives for characters in a kids’ show…

“OK team, we need some new animal characters for a kids’ TV show. Any ideas?”

“Turtles! But on their own? A bit four-legged – let’s make them mutant turtles, so they can be humanoids. And let’s make them ninjas too. Ninjas are cool! Still not relatable enough though… How about we have them be teenagers? The Mutant Turtle Ninja Teenagers! And we can name them after Renaissance artists!”

“Uh… Sounds great. The name needs some work though…”

1/4: Donatello

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We’re shell-shocked by this handy build

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles famously waged battle against the evil Foot Clan. Well, Dan Ko is here to remind us that the best weapon against the foot is a hand. The Iron Builder competition is back underway, with the seed part being the bright light green big fig hands in both left and right. Dan has ingeniously used at least seven of them to build Raphael, and there’s another bunch of them making up the ooze leaking from the sewer. The result is some impressive NPU (Ninja Parts Usage).

Care for a slice?

It is currently cowabunga hours

“The perimeter’s quiet.” “Yeah, a little TOO quiet.” It feels like we’ve all forgotten that there were actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets some time ago. Unlike the lifespan of LEGO’s short-lived theme, LEGO fans will build Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo for generations to come. Alex Jones (Orion Pax), the builder of all things pop culture, recently designed some nifty large scale figures of the loveable pizza-consuming reptiles.


Not only is each Ninja Turtle recognisable by his coloured masks but also of their unique weapons. Alex also went out of his way to make each character a different shade of green. And it wouldn’t be possible without the Hulk arm pieces coming in those colours. I particularly like the use of minifig seats as the shells and minifig legs as the hands and feet.

Check out more builds by Alex here!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Mech!?

This LEGO model could either be a buildable figure of Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series or a mech version of the pizza-loving reptilian character. Either way this build by Cecilie Fritzvold seems like a fresh new take on character depictions from the franchise.


Cowabunga, let’s take a look at some interesting parts usage utilized in this build! Where Michelangelo’s six-packed underbelly would normally be, Fritzvold uses two trans-clear orange Nexo Knights parts to shape this area – a pentagonal tile and a windscreen. Minifigure legs are also incorporated in interesting ways here; two green pairs serve as Michelangelo’s hands while a disassembled orange pair is used in tandem with some slope parts to create a martial arts belt. It’s always nice to see unique parts such as the chain element be included in models – here, they serve as nunchuck chains. I like builds that blend interesting parts in popping colors together, and this model certainly does just that. If you’re interested in viewing more colorful LEGO TMNT mechs, Fritzvold created a few more pictured below.

TMNT - Team Mecha Ninja Turtles