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The majesty of the Biocup

We get through all sorts of superlatives to describe LEGO builds here at The Brothers Brick, but there’s surely only one way to describe MySnailEatsPizza‘s Children of the Mountain: majestic. Isn’t it just? It’s reminiscent of the way monarchs were painted in the middle ages. The framing coupled with the forced perspective mountains make this look truly epic. We don’t know who this character is, or what their purpose is, or where they’re going; but that’s not necessary. All we know is that they’re doing it in style.

Children of the Mountain

An urban mech to spice up your next ceremonial occasion

I like my mechs to have a purpose, and the MA-3 Svipul from LEGO builder MySnailEatsPizza has some great backstory:

Armored weapons platform typically used for ceremonial purposes. While based on the mass produced MA-2 frame, the MA-3 is uniquely equipped to handle operations in cities. Its two Phase-Tech Power Trade-Offs are most often fitted with Phase Claws, though short range blasters are occasionally employed. The Svipul is piloted by Colonel Juergen Krenn.

Lore aside, I really enjoy the head design. The use of the Chakram minifigure weapon reminds me of the Ninjago 71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech. The transparent purple in the wrist blades is also a plus for me, as are the well-articulated feet and the inverted Bionicle mask in the torso. It looks like a great action figure to play with, too. Nicely done!

MA-3 Svipul

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When it comes to magic-users, the kookier the better!

Straight from the mind of LEGO builder MySnailEatsPizza comes this wonderfully witchy character named Isobel. Complete with a pet frog on her shoulder, this sorceress is seen here riding quite the ornate broomstick, complete with white rubber bands for grips and floating magical zamor sphere. Another black rubber band (all of them official LEGO parts, mind you) is used in her satchel. Aside from this excellent parts usage, this construction does a great job of conveying Isobel’s “chaotic good” sensibilities through a slightly cocked head, open and expressive arms, and legs semmingly crossed for both comfort and balance. She looks to be mid-conversation, describing the intricacies of the “mana-flow” and how best to implement its energy. If only I could follow any of what she’s saying….

Isobel, Witch of the Ashen Plains

You dirty swine, I’ll have you sweating like a pig!

Sometimes you come across a LEGO build and it hits everything you look for in a build; fun, story, and some great part usage. Here, MySnailEatsPizza has put together a fantastic vignette of a lie detector test, except with Pigs as the characters in this amusing scene. Injecting a spot of the absurd into the scene and why not? The characterization and emotion in this scene are told through the fantastic positioning of four half-eye tiles capturing so much through nothing more than perfect placement.

When Pigs Lie

There’s some excellent detail that has been added to this build from the lie detector to the pig’s wonderful construction and the subjects sweat evident around his chair.
I could wax lyrical all day about this build but sometimes you just need to pull up a chair and enjoy the scene (but maybe not these chairs!)

The Jury is out and we’re probably screwed

A LEGO builder who goes by the wackadoodle name of MySnailEatsPizza has concocted this Bionicle creature called The Jury. They tell us that this is a “Divine Automaton responsible for seeking truth and evaluating guilt”. They go on to say it is “composed of many consciousnesses, its single eye pierces the soul”. That settles it then. I’m pretty sure they know it was me who opened a bottle of dish soap in The Brothers Brick hot tub. Admittedly some maturity could have gone a long way but I definitely didn’t leave a whoopee cushion on Andrew’s office chair so don’t get that idea in your heads.

The Jury

The LEGO boar of Erymanthos

Don’t let the weapons sticking out of the creature’s side, Hercules really is trying to take him in alive. This June seems ripe with Kaiju-inspired creations and Builder MySnailEatsPizza has added their own to the mix. Based on the fourth of Hercules’ twelve labors, this massive boar terrorizes the villages and forests surrounding Mount Erymanthos. A brick-built snout and face blends in with Technic and Bionicle pieces in the body. A smattering of bones of those that have fallen before it compliment its numerous, massive tusks.

The Erymanthian Boar

Pig out on some more pictures below!

Beware the blade of this Cyberpunk biker

MySnailEatsPizza has created this unique sword-wielding biker. The build is perfectly suited to a cyberpunk environment with the use of clear parts representing neon lighting. There is also a great selection of unusual parts used, such as the wheels which are containers from the X-Pod theme. The tube, forming part of the mohawk, appears to be a flexible cable that was present in various Exo-Force sets.

Night Diamond

The odd-looking helmet is actually a classic mask of Takanuva from Bionicle, placed sideways. A subtle feature of the bike is the seat, where the torso of the buildable Jyn Erso figure is used.

Night Diamond