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We’ll pause for a Hollow hold here

Whenever I’m building small, I often refer to Dan Ko‘s builds for incredible detail using the smallest Lego pieces. Here, Dan has built a small vignette inspired by the game Hollow Knight featuring the Knight and Hornet. Using the new cape piece from the recent Doctor Strange sets as one of the bodies really injects a splash of colour to the build! We see a lot of nice part usage on the heads, with the expression of Hornet speaking volumes through the position of the half-circle tiles, whilst the staff is topped with a subtle collar detail. And did I mention those white croissants for horns? Inspired!

Hornet & The Knight

Echo of a previous life

After playing the latest DLC for Hollow Knight, talented multi-theme builder Anthony Wilson can’t contain his delight . Such a cute, yet so deadly Shade is one of the many reasons to fall in love with the game. This ghost appears every single time the main character dies, and you’ll have to defeat it to regain the energy and the wealth you had collected before. You’ll face the Shade calmly levitating in mid-air right next to where you just died. Despite building a static figure, Anthony skillfully captures the ghost’s smoke-like body. And even the sword behind the Shade’s back looks exactly like the one in the game.