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A dear-ly beautiful work of LEGO art

This stunning art model by qian yj takes LEGO art to a whole new level. Using round tiles instead of more traditional plates creates a subtle texture for the background, which helps the layered mountains and clouds stand out. The deer stands on spindly legs among clouds made with three colors, adding shadows and depth despite the few layers. Even the non-LEGO background of black with gold lettering adds to the ambiance.

The Nine-Colored Deer

The majesty of the Biocup

We get through all sorts of superlatives to describe LEGO builds here at The Brothers Brick, but there’s surely only one way to describe MySnailEatsPizza‘s Children of the Mountain: majestic. Isn’t it just? It’s reminiscent of the way monarchs were painted in the middle ages. The framing coupled with the forced perspective mountains make this look truly epic. We don’t know who this character is, or what their purpose is, or where they’re going; but that’s not necessary. All we know is that they’re doing it in style.

Children of the Mountain

Quite the capricious Capreolus capreolus

Oh deer! I absolutely adore this latest LEGO construction by builder Stefan Johansson, from the top of the antlers down to its cheese-sloped hooves. The shaping is excellent, as are the textures created by the use of various tiles along the neck and haunches. Working in dark orange can be difficult, but Stefan navigates the part limitations with ease. And no place is this better emphasized than the head of this beast. The ears and antlers are in perfect proportion to the rest of the head, and the contrast with the tan coloration around the eyes and chin is excellent. Add on the nice bit of flora that our woodland creature is placed in, and this is a terrifically well-balanced creation.

Roe deer

‘Tis the spirit of the season

Leaves turning into vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges in the Fall are beautiful in real life and in LEGO. This build from Patrick Biggs showcases the annual changing of the leaves in a big way! There’s the forest itself, with all those little star and flower pieces spreading out across the base of the scene. However, the center of the build is the great stag standing tall over the forest. The giant spirit of Autumn is beautifully sculpted, once again showing off Patrick’s abilities to craft lovely creatures out of LEGO. The spirit looks over the world, paying no mind to the human-made church in the foreground of the forest. It’s a beautiful reminder that Nature doesn’t care what the latest invention of Humanity is. Nature will carry on as it always has, and how lucky we are to be witness to the splendor of our planet!

Autumn's Light

A staggering ghostly presence comes to visit

Inspired by a friend’s work, the spectral stag leaps from Andreas Lenander‘s mind into this lovely LEGO build. An ethereal presence in nature with delicate and flowing features, the deer stands unflinchingly with strength about it. One of the defining elements of the stag is the end of the tail piece. Its use is versatile, from the antlers to the flowing of the neck, to the extended ghostly tail trailing behind. Being a smooth and curved part, it gives a sinewy and organic look to the deer. The greenery of the scene makes good use of minifig whips for the twists and turns of vines and the tree’s trunk. The tree and flowers bring a calming sense of peace to mind, pairing nicely with the rich details of the ghostly visitor. It’s easy to get lost in admiring the sculpting present in the build.

Ghost stag

Harbinger of spring beckons forth flowers of LEGO

Now, I know we’ve already seen a lot of builds on here from Patrick Biggs. But you have to admit, the guy has definitely mastered the antlered LEGO beast. And his most recent, the Spirit of Spring, is no exception. As in his past work, Patrick displays his prowess with tooth and tail pieces in shaping this fauna of choice. They’re used everywhere: in the face, torso, feet, legs, and antlers. But I’m especially impressed by his use of this very awkward tail part for shaping the Spirit’s tail. I’ve never seen such flow with such a clunky piece! Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the urge to step outside and into the sun.

The Arrival of Spring

Take a trip to this peaceful floating platform

In this mystical scene by Alex_mocs, a tree wraps around an elevated structure. The shadowy figure of a deer stands next to a wide chalice with a wing piece sprouting from the bowl. The smooth shape of the deer’s body is formed of rubber bands, closely slotted together. A stud shooter represents the creature’s neck and the head is actually a droid torso piece. The stairs also have an interesting build with a staggered construction created by placing plates sideways.


Dreamy A-frame cottage

We love a good A-frame building over at TBB. This lovely creation by Marcel is no exception. Marcel manages to jam pack his creation with all sorts of little details. Most of them involve some serious nice parts usage. Let’s spot some of them. The door hinges are made using skates. General Leia lost a hairpiece in order for that bird nest to exist. Wands are used as deer legs and reeds in the pond. There are frogs and paint brushes used as ornate wood decorations in the bay window. There are plant vines climbing up the roof. The little round shutter for the round window is too cute for words and don’t even get me started about the chimney using ingot bars. Best thing about this creation is not all the little details (like the mushrooms) but the sense of calm and tranquility it evokes.

Idyllic forest house

Sketching famous paintings in LEGO

Have you ever gone to an art museum with a notebook, ready to try how artists started creating their masterpieces? Have you also drawn a rough sketch with a pencil to get the fastest idea of the artist’s process? Tobias Munzert has done exactly that, but by using LEGO pieces. In this triptych, he recreated the motifs of three paintings by German Expressionist painter Franz Marc – Red Deers, Blue Horse, and Red Horses in black and white to emulate pencil drawings. Talk about blending LEGO and art!

Franz Marc Drawings – 3-in-1 LEGO IDEAS Project

Each drawing is laid out on a field of white bricks acting as a blank canvas. The minimalist black “sketches” are made up of various thin parts in black held by clips. Tobias really utilised his NPU skills, and has given us a good idea on which parts to make curves with. See if you can spot each unique minifig utensil and animals appendages used to create the intricate shapes of Franz Marc’s animals.

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The White Stag of Portland welcomes hipsters and tourists alike

In the city of Portland, Oregon there’s a giant neon sign of a stag jumping over an outline of the state. The historic landmark currently reads, “Portland Oregon” through the middle. It has had a few variations over the years, including, “Made in Oregon.” But one thing always remains the same: that white stag. The sign holds a special place in the hearts of many Oregonians, including mine, and Patrick Biggs’. He’s another builder we’ve featured several times, and the creator of this LEGO version of the iconic Portland stag. Usually Patrick builds posable figures and critters of fiction. This time he went for something a little different to display at the BricksCascade 2018 convention this weekend.

The White Stag

The body of this animal is beautifully shaped, and the white is clean and regal. Also, it can stand alone just as easily as with the full display stand. You don’t even need the backstory to appreciate it! Altogether, it’s one tribute to be proud of.

Welcome to Portland