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A ghostly greeting in a green garden.

A black knight encounters a white ghost in this garden scene, but the only color you’ll see is green. ABrickDreamer took on the gradient challenge for Summer Joust, and this wonderful little vignette is the result. Eight shades of green are used to give life to this delightful little garden. And the limited color palette forced some excellent parts usage, like those Hulk bigfig arms making up the little hill.

A Spooky Encounter

A staggering ghostly presence comes to visit

Inspired by a friend’s work, the spectral stag leaps from Andreas Lenander‘s mind into this lovely LEGO build. An ethereal presence in nature with delicate and flowing features, the deer stands unflinchingly with strength about it. One of the defining elements of the stag is the end of the tail piece. Its use is versatile, from the antlers to the flowing of the neck, to the extended ghostly tail trailing behind. Being a smooth and curved part, it gives a sinewy and organic look to the deer. The greenery of the scene makes good use of minifig whips for the twists and turns of vines and the tree’s trunk. The tree and flowers bring a calming sense of peace to mind, pairing nicely with the rich details of the ghostly visitor. It’s easy to get lost in admiring the sculpting present in the build.

Ghost stag

You’ll have a hauntingly good time aboard the Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman has been haunting the minds of those who enjoy a good maritime legend for centuries. The ghost ship no doubt haunts W. Navarre‘s mind, inspiring this cool LEGO creation. This build is for the Iron Builder challenge, specifically the use of giant green minifig hands. The use of them here is subtle and cool. Can you spot them? They’re the cannons! Their bright green color is perfect for a ghostly vessel doomed to roam the seas for all time. Speaking of subtleties, I really like the hints at otherworldliness on the ship. Those details don’t overwhelm the structure of the ship itself, allowing it to pass as an old sailing vessel–until you’re up close and personal. The ghostly touch I like the most is the curved flame piece at the top of the central mast. It’s the perfect part for that tattered, ethereal flag look.

Ghost Ship: The Flying Dutchman

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You see cake, I see ghosts

There is a neat LEGO part that comes with the Friends Baking Competition set as well as a couple of others. It’s the 2×2 cake topper. Most of us see that part and may likely use it for what it’s intended for; a cake bit. But Seung Hun Park saw it as something a bit more unsettling. He artfully constructed a Candle Ghost using the cake topper as melted wax. It’s as is Lumière from Beauty and the Beast had morphed into something from Silent Hill. The single eye on each candle and the tongues made from minifig flippers make for a nice, creepy touch.

Creature of an enchanted garden

If you find yourself in a magical land, watch where you step. Amongst the alluring, translucent blue flowers hides a curious creature. Exceptional LEGO builder, Patrick Biggs brings this little character to life in a captivating way. An expressive face paired with a dynamic pose and uniquely contrasted foliage demand a second look. You can build a pretty flower or a cute dragon, but telling a story with the two is what makes this build interesting. I’m particularly fond of the parts usage in the head shaping of the dragon, as well as the Bionicle head elements used for the petals.

A Ghost in the Garden

While you’re here, you can check out a few of Patrick’s other builds, as well as more dragons!

LEGO continues the BrickHeadz theme with 40351 Ghost this Halloween [News]

LEGO seems to be slowing its BrickHeadz release cycle, but it’s not done creating the cute brick-built characters just yet. LEGO has just published images of the newest set in the line, 40351 Ghost. Presumably a Halloween seasonal item following in the vein of similar sets for the past several years, we expect the Ghost to cost $10 USD and be released sometime in the next month or two. The Ghost will be BrickHeadz number 83, and it includes 136 pieces.

Click to see more, including previews of 3 more upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz

Ghost speeder is scary cool

The animated series Star Wars: Rebels introduced, in my opinion, one of the most unique new ship designs since the Millenium Falcon. Hera Syndulla’s Ghost is a cargo ship packing enough firepower to take on a squadron of TIE fighters. The Ghost is also one of the more colorful ships in the Star Wars universe, with its teal, orange, and yellow highlights. This color scheme is reflected well in this speeder bike by SweStar. I love the black mechanical details along the bottom, including a few gold rings from the Lord of the Rings theme. And props for the use of official stickers from the LEGO set.

The Ghost

If this speeder bike looks familiar, the builder was inspired by another bike recently featured on TBB, the B9-Sokudo by Legofin.