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As far as the living dead go, I think I prefer zombies

Can someone tell Park Seung Hun (Buffoon) that Hallowe’en isn’t for another 9 months yet? They’ve crafted this LEGO graveyard creature to haunt our dreams. And I don’t mean a creature that hangs out in graveyards, I mean it is literally a creature made from a grave. It’s a frightening new take on the ‘living dead’ trope. Clearly the grave-digger didn’t dig this one deep enough. Mind you, it has uprooted a tree (which makes good use of Chewbacca’s bicep for roots, incidentally) in the process of leaving the ground. So perhaps a simple grave was never going to be enough to contain this beast.


You see cake, I see ghosts

There is a neat LEGO part that comes with the Friends Baking Competition set as well as a couple of others. It’s the 2×2 cake topper. Most of us see that part and may likely use it for what it’s intended for; a cake bit. But Seung Hun Park saw it as something a bit more unsettling. He artfully constructed a Candle Ghost using the cake topper as melted wax. It’s as is Lumière from Beauty and the Beast had morphed into something from Silent Hill. The single eye on each candle and the tongues made from minifig flippers make for a nice, creepy touch.