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A villain who’s darkest when alight

Each year, the Bio-Cup competition brings forth some of them most inspired LEGO character creations in the business. Case in point, check out the Ghostlight Sovereign by Eann (Miscellanabuilds). Looking like some kind of Lumiere from the Mirror Universe, this waxen wight elicits some superb spookiness from the eerie blue glow of its candles. The real work done in this build doesn’t come from any part made of plastic, though. The use of LEGO-official cloth pieces, whether in the cape adding volume to the figure or the tattered rags in place of legs, somehow simultaneously add and subtract “weight” from the Sovereign, showing it to be of two worlds.

Ghostlight Sovereign

And if you’d like to see more from Bio-Cups of yesteryear, you can check them out in our archives.

Please tell me Umbridge isn’t invited

In the years since the Harry Potter books and movies were released, we’ve seen plenty of fan contributions to the Wizarding World. From “Potter Puppet Pals” to “A Very Potter Sequel”, wanna-be wizards and witches have sought to pay tribute in their own ways. LEGO’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of the movies has brought lots of fun new sets and the fans have responded in kind. This playful, life-sized version of an educational decree board from the Order of the Phoenix was built by twin brothers Diego and David Escalona. The beautifully built frame with padlock sits next to wonderfully crafted candles, a clever hammer, and a few large nails for that extra little bit of detail.

The frame achieves a lot of great angles, making it thoroughly realistic. The brothers keep with that realism, smoothly sculpting the handle and the head of the hammer with just the right angles in the right places. The dripping wax from the candles built up around the base and the Bionicle blades behind the flame pieces are both delightful details. The wee spider crawling across the frame is absolutely adorable, by the way. Mostly because it’s fake, otherwise, no thank you. Diego and David do well modeling some text and design elements within the proclamation from bricks, while others they included within the render with a playful message.

Considering the season, I think these brothers may have made some great props for a Filch costume. Other than that, these would look perfect with the Hogwarts Icons set, something I hope LEGO expands on in general.

You see cake, I see ghosts

There is a neat LEGO part that comes with the Friends Baking Competition set as well as a couple of others. It’s the 2×2 cake topper. Most of us see that part and may likely use it for what it’s intended for; a cake bit. But Seung Hun Park saw it as something a bit more unsettling. He artfully constructed a Candle Ghost using the cake topper as melted wax. It’s as is Lumière from Beauty and the Beast had morphed into something from Silent Hill. The single eye on each candle and the tongues made from minifig flippers make for a nice, creepy touch.