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Harry Potter Teaser site revealed on LEGO.com [News]

With the return of one of the most anticipated franchises around the corner, LEGO has started preparing their site for the reveal of the Harry Potter original series along with the new Fantastic Beasts series. We’ve already gotten a look at the much-anticipated Hogwarts set, both with an official announcement and a hands-on examination, but we know there are more sets still coming. We’ll be sure to bring you more information as soon as its available.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Teaser

A different kind of deathwish

If you are granted a wish by Death itself, does that count as a deathwish? Even though it probably does not by definition, The Tale of the Three Brothers sub-story in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows does indeed (spoilers!) end in death. Aaron Newman Has taken inspiration from this story to build this symbolic recreation.

The Tale of the Three Brothers

The landscape is just enough to represent the setting, with the focus on the composition and the large figure of Death. Using monochromatic expressionless minifigures is always a sure way to shift the viewer’s attention to the symbolism and the thought behind the build, and Aaron has used this to full effect. Death itself is especially imposing, as it should be. The few features that can be recognized through its black cape are amazing, most notably the teeth that are made using dark gray clips, carefully shadowed to look like fangs. This is not the only presentation trick to bring out the most from this build; take a look at the minifig in the center, which has been partially photoshopped to appear as though it is really wearing a cloak of invisibility.

First LEGO Fantastic Beasts set revealed to be 75951 Grindelwald’s Escape [News]

Along with the Hogwarts Great Hall set from Harry Potter revealed at the New York Toy Fair, today LEGO announced another new set from the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The set will be called 75951 Grindelwald’s Escape and features a Thestral-pulled carriage, two minifigures of Gellert Grindelwald and Seraphina Picquery, and several new pieces.

Motion graphic via LEGO Twitter, composite image by TyresOFlaherty.

The set will have 132 pieces and will sell for $19.99 US, beginning August 1st. Several more sets from both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts will be revealed over the next few months, so stay tuned to The Brothers Brick for all your LEGO Wizarding World news.

Click to see more photos and for the complete set description

Someone cast Reducio on Diagon Alley

This microscale scene by Nicolas Kolbeck is instantly recognizable to any Harry Potter fan as the eclectic wizard village found on the other side of a brick wall behind the Leaky Cauldron in London. Even more impressive than the many details that stand out, like the angled windows of Olivander’s shop and the leaning pillars of Gringot’s Bank, is how recognizable the various miniature characters are. Notice the fez part used as a skirt for Hermione, and see if you can name the rest.

Lego Mini 10217 Diagon Alley

Microscale LEGO Hogwarts paints the scene for Harry Potter movies

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is probably one of the most famous schools thanks to J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series of novels and subsequent movies. Joshua Wray has captured the school and it’s surroundings in LEGO and there’s a lot of detail in this fantastic microscale creation. While not  everyone will sanction such a thing, I did notice that Joshua has been busy painting some of his LEGO pieces! Look carefully and you will notice a few coloured parts that do not exist in LEGO’s current parts list.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry-LEGO

See more of this lovely miniature LEGO Hogwarts

Hands on with the Harry Potter 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall at New York Toy Fair 2018 [News]

Yesterday, news that LEGO Harry Potter is coming back took the world by storm. Today we got our first in-person look at 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall at the New York Toy Fair and here are our first impressions. The set includes 878 pieces and will retail for $100 starting in August.

Click to see close up photos and video of all the detail

LEGO Harry Potter returns with 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall [News]

Welcome back to the wizarding world of LEGO Harry Potter. Seventeen years since the first wave of magical sets hit shelves, LEGO announced today that an entirely new line of sets based on the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series will launch August 1st, 2018.

The first set in the re-launched LEGO Harry Potter theme will be 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall with 878 pieces and 10 minifigures, available August 1st for $99.99 USD.

Click to get a closer look at Hogwarts Great Hall

Confundo, Crucio, Deletrius!

First introduced by TBB’s very own Iain Heath, the Rejectz are back in magical style with these new figures by Mel Finelli. Everybody loves Rejectz because they’re the “ugdorable” alternative to Brickheadz. This special line-up just for Potterheads features Harry Pooper, Herwhynie, Ron Weeeweee and Dumbledaft.

Harry Potter Rejectz

Magic bricks are not as solid as they appear

Platform Nine-and-three-quarters has never looked so good. Jonas Kramm brings one of the most famous scenes in Harry Potter to life in LEGO bricks. There’s just enough detail here to stop the model looking too sterile, but not so much that it distracts the eye from the central action — the trolley disappearing into the wall. The half-trolley is really nicely done, with excellent shaping of the hole in the wall which creates the illusion. And the use of a butterfly net for that owl cage? Inspired.

Getting to Platform 9 3/4

The Ministry’s Floo Network makes commuting easy for Arthur Weasley

There’s nothing great about morning commutes, but they might a bit more tolerable if you have access to the Floo Network, like Ron Weasley’s father, Arthur. He uses it daily to commute to the Ministry, and this fantastic LEGO vignette of Arthur stepping out of the Network by Eero Okkonen is perfect.

Arthur Weasley arrives to his workplace in Ministry of Magic via Floo Network

The green flames licking Arthur’s legs are actually Duplo grass elements, a piece we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, as it’s the mandatory element in the latest round of Iron Builder. Yesterday we featured a lovely sitting room using the element, and we’ve previously seen it as a flying carpet, a hut’s roof, a cyborg dinosaur, and a very clever medical device.

LEGO niffler will steal all your pearl-gold and trans-clear bricks

After more than a decade of hit-or-miss Harry Potter movies, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them quite as much as I did. One of my favorite early scenes is the niffler popping around New York stealing every jewel in sight and secreting them away in his infinite, Doraemon-like pouch. Tyler Halliwell takes a break from his usual macabre fare to bring us an adorable, life-size LEGO niffler, replete with coins and treasures.


The creature looks quite pleased with himself, though his fur appears to be a bit ruffled after being chased and cornered by Newt Scamander. 50 points to whatever house Tyler belongs to for the brick-built LEGO wall and floor.

New expansions for LEGO Dimensions announced, including The Goonies and Harry Potter [News]

LEGO and Warner Bros. today announced several upcoming expansions to LEGO Dimensions, adding to the growing pantheon of licenses the video game envelops. The new packs will include characters from The Goonies, Harry Potter, and LEGO’s own Chase McCain. The new packs will be available in May. New packs are also available Feb. 10, including a Batman Movie Story Pack to coincide with the The LEGO Batman Movie, an Excalibur Batman, and Knight Rider.

71267 The Goonies Level Pack, $29.99, 118 pieces

Read the full press release and see the other packs below.
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