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Hands-on with LEGO 71741 Ninjago City Gardens, the biggest Ninjago set ever [Review]

When LEGO introduced the Ninjago theme back in 2011, no one could have guessed that it would come to be one of the company’s most popular themes. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Ninjago is getting its biggest set yet, 71741 Ninjago City Gardens. At 5,685 pieces, it’s the fifth-largest LEGO set ever, and the third entry into the cyberpunk modular buildings collection known as Ninjago City. A series of high-rise buildings containing all manner of city life, Ninjago City Gardens houses restaurants, a museum, an arcade, a dojo, and apartments, along with 19 minifigures. Ninjago City Gardens is available now for US $299.99 | CAN $399.99 | UK £274.99. Let’s see how this one stacks up to the previous Ninjago City sets.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Big Ninjago style in a little model

The Ninjago City modular sets are large, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, the latest set in the series, Ninjago City Gardens is one of the 10 largest LEGO sets ever released. When you line up the three sets together they take up quite a lot of space. Well, that’s not an issue with Adeel Zubair, who has built the latest city block in amazingly accurate details.

NINJAGO City Gardens

The inverted brown flower stem makes great tree roots, and the hot dog makes a perfect bridge. One more detail that I love, is the teal corner tiles used for those fancy sloped parts used in the control tower.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Adeel has shrunk the entire series of Ninjago City blocks.

Mini Modulars: NINJAGO City

LEGO 71741 Ninjago City Gardens set is listed on LEGO Shop [News]

The upcoming exclusive LEGO set 71741 Ninjago City Gardens is now listed on the UK regional page of the LEGO Shop. The set will be available starting January 14 for members of LEGO’s free VIP loyalty program, and for everyone on February 1. The product will retail for US $299.99 | CAN $399.99 | UK £274.99.

It’s been less than a week since we took a first look at Ninjago City Gardens, and over the weekend the Bricks World LEGO Certified Store in Singapore published more official product images. Now, with the set listed on the main online LEGO shop, we can discover nearly all the features of the theme’s largest-ever set. Continue reading

Get a closer look at 71741 Ninjago City Gardens with more official images [News]

Last week we got our first look at 71741 Ninjago City Gardens, but today LEGO is taking the wraps off the set with a few more images via certified reseller Bricks World LEGO Certified Store in Singapore. Ninjago City Gardens will be the third in the Ninjago City series and includes 18 minifigures. The set will be available starting Jan. 14 for members of LEGO’s free VIP loyalty program, and for everyone on Feb. 1. Once available, it will retail for US $299.99 | CAN $399.99 | UK £274.99.

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LEGO 71741 Ninjago City Gardens revealed as biggest-ever Ninjago set with 5,685 pieces [News]

LEGO’s latest retail catalog is giving us a look at the new LEGO Ninjago 71741 Ninjago City Gardens. 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Ninjago theme, and LEGO is celebrating by releasing the theme’s biggest ever set. The 5,685-piece set is the third in the Ninjago City series spawned by The LEGO Ninjago Movie, and brings gardens, a shrine, arcade, Ice Planet Ice Cream Shop, a Ninja Control Tower, and more to the modular city, along with a plethora of minifigures. The set will be available starting Jan. 14 for members of LEGO’s free VIP loyalty program, and for everyone on Feb. 1. Once available, it will retail for US $299.99 | CAN $399.99 | UK £274.99.

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That’s no moon. That’s a spaceship!

Spaceships come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. But throughout the last month (dubbed ‘SHIPtember’ by LEGO builders thanks to a community initiative to build big SHIPs), we tend to see a lot of weirdness come out, and I mean that in the best possible sense. One of the weirder ships to float across our screens this time is this massive crescent from Markus Rollbühler.

The Crescent Colony

Seeming to have taken some styling cues from Ninjago City, the vessel has stacked housing units and what I have to assume is an invisible space bubble to keep everyone from exploding or drifting away. Technicalities of physics aside, the craftsmanship is remarkable. The crescent shape is thanks to two semicircles of railroad track bowing out slightly to form a canoe, into the middle of which the city is nestled.

Where to eat in Ninjago City

Feeling hungry while touring Ninjago City? Be sure to visit one of MyOwnLegoCreations‘ six fantastic food carts! Come with me as we visit the wide variety of tasty treats on offer. Our tour begins at a sushi cart in a red and gold theme brimming with maki. The look is completed by two lanterns sporting gold tassels and the menu tile from the Ninjago City Set. Don’t forget the wasabi!

Click through to see the rest of the delicious offerings!

Beware the dangerous depths of Layers City

With sets like 70620 Ninjago City and 70657 Ninjago City Docks, The LEGO Ninjago Movie brought a cyber-punk aesthetic to official LEGO sets, which in cool factor is only eclipsed by the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the new LEGO sets from The LEGO Movie 2. While LEGO fans have certainly been building cyberpunk creations for many years, even more builders have embraced this aesthetic, inspiring numerous custom LEGO models, including our own Ninjago City collaborative display at BrickCon, featuring over 60 custom city blocks. Sebastian Bachórzewski is an incredibly talented builder who builds in everything from medieval to post-apoc style. His latest large-scale model is “Layers City,” featuring a slice cut from a teeming metropolis full of colorful characters.

Layers City

Take a closer look at Layers City

Ninjago City collaborative display at BrickCon 2018

Our recent collaborative display at BrickCon 2018 in Seattle was an outstanding success, generating an amazing response from both the convention attendees and the public. What started as an idea back in February of this year to expand on the official city set for my son, who is a big Ninjago fan, turned into one of the most popular displays at BrickCon, judging by the crowds leaning into the stanchions, and the tremendously positive feedback we received throughout the 4-day convention. Our collaboration enjoyed the participation of over 30 people, comprising a few of our staff and a lot of awesome readers, and together we displayed nearly 60 custom blocks for Ninjago City, plus numerous sections of waterway.

Ninjago City-0

Read on for more details about the display

Beautiful pagoda park Ninjago City block

This stunning Ninjago-themed block by Galaktek was part of The Brothers Brick’s recent Ninjago City collaborative display at BrickCon 2018 in Seattle. In fact, it was the winner of our award for best detail, and it is easy to see why. Look for our full wrap-up of the enormous display soon, but in the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this wonderful addition to the city.

Ninjago City: Pagoda Park

See more details after the jump

There’s still time to build for TBB’s Ninjago City collaboration for BrickCon 2018 [News]

With only a few weeks until BrickCon 2018, we here at The Brothers Brick are super excited by the tremendous positive response to our collaborative public display! With over 30 contributors signed up to participate, it is shaping up to be one of our larger projects! For more information about the project, check out our original announcement feature. Also, be sure to check out our recent feature on building the lower level of Ninjago City. There is still time to join the fun if you are registered to attend the private convention from October 4-7 in Seattle. Check out the Flickr group to join the project, or to see more photos by contributors.

Just be sure to register your creation by Sept. 30th so we can be sure to have enough space allocated for the display.

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Building Ninjago City: The Brothers Brick open collaboration [Feature]

Summer is here, and that means there are only about three months left until BrickCon 2018. As we announced in May, The Brothers Brick will be hosting a public collaborative display of Ninjago City open to any full convention attendees. Check out that announcement for detailed instructions on the guidelines and how to participate. In the meantime, we here at TBB have been busy little builders, and have over a dozen city blocks underway, not to mention a massive volcano lair for Garmadon. Today we want to share some tips and tricks to help get you started, as well as some of the building techniques that we have used so far in the construction of the lower levels of Ninjago City. Let us know in the comments below if you would be interested in more detailed guides or additional techniques shown in our city blocks.

Ninjago City is a layered city, with the oldest buildings on the bottom stories, rising to modern, nearly sci-fi architecture at the top. As such, we’re approaching the building of our modules from the bottom up, starting with the oldest, lowest level. Nearly all of the buildings shown here will have additional structures placed on top to complete the upper levels–in many cases several more stories. Look for additional articles as we continue building the upper levels. Each of these modules conforms to our standard to ensure the whole layout will fit together well (except in the few special modules we’ve noted).

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