That’s no moon. That’s a spaceship!

Spaceships come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. But throughout the last month (dubbed ‘SHIPtember’ by LEGO builders thanks to a community initiative to build big SHIPs), we tend to see a lot of weirdness come out, and I mean that in the best possible sense. One of the weirder ships to float across our screens this time is this massive crescent from Markus Rollbühler.

The Crescent Colony

Seeming to have taken some styling cues from Ninjago City, the vessel has stacked housing units and what I have to assume is an invisible space bubble to keep everyone from exploding or drifting away. Technicalities of physics aside, the craftsmanship is remarkable. The crescent shape is thanks to two semicircles of railroad track bowing out slightly to form a canoe, into the middle of which the city is nestled.

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