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LEGO continues the BrickHeadz theme with 40351 Ghost this Halloween [News]

LEGO seems to be slowing its BrickHeadz release cycle, but it’s not done creating the cute brick-built characters just yet. LEGO has just published images of the newest set in the line, 40351 Ghost. Presumably a Halloween seasonal item following in the vein of similar sets for the past several years, we expect the Ghost to cost $10 USD and be released sometime in the next month or two. The Ghost will be BrickHeadz number 83, and it includes 136 pieces.

Click to see more, including previews of 3 more upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz

Howling at the moon

Some guys go through more razor blades than others. Here’s a fun LEGO werewolf portrait by The Knit Knight. The staring eyes give this an appropriately intense feel, but the jagged teeth somehow make the character kind of goofy-looking, too. There’s a nice use of different shades of brown to create the impression of fur, and the textured wedge forehead and curved wedge nose make an effective combination.

LEGO Wolfman

Frankenstein: a monster made from many parts

Taking on the mantle of the good Doctor Victor Frankenstein, Dogod Brick Designs has stitched together his very own monster. LEGO bricks, as it turns out, are extremely well suited to depicting the square-headed Boris Karloff take on Mary Shelley’s doomed character.


Built in the sallow register of grey and black, the tragic creature’s heavy features are atmospherically lit from above to eerie effect.


If only all evil spirits were this cute

It is that time of year when many people around the world embrace the spooky and scary, but more often than not combine it with an element of cute. car_mp has captured this unlikely combination perfectly with these two little ghosts.

Little ghosts

The expressive faces (more precisely, holes in the cloth) are done with just a handful of pieces, but somehow this just adds to their charm. The shaping is the star of the show here; the builder uses 1×2 wedge slopes to achieve quite a nice round effect, a technique I expect to become more frequent in the coming years.

From pumpkin patch to graveside match, comes a sullen spook dressed like a duke.

Beware this long-faced LEGO Jack O’Lantern man built by Leonid An. The expression on the character’s face is spine-tingly spooky, yet chillingly captivating. His sorrow-filled eyes are convincing–would you believe Leonid achieved this look with an upside down Bionicle mask? Mr. Jack O’Lantern is dressed to kill, complete with a white shirt, midnight-black jacket, top hat, and even a gold belt buckle. What’s more, he and his raven companion are overlooking the grave of…Leonid An!

Mr. Jack O’Lantern

Build your very own BrickHeadz Brick-o’-Lantern with LEGO [Instructions]

Celebrate Halloween LEGO style with this BrickHeadz Brick-o’-Lantern designed by stormythos. You’ve got to love the simplicity of it all with the clever usage of the cheese slopes to create that ghastly grin. The best part of it all is that it’s made with parts all from the Go Brick Me BrickHeadz Set. If you don’t already have it, it’s never too late to get one. You can get the instructions over here.

Don’t go upstairs after midnight!

In the online LEGO fan community, Mattila Heikki is well known for his realistic miniland-scale interior designs. While his recent creation is technically still an interior design, it is markedly different from his usual style. Mattila has built in classic styles before, but we’ve never seen a creepy haunted house before.

Haunted House

Mattila’s latest scene is all about perspective, achieved by the stairway and its railing–what would often be a small part of a scene, but is frame to take up nearly half the picture here. The lights on the wall give a sense of the hallway continuing on to the left and right for an unsettlingly long time and the colours set a moody and mysterious tone. If you’re staying here and have to use the toilet at night, it might be a better idea to wait until morning.

Protect your pumpkin!

What would the Headless Horseman look like in 2018? Patrick Biggs is re-imagining the famous character from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and now the horse is gone, replaced by an awesome bike inspired by Mel Finelli’s works. Instead of a pair of leather boots, here are sneakers, with a design borrowed from Luke Staten. But it’s the posture and the motion of the figure that makes everything work together. Even though we don’t see the face, no doubt, this guy is having the time of his life this Halloween!

Happy Halloween: Wear a Helmet

Howling at the moon

The moon is full and Halloween is just around the corner; it’s the perfect season to start building spooky. Kelvin Low takes his inspiration from the LEGO wolf head element found in the CHI Worriz Legends of Chima set; literally hanging the articulated body off this single piece, as demonstrated in his accompanying build video. The cleverly scaled ratios created between the muscular torso and the smaller head hints at an otherworldly strength. All that’s left to do is tilt wolfie’s head back and watch him howl.


You may not like spiders, but don’t you love the fear of spiders?

Can you imagine a happy Halloween without a truly terrifying insect, a spider? Fortunately for us, Tobias Buckdahn has stumbled on a very creepy one in his backyard. Eight blood-red eyes? Check. An ugly hairy body? Check! Eight long hideous legs..? Oh… More like six hideous legs and a couple of nasty claws! You’d better run for your life, Tobias!

Happy Halloween

Frankie and Vlad, frightfully good friends

Check out this great LEGO bust of Frankenstein’s Monster by Letranger Absurde. Great use of the Mixel eyes to add character to Frankie-boy’s expression, and all the requisite neck bolts and forehead staples are present and correct. But the best bit for me is the extra angle added to the neckline of the t-shirt. It’s little touches like that which separate brilliant models from good ones — tiny details which aren’t required but are the mark of fantastic building.

Frankenstein Monster Bust

Frankie isn’t alone of course, maybe that’s why he looks a little pensive. Old Dracula himself is lurking around. No doubt getting ready to head out into the night and feast on the bricks of the living…

Dracula Bust

I want my Mummy

Tyler has been putting together a range of scary LEGO faces for Hallowe’en this year. Here’s a selection, starting off with an excellent bandage-wrapped Mummy. The shaping is perfect, and the angled tiles as cloth strips work perfectly in this style. The teeth look appropriately jagged and broken, and those eyes peeking through gaps in the bandages are properly creepy. This is one of those LEGO models which looks really simple, but I bet took multiple rebuilds to get just right.


Tyler’s also been kind enough to provide us with a drooling zombie — complete with cracked skull leaking brains…


And it wouldn’t be Hallowe’en without a scary pumpkin carving, would it? Tyler obliges with this cracking little model — a combination of brilliant shaping and smart, restrained colour choices…