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You may not like spiders, but don’t you love the fear of spiders?

Can you imagine a happy Halloween without a truly terrifying insect, a spider? Fortunately for us, Tobias Buckdahn has stumbled on a very creepy one in his backyard. Eight blood-red eyes? Check. An ugly hairy body? Check! Eight long hideous legs..? Oh… More like six hideous legs and a couple of nasty claws! You’d better run for your life, Tobias!

Happy Halloween

Frankie and Vlad, frightfully good friends

Check out this great LEGO bust of Frankenstein’s Monster by Letranger Absurde. Great use of the Mixel eyes to add character to Frankie-boy’s expression, and all the requisite neck bolts and forehead staples are present and correct. But the best bit for me is the extra angle added to the neckline of the t-shirt. It’s little touches like that which separate brilliant models from good ones — tiny details which aren’t required but are the mark of fantastic building.

Frankenstein Monster Bust

Frankie isn’t alone of course, maybe that’s why he looks a little pensive. Old Dracula himself is lurking around. No doubt getting ready to head out into the night and feast on the bricks of the living…

Dracula Bust

I want my Mummy

Tyler has been putting together a range of scary LEGO faces for Hallowe’en this year. Here’s a selection, starting off with an excellent bandage-wrapped Mummy. The shaping is perfect, and the angled tiles as cloth strips work perfectly in this style. The teeth look appropriately jagged and broken, and those eyes peeking through gaps in the bandages are properly creepy. This is one of those LEGO models which looks really simple, but I bet took multiple rebuilds to get just right.


Tyler’s also been kind enough to provide us with a drooling zombie — complete with cracked skull leaking brains…


And it wouldn’t be Hallowe’en without a scary pumpkin carving, would it? Tyler obliges with this cracking little model — a combination of brilliant shaping and smart, restrained colour choices…


Zombie dance off is a real thriller

It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark. It’s LEGO Zombie Michael Jackson, who definitely appears to have the soul for getting down. I spotted one of those red hinges in a brick box and thought it looked a little like a leg. An hour’s building later and Michael appeared, strutting his zombie stuff. It’s a simple model, but I was pleased with the chunky cartoony vibe he’s giving off…
It's close to midnight...
And just in case you missed it previously, Hallowe’en seems like the perfect excuse to remind you about LEGO 7‘s amazing Zombie Michael — a model considerably more complicated than mine! The face and hair are excellent, and I love the overall poseability. Don’t miss that single white glove too — a nice touch (although not strictly correct if we’re being geeks about Thriller-outfit accuracy).

PVZ Michael Jackson

Come and play with us, for ever and ever and ever

Take a ride on your tricycle down the hall — just look who you might bump into. It’s the iconic Grady Twins from The Shining, recreated in LEGO by Matt Forrest. The use of the Alice In Wonderland minifigure reversed is very clever in capturing the look of the girls’ outfits. It’s not often plastic bricks manage to send a shiver down the spine, but this creation does the job.

The Grady Twins

‘Cos I ain’t got no body

Here comes Duncan The Dancing Skeleton — a LEGO creation for Hallowe’en that’s equal parts cooky and spooky. Great work on those bones by Logey Bear. I particularly like the ribcage fashioned from Bionicle claws, the Belville spoon as a nose, and the use of pith helmets for eye sockets. However, it’s the jauntily-angled hat and cane which lend the model its fabulous sense of character.

Duncan the Dancing Skeleton

Resurrect Overwatch heroes from their graves

I must admit, I constructed this LEGO version of Mercy from Overwatch in her Halloween witch outfit, after some frustration with the game’s loot box rewards. Loot boxes won’t give me Witch Mercy? That’s fine, I’ll build my own! At BrickFair Virginia 2016, I picked up some claw and horn pieces in bright light yellow, thinking they would be useful as blonde hair on a character build, and I’m glad they worked out well as Mercy’s hairstyle.

Witch Mercy

Get organized for Halloween!

Halloween is no doubt the most creative of all holidays. We decorate our houses, we design and sew awesome costumes and, of course, build the most terrific LEGO creations. But before bringing to life any of your holiday ideas, make sure you have your tools ready. Johnnie Brick Xavier decorates his work desk not only with the most functional brick-built organizer I’ve ever seen, but also the spookiest one. Lots of bonus points for this set of matching stationary — at first, I believed the tiny calendar was a printed LEGO tile!

Muji Notebook Holder

You’d better not trick these Angry Birds on Halloween

When Angry Birds come knocking on your door howling “Trick or Treat!” you’d better hope you’ve got some full-sized candy bars in your bowl, or you might find your spooky yard besieged by feathered terrors. These fantastic little LEGO foul birds were crafted by James Zhan, and they look delightfully upset at your “healthy” snacks.

Halloween Angry Birds

These LEGO bricks are ready to trick or treat

Even LEGO bricks like to dress up for Halloween. Well, that’s what Chris Maddison would have us believe anyway. His most recent build feature five characters that are simply adorable. I love how the ghost’s sheet is just a little too long, the zombie’s internal organs are exposed, and that the vampire’s collar on his cloak is perfectly popped.

Brick or Treat

Darkness falls across the land – the midnight hour is close at hand

“Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize Nick Sweetman‘s neighborhood. And whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down must stand and face the hounds of hell and rot inside a corpse’s shell. The foulest stench is in the air. The funk of forty thousand years. And grizzly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom. And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the thriller…”

Thriller Night

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene.

This Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO creation by Cesar Soares looks like it came straight out of Tim Burton’s head. Mimicking the opening of the movie, this vignette is done in mostly black and white and it packs a lot of detail into a seemingly simple design. It’s got Mjolnir cobblestones, an eerie lamppost, and even pumpkin heads impaled on the fence spikes!

Nightmare Before Christmas

But of course, the real stars of this build are the perfectly proportioned figures: Jack Skellington and the Mayor of Halloween Town (aka, the original good cop/bad cop). The Mayor even comes with his “Mayor-mobile.” The proportions on this hearse are spookily good. If you’ve seen the movie before you’ll remember the car’s Dr. Seuss-like loudspeaker and the black cat hood ornament (which lets out a yowl siren when you crank the tail).

Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, I think it is time to bust out my old VHS collection so I can watch this movie.