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Kids be gone, the candy is all mine!

I know the calendar says November and whatnot but, like my LEGO storage room, spookiness can’t be contained within one holiday. For some of us, it’s a way of life. This new creation by Casey McCoy is called Monster House. Rumor has it, that’s what my neighbors call my place but that’s just the cross I bear for being brooding and mysterious. And also having a skeleton in my front yard and doll heads like literally everywhere. I could learn some decorating tips from Casey’s vignette like the creepy eyes, spider webs, and olive green color scheme. Now to find a contractor who is willing to install a kid-eating demented hell-spirit into the facade of my place. Let me know in the comments if you know a guy; licensed and insured is preferable. While you’re at it, check out our Halloween archives for more spooktacular fun from like-minded builders.

Monster House - 1

Fangs for the memories

Part of the fun of Halloween for me was always the cheap plastic trinkets; pumpkin buckets, spider rings, and especially the vampire teeth. But Josephine Monterosso has put those dollar store dentures to shame with this set of blood sucking biters. A pair of Dots bracelets make a perfect base for Dracula’s gums, and the resulting creation is perfect for anyone practicing to become a dentist of the undead.

Vampire Chompers

Briiiiiiicks... Briiiicks!

The stereotype for zombies is that they wander aimlessly, looking for brains. But Dan Ko‘s is a little different. If you listen closely, you’ll find that some of them aren’t actually looking for brains, but for bricks. It seems even AFOLs aren’t safe from the zombie apocalypse. Brains are no good! Zombified Fans of LEGO (ZFOLs) need bricks to fill their heads with. This one has turned to a pink roller skate, which by coincidence does look a bit like a regular brain. All the better to blend in with the horde of the undead!


This incredible 50,000-piece LEGO Halloween house is where all the cool monsters party

I hear there’s a monster party tonight at 13 Dead End Drive. That’s the address of this massive old Victorian haunt created by Ty Keltner over the course of nine months. It features a large mansion with surrounding grounds populated by hundreds of your favorite Halloween monsters. Sitting on a whopping 24 large gray baseplates, the model’s footprint is 7 ½ feet by 5 feet – that is just shy of 40 square feet of Lego, with somewhere between 50 and 100 thousand bricks, definitely making this the biggest LEGO Halloween party we’re invited to this year!

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Back in the middle ages, you had to find a real haunted castle for thrills

Haunted houses are a well-worn trope of scary stories, but if we’re talking buildings with ghosts in them, surely castles are more likely to be haunted? They’re older, have often seen their fair share of battles, and are sometimes spooky enough in their own right. Chi Hsin Wei gets it. Now, if you presented this castle to me in a brochure, I’d probably think it was some exhilarating ride at a theme park. Spooky, sure, but not full of real ghosts. Probably. But those adventurers in the boat don’t look like they’re here for a thrill ride. Going to a castle that looks like it wants to eat you is probably a bit far to go for an adrenaline rush. The teacup rides are scary enough for me, thank you very much.

Ghost Gastle

This Muppets haunted mansion carries the spooky on into November

Halloween has now come and gone, but Josh Parkinson and his Muppet-filled LEGO mansion aren’t done scaring up some fun! And what could be more fun than that wicked color scheme? The dark red and green with black trim evokes the eerie feel of a haunted house, while still staying true to the vivid character of Henson’s creations. The front lawn is wonderfully unkempt, with loads of leafy stalks scattered about. And I adore the gnarled black tree on the side next to the gravestones. It seems to have a character all its own with so many sharp barbs and angles. And I can’t get enough of all the brilliant textures here, from the slats on the walls to the checkerboard shingles and the ornate railings. Josh has them all working together in a harmonious patchwork that gives the structure age. My only question is, where did our other Muppet friends get to?

The Muppet Movie Monster Mashup Mansion - Exterior views

The other side of the model answers that question, offering us five fright-filled minifigure habitats. Each room showcases a costumed Muppet in an appropriately-themed room of this mansion. It’s hard to pick a favorite room here, with so many excellent techniques employed and creative choices in minifig costumery. Is it the mummified Swedish Chef? Or maybe Count Gonzo? No, I think I have to go with my gut: Dr. Bunsen-stein all the way!

The inside of the Muppets Movie Monster Mashup Mansion (habitat stack)

Hallowe’en has never looked so cuddly

Koen Zwanenburg has added to his collection of plushie-style LEGO builds. Normally I would describe them as adorable, but since these are Hallowe’en themed… Ah, who am I kidding! They’re still cute. Except that clown, though. The last thing anyone needs a cuddly toy of is Pennywise. The consistency of style between all of them is remarkable, even among the less anthropogenic ones such as the pumpkin or spider. I think my favourite is the little devil. Who is yours?

Cuddly Toys: The Halloween Collection

It isn’t just plushies that make Koen such a good builder – have a look through some of his previous work!

A haunted house could be a trick but for our eyes it’s a real treat!

Feast your eyes on this treat of a LEGO build from Jaka Kupina. It’s no trick, honest! It’s a classic haunted house build, one that really captures the best balance of whimsy and terror often found this time of year. While it’s not the kind of place I’d like to trick-or-treat at, the sinister appearance doesn’t stop this ambitious youngster. The build features great details like those crooked gravestones by the cute cat. Does the wicked grinning scarecrow know something about that ominous chain running under the stairs? Of course, there’s the house itself, a full character on its own! It really stands out with all those lovely textures–I particularly enjoy the roof textures giving it a sense of weathering and time. Halloween adventures await beyond the threshold, but beware if you’re faint of heart.

Eat your heart out, Buffy Summers

A vampire’s thirst for blood draws him into a cunning trap in this clever Halloween creation by Lego_nuts. This sleeping damsel is actually an experienced vampire slayer, lying in wait for her prey with a whole chest full of useful weapons at the ready.

“Beauty and the vampire”

Lego_nuts has a history of photographing intricate builds with atmospheric lighting, creating images you want to spend extra time looking over so you can catch every detail and building technique. Thankfully, there’s almost always a corresponding video so you can see the build in greater detail.

A broom that zooms

Keep your eyes on the skies this Halloween. You never know when this witch by Dan Ko might dive-bomb you. This tiny build is big on character, with just a few lime green pieces forming a gloriously grumpy witch’s face. Cleaver use of cleavers make the perfect pair of arms. And it’s all suitably suspended in the air with some of Spider-Man’s webbing. (It just occurred to me, I bet Peter Parker can decorate for Halloween in no time flat.)

Halloween Quick Builds: The Witch

The best decorations mean the best confections

LEGO builder Julius Von Brunk has constructed an homage to the yearly quest for candy that brings back fond memories. Navigating a neighborhood on Halloween night in search of treats can be a tricky business. You need to look for a porch light, at the very least, if you expect the occupants to open the door. A jack-o’-lantern on the porch is a sure sign that a house has got some candy on hand. But if you want the good stuff, you have to find the most elaborately decorated domiciles. Julius illustrates that here with a lovely trio of townhouses. Each home has its own unique character, but repeating motifs like window placement and roof shape suggest that they were built as part of the same community. Still, it’s the house in the middle that the kids are really lining up for. Because they’ve gone all out with decorations scary enough to send some kids running away in fear (after collecting a full-size chocolate bar, of course). C’mon, Green House Guy, your pig mask is cute and all. But you’re handing out fruit. Get your head in the game.

The Coolest House in the Neighborhood

Now THIS is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

We are fast approaching the spooky season, and there have been plenty of LEGO builds coming out to mark the occasion. One of my favorites has got to be this excellent The Nightmare Before Christmas construction by Martin Harris. Jack and Zero are both expertly crafted, the former looking wiry as all get out with skinny limbs and an oversized skeleton noggin. His prized pooch has got some ghoulishly good shaping, relying heavily on curved slopes in white to provide a proper flow to its form. But the star of the show for me has got to be the detail Martin put into those gravestones. Consisting of some gorgeous stonework textures, the slight eschew of these tombstones feels ever so Burton-esque! And the “1993” chiseled into the one on the right is an excellent Easter egg for fans of the Disney classic, which came out that year.